Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #19 - New Companion

So the changes came, and at the end of your training, they usually separate the trainer from the trainee. So my compañero, Elder Gutiérrez left to Tlaxcala, which is pretty far.. And my nuevo compañero is Elder Urías. He has 8 months as a missionary. So right now, we are adapting to our new companionship. But he is a really good guy. Really positive all the time. 

So things are still rolling in Forjadores. Not a lot of work with investigators here, but is a ton of work with less actives. I know we all have difficult times during the misión, and in life in general, but they are there to make us stronger. The Lord loves us all, and is there, ready to help us. What we need to do is ask.
Love you all, and thank you so much for all your support!

 Photos from the "Change"

 Photos from "home"

Landon has been sending some snapshots of journal entries to give us more of an idea of his day by day activities ...he writes about a lot of rain (makes it into several journal entries) and that he received the Leatherman tool we mailed him a few weeks ago ... and managed to cut himself with it already too!

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, June 22 - 10000
Tuesday, June 23 - 7932
Wednesday, June 24 - 18235
Thursday, June 25 - 8425
Friday, June 26 - 13902
Saturday, June 27 - 16019
Sunday, June 29 - 13937

Well, Mommy slipped in steps this week! Still beat Mr. Missionary though. Callahan is up there, he played a lot of basketball this week. Keaton didn't take his Fitbit (his is a wrist one he can't wear during games, so he just left it home) which explains his absence. Colton is down on the list ... a little unlike him! Grayson didn't quite make the Top 10. He was number 11. 

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, the weather is too hot! When I go outside to play, 5 minutes later I come back in because the how hot it is! The good thing is that dad made a new thing to fill up water balloons. Yesterday, Kadan and Trigger came and we all played with the water balloons. Sometimes we would throw the balloons in the air, and Trigger would pop them. It was a lot of fun. Mom, Cooper and I went bowling like three times. Each time, I did no bumpers, in the first time I got 36 points. In the second time I got 65 points. In the third time I got 54 points and my goal was 50 points so I passed it. And I did do one game with bumpers, and got 101 points. Last night Cooper and I stayed up to like 1:00 playing card games and board games. We mostly played Rat-a-tat-cat. Callahan told me right before one of his games in Dixie, somebody got a mid-court buzzer beater for the win! I won't have another game until July 11. Callahan won't have another game until November! Plus, last night we also went to DQ. (Dairy Queen) I got a hot dog, oreo shake, fries and a "frazil." It wasn't exactly a frazil, it was something called and "Artic Rush", even though it was still so good. Good week. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, this week was a really cool and awesome week. One of the reasons why it was so cool was that Jacob, Keaton, Colton, and I have been playing a lot more board games and stuff that we have not been playing for a long time. Some of the games that we have been playing are Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Clue, all Uno games, and Scatigories. Yeah, while it is summer, it is a lot more fun to play board games than video games. And you know how I told you that dad had changed the net on the hoop for the tramp last week? Well, the same exact thing happened Thursday, but with the big trampoline net. There is this really wide hole in the tramp net, so mom decided to order a new net, and throw the old one away. But when dad was going to change the net, it was only a 12 feet net, and it was supposed to be a 14 foot net. So the people who play on the tramp (Me, Colton, Keaton, Jacob) will have to go without a net for a few days. And it was awesome for Keaton and Callahan to go to Dixie for this week for two reasons. 1, those two will have a lot of fun there. 2, it was a LOT quieter inside the house. There was not any sarcastic jokes or anything, no loudness, such a good week. And the last thing for this week was that we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play games. It really seemed like Grandpa was doing okay while we were playing all of those games, so it was a really great week this week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Dixie was way fun! We stayed in a really nice hotel; The Lexington. My team went eight and one for the games that week. Our team was also the only CH team that won the two-minute tournament. Every game was two minutes! I was really happy to win the semi-finals because we won the team that beat us in the season by an ally-oop buzzer beater! And I was the one that made the pass! The team was really nice though, even though they lost. I talked to two of their players Thursday and Friday and we rooted for each others teams. We lost the tournament, though. Both the Varsity teams won (Callahan's team and Copper Hills' Varsity 1 team)! Us freshmen were the only players to get a conjoined room in the hotel, though. That's what everyone was jealous about. I was the main point guard on the team and I started every game. It was too short of a week. Dad made a new water balloon filler! It has eight fillers and the hose goes through the bottom! That's going to last a while. Kaden and Trigger came to play with us to make water balloons yesterday. It was really fun. Kaden threw a water balloon at Nikki... in her clothes! And I held a balloon as high as I can while Trigger came running at full speed, jumped, and bit the balloon out of my hand without getting my hand, but splashing water all over me. Really fun week. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, So Dixie was a freakin blast. It was a super fast week though. I roomed with Ben Mason and Sam. Ben and Mason are always super loud and annoying. Especially at night when I want to sleep. I had to beat them up a million times. I was on the same team, pretty much next year's JV team and we were in a Varsity division and we were still killing teams. We won most teams by at least 20. In the semi final game right before the championship game which we were already in because we won our semi final game. It was Bingham against Panguitch. It was all tied up and Panguitch hit a half court shot at the buzzer to win it!! It was crazy. Then we played them and win the the whole thing. We git an extra T-Shirt and it made the bus ride home a lot more fun. The bus was so hot though. I woke up from my nap sweating all over. It was disgusting. But then I worked the Real game on Saturday. And I have 2 more Real games this week I have to work. And I have to work a 4 hour shift at KFC today (Sunday). I also got my first check from KFC. On my money earning way to Orlando... It's gonna take a while. Not quite 2 years, but close enough ;)  To answer your questions. At Real games, I am a "runner" I listen to orders that the people are telling to the cashiers and hurry and go get it for them. Such as make BBQ Pork Sandwiches, popcorn, nachos, BBQ Nachos, pretzels and stuff like that. Then I clean up afterwords and do whatever is needed. At KFC, I package orders and clean lobby and clean the kitchen. I didn't know people still came to KFC, it is a lot busier than I thought. But I need the money so, I'll just do it. Miss you bro, love you.

