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#1 ... The First Letter

February 26, 2015 (Thursday) Letter #1

Sorry, I probably should´ve let you know when my P-Day was.. I just didn´t know then. It´s on Thursday. And I´ll probably get on around 12-2 o´clock. Just so that you´ll know when to expect me and we can swap emails. I am enjoying it, now. haha. Our first night the existing districts of our branch welcomed us. They told us that the first few days will suck, but just make it to Sunday. Others suggested P-Day. For me, Sunday was enough. Saturday was hard on me, because of the fact that I missed Callahan´s 16th birthday. And then Tuesday night was kinda hard too, because we watched Meet the Mormons. The second I found that out I thought "Oh no... I´m in trouble.." because of the part at the end where the missionary says goodbye to his family at the airport. Many of us cried at that part. (By the way, I´m still trying to figure out this Spanish keyboard, and I do not know how to make a new paragraph! Argh!) Sunday we had some great lessons, and then an awesome devotional from Elder Holland. I'm doing a lot better now. His devotional was an incredible reinforcement to my choice of serving the Lord. Anyway, I feel that it would be easier to answer any questions you have, instead of me bombarding you with all the new stuff that is happening to me. 

The first few days were a bit crazy, with meeting after meeting after meeting, and orientation after orientation after orientation.. But I am now at the point of enjoying it now. We are kept pretty busy from 7 in the morning to 9:30 at night, so a little bit more than school.. But I have learned to enjoy it. The language isn't easy of course. They just throw us in with teacher and an environment where majority of people speak Spanish and no English. We eat pretty well. We have pizza Tuesdays, chicken cordon blue, burritos, and there was a meal that reminded me of chicken pillows. 

I actually am companions with Hunter.. technically Elder Grasinger. We get along well. He's a pretty funny and relaxed guy, but knows when to get work done. Pretty much like me. And we share a room with Elder Dansie and his companion, Elder Jenks. 

I'm sorry that you have not been feeling well. Fortunately I have been fine! Almost everyone in my district have complained of "mad poops" but I am staying strong. My companion's stomach has been bothering him for the past couple days, but seems to be doing fine. 

I actually took most of my pictures today, and one of them a really cool.. it is of a wild green parrot. :) it was such a perfect shot of it! And all the other elders have been jealous of my camera.. because mine is so much better! So don't worry, it is getting use! And without the Charge or my iPhone, I quickly realized I didn't have any way of telling the time.. Which is quite the pain. But we just went to the temple and visitor center today, where I was able to buy a nice watch for $250.... pesos. Ha! Which is about 18 US Dollars. I do still have my pedometer.. sometimes I forget it when I go to play basketball, but other than that, I've been good at keeping it with me!

Here's my step count.
18 - 6732
19 - 14085
20 - 11096
21 - 21755
22 - 10782
23 - 16025
24 - 15174
25 - 17310

So.. pretty good!

Keep me up to date on what is going on at home. Let me know when you get the family pictures from Aunt Alicia. I want to see them! Love you guys.

** Between Brothers **

The boys wrote letters (with a little "urging" from mom)...
they are included here along with Elder Blackham's response to his brothers.

Dear Landon, we have all been missing you a lot since you left on your mission. There has been a lot of stuff changing when you left. We already have switched our rooms and moved all of our things in our new rooms. I just want to say that I am always thinking of you, and I am missing you a lot. Hope you will be safe there in Mexico and teach about the Gospel to the people of Puebla.
Love, your brother, Cooper.

Dear Landon, it’s weird not having you here when I’m actually home. I watched Coach Carter last night till like 2 in the morning, it’s weird because usually you would be up there with me. No more movie nights for you for a while. I got switched into your room which is way better than the downstairs room. I can actually play music and not worry about bugging Keaton, or him bugging me. I guess Keaton and I will have to get really close while your gone. I’ve been playing a lot of basketball since you’ve left, it kinda just gets my mind off things. I hope you’re having a good time in hot, sunny Mexico. Be safe and do what you need to. Thanks for being such a good example
Love, you FAVORITE brother, Callahan.

Dear Landon, since you’ve been gone you’ve probably already figured that we’re almost done switching all of the rooms. One of the shelves in the little boys’ rooms, (now my room) I saw a brown substance on the bottom side. The conclusion I came up for the smeared, yet thick, brown goo was... well you know what. But then mom saw it and said that it was probably a frosty. I’m not convinced, but it’s helpful to know other possibilities. We haven’t painted the room yet, and it is kind of an empty room with a lot of open space. My new alarm clock is your Bluetooth iHome. It’s kind of complicated, but I’ve pretty much figured it out. I’m just kind of worried that if I have the volume up really high, and it doesn’t wake me up, then there’s a good chance that it’ll wake mom or maybe even dad up, because they’re right next door. Mom said that she would get me navy and green sheets for my room, so that’ll be cool. The main thing I’m excited about is taking off all of the boogers and other stuff, ^^, as well as repainting the walls. I’ve already slept in the room once, but the twin bed that dad bought was placed in the same place as the queen bed was, so I’ve got a perfect view of Cooper and Colton’s belongings on the wall.
LOVE, not your favorite brother Callahan, but Keaton.

Dear Landon, since you have been gone I bet you have been thinking about our new rooms, and mine is awesome. Anyway you know how Oreo’s food ,water and bed was in the hall, now it’s in mine and Cooper’s room. Just the other night on Callahan’s birthday Amare and Aidan came over and what do you know Amare got crazier because we gave him the Toy Story toys. Sorry if I spelled our cousins names wrong I did the best I can. However Oreo has been going predator mode on my feet in my sleep because I’m poking my feet out of my blanket. On Callahan’s birthday we watched one of the home videos of Callahan when he was a baby and well... of course Anna said he was a fat chubby baby. Have you been learning Spanish? I like having my new room because I get to sleep in my own bed. Since you’ve been gone I haven’t played like ANY Call of Duty because I have no one to play with. Are you going to facetime us on Mother’s Day because you HAVE to. When Amare was here he kind of held Oreo by the neck and came to Cooper and said “Cooper here’s your kitty!”
Love, your AWESOME little brother, Colton.

  • Dear Callahan, I would have to say that the hardest day on me yet was Saturday. Considering this was the first time I ever missed your birthday. And I just wanted to say, I am sorry when I gave you such hard times because you play basketball and hang out with friends a lot. Those things are okay, I just want you to make sure that you have time for family. Especially now, with me in Mexico. Love you Cal.
  • Dear Keaton, haha I am sure disinfecting that room was pretty fun.. But the drive from the airport in Mexico to the in the CCM (MTC in Spanish, and we say it "say-say-em-ay") was a shock to my system. You have always been a goofy kid, even though I have plenty of other goofy missionaries here, it's not the same "Keaton-goofiness" that I miss. Love you Keaton.
  • Dear Cooper, how is having your own bed for the first time in your life? It's pretty nice. Don't have to worry about getting kicked or smothered by a brother. Haha and I hear Oreo has been getting into some trouble.. Make sure he stays a good boy. Love you Coop.
  • Dear Colton, we sure did have fun playing Call of Duty. I loved those times. But playing by yourself is fun too! You get the whole screen to yourself! Well I hope you like your new bed and bedroom. I liked sleeping in the basement, it is a little bit chillier and a lot darker than downstairs. Yes I have been learning Spanish! Not a lot.. but some! Maybe when I know it a bit better, I will show you some Spanish. Be a good boy. Love you Colt.

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