Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week #95 - Feliz Navidad

Feliz navidad, prospero año y felicidad. I'd heard that little song growing up, I just never knew what it said until I became Mexican. 

This week is when everyone leaves for vacation or just has home parties. Late afternoon on Saturday, we were standing there in the street... "What do we do?" my companion asks me (in English). There wasn't ANYONE in the street! Then we tried to go visit some of our investigators... They were having a party. Members, also in parties...So that was fun. But that is Mexico! 

Two weeks now since the baptism of Guillermina. 
I've included some pictures. 

Now we are wondering who is next... One of her daughters (Lita) has always accepted and received us warmly. She has many honest questions and is very interested in learning more about baptism. We talked to her that, if she wanted, she could be baptized on New Year's! . . . She thought about it. "That would be a great way to celebrate New Year's..." She has the goal and is committed to it! In the moment of talking about the date, she was unsure of course, but after praying and consulting with the Man upstairs, she was answered. 

The power of prayer continues to influence great miracles, and it amazes us. 
I will leave you guys with a quick scripture, 
2 Nephi 32: 8-9
I would write it, but I only have it in Spanish, of course.
Merry Christmas to all!
Con cariño,
Elder Landon Blackham

*** StepStats***

Monday, December 12 - 10338
Tuesday, December 13 - 10567
Wednesday, December 14 - 14861
Thursday, December 15 - 7855
Friday, December 16 - 12052
Saturday, December 17 - 10284
Sunday, December 18 - 6943

I haven't been great at getting Landon's steps entered and updated ... and he hasn't sent them every week anyway. But alas, our Family Fitbit-itness has faltered. Callahan's Zip isn't working, Colton lost his One. I told Gray and Keaton they could stop wearing theirs if they wanted (they were only wearing them for ME) and they did. Cooper still wears his, but there have been days it's been left off, and he hasn't been as active. I'm honestly surprised I'm still at the top of the list, as I haven't been very motivated lately! I haven't posted a Step Stats for a while, but usually, I'm well over 100,000 for my week!

I also forgot to remind the boys to write their brother. One of them has missed a week here or there, but never all three of the younger ones (Callahan sometimes writes on his own, I don't have copies of those emails between brothers). Alas, no "Between Brothers" this week! 

I sent out a Christmas package for Landon. Using My Missionary Shipping, it's only taken a couple of days to get to the mission home. I was a little late in getting it off, and then, there were "uncontrollable clearance delays" ... understandable, with the overabundance of packages this holiday season. I was a little worried it might not get to him in time, but ... just got notification that it arrived! To the mission home at least. I hope Landon will connect with them to get the package by Christmas!

We're almost to a one month countdown!

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