  • Dear Colton: I bet it is hot! It is almost July! Hotter there than here. But still hot here too. Another balloon filler?! Finally! I bet you guys are having fun with that! Oh bowling.. Some missionaries said that they have gone bowling somewhere here in Puebla.. Don't know where.. or how, but I am interested to see! Sounds like another great week of summer for you guys!
  • Dear Cooper: Yeah, that usually happens when summertime comes. The boardgames come out! Which is good. I miss playing all those games with you guys. Do you remember when we all stayed up until I think it was 1 in the morning, playing Apples to Apples? Good times. Hahaha I can imagine the house being a lot quieter without Keaton and Callahan.. Good that you guys are supporting Grandpa. Keep doing that.
  • Dear Keaton: Dang, sounds like a blast in Dixie! Sounds like you guys did pretty awesome too! That is good that you guys have good sportsmanship. That is what it is all about. Haha, we had a zone activity.. With wáter balloons the other week.. Yeah, wáter balloons are awesome. Sounds like Trigger has got some skills! Of course, because he is a German Shepherd! Keep doing awesome!
  • Dear Callahan: Wow, props to you guys! That is awesome, you guys got shirts.. Haha chiste! But really awesome for you guys!  I know the feeling of a hot bus.. How much are you making, and how much are you working? Colton told me that you aren't going to have a game until November..? Ouch.. How you going to deal with that? There are KFC's here in Puebla, but we haven't tried it. We don't even have time for fastfood! Well, keep working hard.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #18 - Changes and Staying The Same


The changes are already here, and it is the end of my training.. With the end of your training, the trainer and the trainee will separate. We found out Saturday. Usually you would receive a call at night from your zone leaders, but nope... We were at lunch with a family of the ward, and they called.

Now we predicted that I was going to leave the area, because mi compañero only has one change (6 weeks) as district leader, and usually you are a district leader for longer than that. But we were wrong... I'm staying in Forjadores and mi compañero is going! We were pretty surprised. And he doesn't really want to leave the area either. 

For me, a part of me wanted to leave, that I could experience another area. But the other part of me loves the members of this area. They are awesome! So I don't need to say goodbye to them.. Yet. 

So all is well. Forgive me for not writing for the last two weeks. Just not a whole lot happened.. Anyway, eso es todo por este semana.

Les amo mucho!

Us with E. Jenks and E. Echo Hawk with the familia Bautista.

All of us with the familia Casiano.

The Book of Mormon en espanol.. en braille.

 *** Step Stats ***

Monday, June 15 - 14635
Tuesday, June 16 - 22159
Wednesday, June 17 - 17862
Thursday, June 18 - 9739
Friday, June 19 - 15503
Saturday, June 20 - 17687
Sunday, June 21 - 12620

Time again to see where Mr. Missionary's steps stand compared to those friends and family at home. As usual, Mommy is #1 ;)  Terrilynne (#2) and Curt (#9) are neighbors, and have been here in the top 10 for the past several weeks. For the first time, we see Uncle Chris and Uncle Clayton make the top 10! Keaton was just below the threshold ... he has forgotten to wear his flex from time to time, and he won't be up next week, as he didn't even take it with him to his week long basketball camp.  Also missing ... Grandpa Westra. He had a heart attack on Tuesday. That does seriously affect step count. But he made it through. We may be a little hesitant to let him go hiking and such, and tennis may be off the table for a while. He is back to wearing his Fitbit already though!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Summer is hot and awesome. It has been 90 or more degrees this past week! Golden State closed out the Cavs in game 6. I was so glad it didn't go into game 7. While we were watching the final game, Grandpa had a heart attack! Mom and Dad were visiting him a lot. But he's ok, they're letting him out today. Yesterday, was the Neighborhood Carnival. Keaton, Jacob and I got dunked. Cooper didn't get dunked. We all Dunked someone from I think it was 40 feet! And Keaton dunked someone from the major league baseball pitch! At the Carnival, the food was delicious. There were mini cupcakes and hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches. On the trampoline where we have the basketball hoop above it, we changed the net. Now if you swish it. it makes a snapping sound because the net has beads on it! For Father's Day, I gave Dad a tool box that I made myself and I'm going to have to borrow it in three days. And we went to a movie called, "Inside Out." Well that's it right there. Love, Colton

Dear Landon, the second week of summer went by slowly, and it was an okay week with good and bad things happening, Good thing, the Golden State Warriors ended up winning the Cavs in Game 6, so they finally got a title in forty years! I was really happy that they won, so the Cavs and Lebron did not win. Bad thing, Grandpa had a heart attack while me and Colton were watching the final game of the Finals. He has been in the hospital for five days, but he did get released from the hospital today, so he will be coming to the Father's Day Party today! We all went to the park again, but it was the park near Castle Park. The park with those spinny chairs, and that rocking boat. Anyways it was just a lot of fun. And after we were done playing in the park, we played some basketball on the court across from the park. And the Neighborhood Carnival was yesterday, and me, Keaton, Colton, and Jacob had a really fun time. We dunked some people in the dunk tank, and just had some food. And the hot dog and pulled pork sandwiches were amazing! And dad finally changed the net on the basketball hoop in the backyard. It is so much better than the net on it before, because the other net was on the hoop for like 10 years. The new net also glows in the dark, and snaps when you swish through the net, too. And for Father's Day, we went to go see "Inside Out." It's a movie, if you do not know, about all these emotions inside of someone. And it was a really funny movie just because of this one character, Sadness. She made the movie funnier and funnier within every minute. And that is our week at the Blackham's house for this week! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Cal and I are going to be gone this whole week to Dixie State University in St. George! Everyone takes the same bus, so that means that us Freshmeat are gonna get bullied by Callahan's friends and all of the varsity players, too. Two to three games every day for five days! We do have to leave at 6:00 am tomorrow, though. Still, it'll be worth it. Our coach told us that the hotel we're staying in is really nice. It's called the Lexington. Dad, Colton, Cooper, and I went to see a movie called "Inside Out". It was really funny because of Debbie-Downer Sadness. I realized that the voice of Sadness was familiar and I told dad, and he thought it was familiar, too. Then, I heard her crying and I said to dad, "It's Phyllis from The Office!". Phyllis was the perfect character for this character. Then, I heard another familiar voice. Her name was Disgust, and I said, "Dad, her voice is familiar, too.". He didn't think so... I said, "No way! Dad, that's Kelly from The Office!".  He was like, "Hmm...". This kind of reminded me of a certain Phineas and Ferb episode with three "Zach and Cody" characters. It was a good movie. We went to Uncle Scott's house today for the Father's day get-together. It was way fun because Jared and I played frisbee, we juggled (his rings and my juggling balls), and we did flips with Colton, too. We were surprised to see that Grandpa made it to Scott's house. He was in the hospital all week because last week, he had a heart attack while playing tennis! There was a doctor in the neighborhood that gave him CPR and, fortunately, broke his ribs (which meant he did it right). He got to the hospital and got shocked TWICE to get his heart back and going. He had some short-term memory loss. So... yeah. Kind of a normal week. Wuv, Keaton
P.S. It took me forever to type this because of the new keyboard we're using. The Apple keyboard wasn't working, so we're using the weird, curvy, and demented keyboard that dad uses at his work.

Dear Landon, so it's Dixie this week and I couldn't be more excited. Keaton is coming this year which might be awful cause I might kill him. He's already been annoying me enough so now I can hurt him without mom being there. I worked two Real games this week and made around $90 doing that. Then I had two shifts at Kfc earlier this week. So I made enough money this week, now it's time for the fun. I've also been to a lot of homecoming things for Amanda's brother. Hope everything is going well in Mexico. Love you bro

  • Dear Colton: Holy calory.. That's what I like to say when it is really hot.. It is a bit of "Spanglish". haha. Why don't you want a game 7? Those are the best! So you guys saw him have the heart attack.. whoa. Scary. But goodt thing that he is alright. Nice, made a tool box? But what are you giong to use it for? I want to see that movie! Disney Pixar movies are the best! Well that's it right there.
  • Dear Cooper: Wo! Go Golden State! That makes me happy that LeBron didn't win! Grandpa had a heart attack!? No way... That is pretty scaring stuff.. Good thing he is okay. Ah those neighborhood carnivals sure are fun. "Inside Out" I want to see that movie so bad! It actually is a little about psychology! Pretty cool huh? Well, have another great, hot week of summer!
  • Dear Keaton: Oh man, Dixie time.. Haha "Freshmeat" yes you is.. "Inside Out" is a Disney Pixar movie right? And those are always the best! Grandpa is tough.. There's a member in our ward that reminds me a lot of him. Be sure to help him out any way that you can, alright? Well, be safe in Dixie!
  • Dear Callahan: Take it easy on Keaton. He is there for the same reason you are, to play basketball! What do you do "to work Real games"? Do you drive there yourself? Que divertido.. I remember going to one with Rachel.. And after, it was a nightmare to drive home. And what do you do at KFC? Well, stay busy, and have fun while you can!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week #17 - Hawks & Mosquitoes

Today was fun. We had a litte choir practice to start off the day (yeah, I am in a choir!) which is always fun. Then we bought all the stuff we needed for this week. I had to buy some bug repellent because the mosquitoes have been eating me alive lately because of all the rain. 

An elder named Elder Echo Hawk (the trainer of my trainer) and his compañero, Elder Jenks (one of the missionaries from my district in the CCM) came to our area because Elder Echo Hawk is leaving at the end of this change. So he wanted to bid farewell to everyone he knew in his first area. Yup, me and my "grandpa" both started in Forjadores.

Kinda made me sad, because technically I am bidding them farewell also.. Because it is like 99% chance that I am going to exit the area. I have certainly grow to love the members in this area. Although not a whole lot of work with investigators during our time here (we only have one investigator that is progressing) but I am happy with the work we have had with less actives of the ward. There are 4 or 5 families of the ward that we helped reactivate, and I feel good about that.

Well, I think that we will take a bit of time tomorrow to write some more (his notes to his brothers came the next day). But this is it for now. ¡Les amo mucho!

 (No caption included with the picture ... I'll update if I get info)

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, June 8 - 15945
Tuesday, June 9 - 20037
Wednesday, June 10 - 10901
Thursday, June 11 - 19025
Friday, June 12 - 9800
Saturday, June 13 - 10584
Sunday, June 14 - 7645

Sunday is always MY slowest day, looks like it generally is for Elder Blackham as well!

I've changed the format I show the stacked steps, instead of just the rank, this display shows the step average, and the weekly total. It is a little more information to compare week to week. Colton is competitive again (and changed his profile picture from the "bolt" which I thought was more distinctive!) Grayson and Callahan are up there this week too!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Summer is too hot! When I go outside to look at the ducks, by the time I'm at their cage, I'm sweating. Like when I go to play on the trampoline, I sweat so much. We have been playing on the trampoline a lot! We  have these mini balls to dunk/shoot on the hoop. I like to do 360's and when I put to the lowest height, I could even do through the legs and behind the back dunks! Jacob has been coming over a bit now. He hasn't been coming over because he was focused and studying on his school work. Yesterday, we went to Maga's house to celebrate Aidan's and Amare's birthdays. We played in some water and there was this kid named, Kobe who wouldn't stop spraying us with the crayon thing. After the party, dad brought the ducklings and I didn't feel so good because the kids were all over the ducks. There was this kid named, Landon and he was just trying to hold all the ducks. And it turns out Maga's cat Venelope went missing... The NBA finals is hard to predict. The series is tied 2-2. There is a game tonight at 6. I'm trying to guess how the finals are going to end, I think Golden State is going to win the game tonight (**they did)  but I think Cavs are going to win the next game, and I think in game 7, Golden State is going to win and I'm rooting for Warriors. Go Warriors! With Jacob we went to Castle Park. It was fun but it was way too hot! Last Sunday after I wrote you, we went hiking. We didn't see any animals, but when we got to the top, it was a great view! That's the whole story for this week. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, the first week of summer went by pretty fast, but it was a fun week. Since it is summer, we have been doing some things we have done before, but not in a while. Like Jacob is coming over again, because school is out. The main reason why he has not been coming over in a long time is because school had him occupied, but he is coming over again. We have also been playing on the tramp while playing games too. I never realized that playing on the tramp was really fun. We could play "Lavaball" and play basketball on it. And when I play basketball on it, it is so fun to do fun trick shots and cool dunks. We are also playing Lego's again! And Colton is playing along as well! We built more houses, supplies, and a lot more stuff as well. And it was also fun going to West Jordan Park a couple days ago, or what we call it, "Castle Park." I just remember the memories of being there with the DiFrancesco's, and for lunch on a field trip, going there for recess. And after we were done playing at Castle Park, we went to Macey's to get a refreshing ice cream cone. Now let's talk about where the NBA Finals are going. So far it has been kind of the way I want it to be. Golden State won the last game by 21 points to even up the series at 2-2. So you can tell that it will be a neck and neck series. Speaking of the Finals, Game 5 will be on tonight, so keep your fingers crossed that they will win the Cavs today. Yesterday was also Aiden and Amare's birthday party. So we put the slide up and a mini pool and just got wet. THEN, dad brought the ducks over. I definitely did not want him to bring the ducks over with all those kids there! And there was this kid named Landon (his name sounds a lot like your name (:), and he was just trying to pick all of them up, even though we said to NOT pick them up. Anyway, that is the first week of summer here. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, it was kind of a long week. Youth Conference was cool, but we didn't get to go tubing on Wednesday because brother Flitton and kidney stones... again! On Monday, when we got there, we did a two mile hike to a waterfall which felt really good because after a hike in 80 degree weather, you get a little hot. We had to come back down the hike when we were done, though. So it was four miles! After that we just went back to the cabin and did stuff. Tuesday morning we went to the Vernal temple (it took longer to get there from Jensen's cabin then it took from our church TO Jensen's cabin). It was a much older and smaller temple than most others. We did baptisms for the dead and then we went to Wendy's after. We were pretty far off schedule due to the unexpected ride to the temple, so we went to the dinosaur museum. I wasn't too fascinated with it, however Chris and Travis were psyched about it, for the new Jurassic World movie came out this week (I watched Jurassic Park one when we got back). Then, we went to sleep and played The Great Dalmuti til midnight like we did the night before (Travis, Cody, Ammon, Ethan, and I). We slept in Wednesday morning. We did do a lot of volleyball, spikeball, and we drove on Jensen's Jeep a lot, though. Then, we went home. Yesterday we celebrated Aiden, Amare, and Sam's birthdays at Maga's house. Sad for me because that big bounce house with the slide and everything... broke. Ana threw it away! I really wanted to play on that thing. Dad brought the duckies over, which they've gotten really big, by the way. Some of their neighbors were over playing with them, and it was kind of scary because these little kids are trying to pick up our ducks, and like, squeeze them to death. I don't know how dad wasn't frightened. He's really good at handling with little kids, like you do. I've been doing a lot better at juggling. Still just three balls, but more tricks. The set that mom got me only came with three, and now for four and five-ball juggling she needs to get the same kind of balls or else it's gonna drive me crazy! I have learned however, that spies have been reading these conversations between us. I have yet to figure them out, but I know that their initials are M-A-G-A and M-O-M? I must gather more clues. I'll get back to you next week... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, So the Utah basketball tournament was this week and it was so much fun I loved it. We went 3-1 in pool play then it was tournament single elimination play on Saturday. We played Wendover first and beat them by like 30. Then a Bingham team and beat them by 5ish. Then Brighton, and beat them by 2. Then another Bingham team and beat them by a buzzer layup. Then lost in the championship in double OT. It was dumb though because they made it so it was sudden death in double OT and we lost the tip so they won. It was still a lot of fun. It is Sam, Amare and Aiden's birthdays this week. So we went over there on Sunday and had dinner and some fun. Amare said today, "where's Landon?" And he said he misses you. So it's obvious a couple people miss you down here, so do some good in Mexico, love you bro.

  • Dear Colton: I know how you feel.. Usually by 4 o clock here, we have plenty of clouds and rain. But Monday to Thursday there was nothing! It was so hot.. But I do think that it is hotter in Utah. I would have been worried about the duckies too.. Crazy kids sometimes.. They are unpredictable.. Game 7s are the coolest! Well, I had a good week, you had a good week, so that is good. te amo
  • Dear Cooper: With summer here you find other stuff to do besides video games huh? Good stuff. I remember going to that park a few times. I remember when it was brand new! Haha yesterday with all the other missionaries, they were talking about the Finals.. Haha kinda funny, I heard that Golden State pulled ahead Sunday night? Darn Landons.. Always causing trouble.. ;) Remember to enjoy summer while you can!
  • Dear Keaton: Ah youth conference.. Always a blast. But in Vernal? That is a ways away.  I am sure that it was still fun. It has been forever since I last played The Great Dalmuti! Que feo.. But todo bien. Sounds like a good week of summer! Keep enjoying it!
  • Dear Callahan: Dang... So close.. Sudden death? That is bogus.. Ah well. I am sure that you're still having fun. How is summer with a girlfriend and a job? Not easy I would think.. How often are you working? Oh man... That hurt when I read that "where's Landon?" Ouchie... I almost cried. But didn't really. Just keep busy. Think, a mission is 104 weeks, and it has already been 17! I think it is easier to count the weeks.. The first 6 months are the longest is what everyone tells me. Then the rest just flies by. I'll be home before you know it Cal. But you do realize everything will be different by then. You will be graduating.. and ya. It is a time of many changes for our family. Just embrace them and enjoy them.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #16 - Changes are Coming

Well, there isn't much to write about this week. But I will tell you that I am very interested to see what will happen at the end of this change (6 weeks) which is on the 27th. 23 missionaries are leaving, and only eight are incoming... which means that quite a few áreas are going to be closing. My compañero thinks that the sister missionaries in our ward are going to close their área.

I know am going to leave, because my compañero has only been the district leader for one change. And our mission president, Pres. Christensen is going to leave as well! A lot is going to change, that is for sure. Any way, I am well, and I am glad to hear that this week that it was a good week at home.

Group picture of the Libertad zonas!

Pictures from our zone activity. We needed to make a pancake and then needed to bounce little bouncy balls and catch them in a stack of cups.

*** Step Stats ***
y pasos por mi madre

Monday, June 1 - 12510
Tuesday, June 2 - 10820
Wednesday, June 3 - 19746
Thursday, June 4 - 9509
Friday, June 5 - 19092
Saturday, June 6 - 16660
Sunday, June 7 - 11235

Colton is back at the top-ish, although not quite beating Mom again. Good step count for Landon! Up from last week!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I had a really good week. One thing, we got 2 new ducklings, Alex and Pedro, another thing, school is out! We did all kinds of fun things on the last five days. Kickball tournament, 6th grade vs teachers, field day and, extra recess! The 2 ducklings are afraid and they stay with Andy because they already had a mother. I still love them. I have been playing a lot of NBA 2K14 lately. Plus, I've been playing Bloons TD5. In the finals, Golden State Warriors took game one 100-108 in overtime. And when mom was getting dressed, she saw something move behind these boxes and it was a mouse! So Cooper and I hurried and brought Oreo up, and he caught it so we let him play with it outside and he was having a lot of fun. Then when we brought him inside, he was sniffing the floor and looking for another mouse. I forgot to mention to you last week, we went to Silver Lake and saw these two gophers fighting over a carrot! We went walking a long way in Silver Lake and saw a few ducks. We went to see Pitch Perfect 2! It was hilarious. If I remember exactly, I think the price of the treats Cooper and I got was $31! Well I think that's it for this week Love, Colton

Dear Landon, because we got a bad week last week, we got a really good week! One reason why it was a good week is that school is finally over. Even though though it was the last week of school, it felt really long, because I was just waiting for it to be over. And instead of a dead ducky, two new ones. They are really cute, and I named one after the one you suggested. San Pedro Sanchez, but I call him "Pedro" for short. The other duckling was named by Colton, just a simple name, Alex. Also, Oreo finally caught his first mouse! When we were giving the ducks a bath upstairs, I saw a teeny, tiny, mouse rush into the bathroom. Then I went to get Oreo, and he got it in a blink of an eye. Then we let him play with it outside, and it looked like he was really having fun with it! And the Finals have finally started after a long week. Golden State won the first game against the Cavs in OT, and game two will be on tonight, so hopefully, they will win this game and the rest of the title.. Now there is not much more to tell you, but this week was a very awesome week, and I hope the rest of summer will be just like this. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, school ended! The weird part that I just realized was that Callahan wasn't like, "I cant wait 4 skool to be over" three weeks before school ended just like last year he did that. Cal couldn't even go to church today because he's working at a REAL soccer game. He works with Pahker. And he still works for KFC part time off minimum wage. GOT EEM! My braces don't even bother me as much anymore now. The only annoying thing about them is getting food stuck under the wire. Then I have to get a toothpick and go into the bathroom to pluck it out because my tongue can't get it! But they're not as bad as I thought they would be. Then again, I haven't got them tightened yet. That'll just be swell. Youth Conference is tomorrow, but Cal can't go because he might be working at KFC, for he missed his second day last week because he was sick. At least Travis is going though. I don't even think dad is going! We come back on Wednesday, and we also go tubing that day in Jordanelle. That's going to be way fun! It's at Vernal Temple. You've probably heard about the two new duckies we got ^^. I'm not saying that I don't want them, it's just that they were hatched from their mama duck. Then, they were taken away. I feel like we bought their kidnap. I love them and all, but we should have got incubator-hatched ducks so the two little fellas could have spent more time with their mom. It is pretty cute to see them waddling right behind Andy though. They do whatever he does and go wherever he goes. Most of the day, since it's sunny now, we keep them outside in the backyard in the pen so that they can go swimming whenever they wanted and they have more room. One of my friends' brother is coming home from his mission in London in four days! Can't wait for that moment with you. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so, school is out finally which is good. I'm excited to get on the summer grind and get not a basketball routine and basketball tournaments and stuff. Its gonna be super food I can't wait. I got sick on Friday when I was supposed to work, but I couldn't... oh well. Guess I'll have to work some more to make it up. I'm getting a pass to Gene Fullmer and I'm hoping to really improve my game this summer and get bigger and stronger. It's gonna be exciting. But then again, I have a girlfriend this summer, which is new. And that's gonna be new and different. Still gonna hangout with my friends a lot. We had a sleepover on Wednesday for Dallin's birthday. Totally won the 2k tournament. I'm a beast at 2k. I'm kinda bummed I'm not going to youth conference. But it wouldn't be as fun without you, Bryce and Parker and all them. It's just not the same as 2 years ago. Everything has changed. You've already heard about the ducks and everything around the house. But that's pretty much all that is going on with me. I miss you. Love you bro

  • Dear Colton: Oh I remember the kickball game.. That is a really good time! All those last days of school are a blast! Good thing thing you named one of them Pedro! Oreo caught a mouse?! Awesome! Pitch Perfect 2?! Sounds like a lot pretty of a week for you guys, glad to hear that!
  • Dear Cooper: I bet that you are pretty excited for no more school! Good job for Oreo! Dad will finally appreciate him. Who do you want to win the Finals? I'm guessing Golden State? Have fun without school in your life (for a while).
  • Dear Keaton: So what are your plans during the summer? Basketball? Hanging with friends? Fighting with your braces? Tightenings aren't THAT bad.. So don't worry. And don't worry too much about the ducklings. They will be happy with you guys, I am sure. Take good care of them!
  • Dear Callahan: Hahahaha... yup, sounds like a different summer for you.. With grease and a girlfriend, but still Gene Fullmer. Well I hope you have a good summer. I am sure feeling the heat here in Puebla. Pero, todo bien. Yeah, everything has changed, but that is life. Just embrace the changes, and find the good in them. Bryce and all them are a year ahead of you right? Dang... That means they are going to be seniors! And Brook Adams is graduated!? Eso es loco.. Ah well, I got my work to do, and you have yours.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #15 - The New Chapel

Nuestra Nueva Capilla! 
(Our New Chapel)

So when we first got to our area on the first of April, we noticed that we have our chapel fairly close to our house. The thing was that it has been under construction for 5 months I believe. So we have been going to the stake center every Sunday, which we need to take a cambe and walk for 10 minutes to get there.  This makes it quite difficult to invite investigators to church.. Because not a lot of them want to pay for the cambe and walk in the heat. But, as of Tuesday, the construction of the capilla finished! So we had a little tour of it... And oh my. It is so beautiful. It had that new house smell I love so much.. Sure the churches in Utah are bigger, but this capilla beats the chapel of my home ward!  With la nueva capilla, it is a awesome motivation for us to invite investigators and less active members. Although this Sunday we did not have any investigators attend, we did have 20 less actives members attend! And that is a lot! So we are pretty proud of that.

These pictures were sent earlier and are on previous posts, 
but I thought I'd repeat them here as they are discussed in the letter ... 
and I didn't have any NEW pictures to post! 

Cambe ... a common mode of transportation 

The new chapel ...

Overall, this week was pretty good. A lot of rain.. again. 
But the work will push forward, no matter what.
Eso es todo por este semana!
Thank you all for all your support and love.

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, May 25 - 25590
Tuesday, May 26 - 13691
Wednesday, May 27 - 15096
Thursday, May 28 - 11533
Friday, May 29 - 15451
Saturday, May 30 - 8580
Sunday, May 31 - 7534

Not a very active week. Which is kinda good. 
Because it means that we are
sitting and teaching lessons!

Colton had continued to lead here at home, but on Friday he got sick with the stomach flu :(  So Friday's steps were impacted, and he hardly got any on Saturday, just resting most of the day. But I believe he's back! Grayson has also been under the weather with a bad cold. Keaton ... not sure what he has been doing, he needs to step it up! Grandpa and Aunt Wendy and cousin Tenille are all ahead of him!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, well... one of the duckies died! Joe. Callahan was just checking on the ducks, and he came up and said "one of the ducks died!" So all of us bursted downstairs and yet to see a dead ducky! Cooper built a grave, and mom buried him. There is this person in Ogden that could give us one but I don't know if we will take it. Saturday and Friday I was sick. Saturday I was only have a a headache for he entire day but on Friday I barfed 6 times! In the playoffs right now, the finals will start in 5 days! Warriors vs Cavaliers. Warriors won Rockets 4-1. Rockets won game 4 because, Stephen Curry got injured for part of the game. In game 5, Keaton said the Rockets were "hacking" because, They gave Klay Thompson a concussion and gave Andre Iguadola a dislocated shoulder! Andre Iguadola got right back into the game. Warriors still won that game. Cavaliers swept Hawks. We only got 5 more days of school left! I can't wait! Tomorrow night, I have my first basketball practice and on Saturday I have my first game! There has been some teasers for Five Nights At Freddy's 4! There has been 4 teasers. It has been showing all the main animatronics and in every picture, in the background you could see something that says NIGHTMARE so I think the characters are now "Nightmares"! It also said the game is coming  out on Halloween. Plus, when it showed nightmare Freddy it said, "Was it me?" And on nightmare Foxy it said, "Or me?" So I think it's talking about the bite of 87. Now Keaton got braces. When Callahan saw them he was like KEATON GOT BRACES, KEATON GOT BRACES!!!! That's it for the week. You gonna be an awesome missionary! Love, Colton

Dear Landon, it has been a really rough week here at the house for many reasons. One of them is that Colton and dad have not been feeling really great for some days of the week. Another reason is that Keaton got braces, and really hates them. And worst of all, Joe the duckling died! The last day with him, he was barely even moving at all. I even put him on my lap, and he just rested there, it was very sad. I ended making a little cross for him, and a stone that says, "In Loving Memory of Joe the Duckling." About one day later, me, dad, Keaton, and Callahan went to the canal to see if there was any little ducklings. We saw these two that were on their own, so dad very surprisingly went into the water, but the ducklings were too fast, and they got away. Also, earlier today, dad got a text from someone in Ogden who barely hatched 9 ducklings, and he is thinking about getting some tomorrow for Andy. Now I have actually been playing 2K14 now, and it is a fun game. Playing with all those players, shooting fun shots to see if you can make it, and getting buzzers. We also went to Silver Lake and saw some cool stuff. I got really close to a gopher, and fed him some carrots and little apple slices. So now, there is only one week of school left, but it still feels so long. Luckily, the next time I write you, school will be out, and summer will be here! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, one of the duckies died! We noticed that he wasn't really active more than he was and he pooped some white, sticky goop, but we didn't know that he would die. It's so sad. Now the one duck is in there all alone. Dad wants to buy some newly hatched duckies just to keep him company. Dad also built a duck pen because we realized that our one duck can now jump out of the bucket we put him in to take him outside (it's a barf bucket). The pen is in the backyard. It's getting really hot now. I'm also going to Dixie with CH for a tournament the third week of June. Callahan is going for like his second or third time, and this is my first. I'm way excited! Everybody says that it's way fun. It's about time to get our waverunners back. I can't wait for that except that you're not going to be there. You liked them the most. I do really want to go tubing again with the Ators, too. This is the last week of school! Summer is pretty much here. Oh yeah, and I got braces. Bye! Wuv, Keaton

So big brother, I got the job at KFC. Whoops. Seems easier than working for Nate, and my friends work at KFC too. I start on Tuesday, which will start my journey to $1900 for Orlando. I'm excited, but then again I'm not. because I just wanna have fun this summer, but I also want to go to Orlando. Anyways, Keaton got braces which has made my life. Now I can finally get payback. He has been complaining about them so much it's hilarious. The little duckling died which was sad. But I try not to think about cause I wanted to cry but I'm too strong to cry. I've given up soda for a while and every where I go there is soda that I can get and I want to cry since I can't have it. Well I could but I shouldn't. School is almost over which I'm excited for. Amanda's brother came home on Friday for Thailand. I met him on Saturday at an open house for him. I'm pretty jealous of their family since he is home. I miss you a lot man. Especially this week. It may not seem like it to mom because I don't wanna write, but that's because I hate writing. Hope the next little while hurries up so you can be home. Even though I'll be a senior and have to leave on my mission just a little bit after. Anyways, hurry home, I miss you and love you. Love callahan .

  • Dear Colton: What?! One of the duckies died already?! Sad.. You don't sound too sad or disappointed about it.. haha. Dang... Sounds like a rough game! Crazy players.. FNAF. Spooky stuff.. Haha KEATON GOT BRACES! There, I said it too :p. Well sounds like mostly everything is good.. Have a good week! Te amo
  • Dear Cooper:  Yeah.. Not the best week at the Blackham house huh? I think that it would be good for Andy to have a friend! That is just my opinion. 2K14? I don't know why, but I never got into sport video games..Silver Lake? I remember going there once, it was for a hike! It was a long and hard hike too.. Well, stay strong for the last week of school! Te amo,
  • Dear Keaton: As I heard from Cooper and Colton.. Not the best week for the Blackham's huh? That might be a good idea for Andy to have at least one buddy! A duck pen? Nice! Dixie huh? Be careful.. Things can get pretty crazy in Dixie haha. Ahhhh... Susie and Roxie.. I do miss them dearly. But I am sure that you guys will still have fun! Te amo, Oh yeah, and you got braces! Haha
  • Dear Callahan: Ah man.. You are officially called Greasy Fingers. Haha just kidding. At least you are working this summer. It is good to get in the habit now. Haha don't give Keaton such a hard time.. You almost cried over the duck?.. Sad brother. Haha and I want to say, that's not fair that you gave me crap for crying on Mother's Day.. Because you guys only have one person to miss. I have you six, and tons more! I know you were kidding, haha I just wanted to say. Yeah, it is hard at times. When I hear a song I know, it always reminds me of the nights we would listen to music. Try not to cry while reading this, big guy.. ;) Stay busy, and it will go fast. Te amo.