Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #16 - Changes are Coming

Well, there isn't much to write about this week. But I will tell you that I am very interested to see what will happen at the end of this change (6 weeks) which is on the 27th. 23 missionaries are leaving, and only eight are incoming... which means that quite a few áreas are going to be closing. My compañero thinks that the sister missionaries in our ward are going to close their área.

I know am going to leave, because my compañero has only been the district leader for one change. And our mission president, Pres. Christensen is going to leave as well! A lot is going to change, that is for sure. Any way, I am well, and I am glad to hear that this week that it was a good week at home.

Group picture of the Libertad zonas!

Pictures from our zone activity. We needed to make a pancake and then needed to bounce little bouncy balls and catch them in a stack of cups.

*** Step Stats ***
y pasos por mi madre

Monday, June 1 - 12510
Tuesday, June 2 - 10820
Wednesday, June 3 - 19746
Thursday, June 4 - 9509
Friday, June 5 - 19092
Saturday, June 6 - 16660
Sunday, June 7 - 11235

Colton is back at the top-ish, although not quite beating Mom again. Good step count for Landon! Up from last week!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I had a really good week. One thing, we got 2 new ducklings, Alex and Pedro, another thing, school is out! We did all kinds of fun things on the last five days. Kickball tournament, 6th grade vs teachers, field day and, extra recess! The 2 ducklings are afraid and they stay with Andy because they already had a mother. I still love them. I have been playing a lot of NBA 2K14 lately. Plus, I've been playing Bloons TD5. In the finals, Golden State Warriors took game one 100-108 in overtime. And when mom was getting dressed, she saw something move behind these boxes and it was a mouse! So Cooper and I hurried and brought Oreo up, and he caught it so we let him play with it outside and he was having a lot of fun. Then when we brought him inside, he was sniffing the floor and looking for another mouse. I forgot to mention to you last week, we went to Silver Lake and saw these two gophers fighting over a carrot! We went walking a long way in Silver Lake and saw a few ducks. We went to see Pitch Perfect 2! It was hilarious. If I remember exactly, I think the price of the treats Cooper and I got was $31! Well I think that's it for this week Love, Colton

Dear Landon, because we got a bad week last week, we got a really good week! One reason why it was a good week is that school is finally over. Even though though it was the last week of school, it felt really long, because I was just waiting for it to be over. And instead of a dead ducky, two new ones. They are really cute, and I named one after the one you suggested. San Pedro Sanchez, but I call him "Pedro" for short. The other duckling was named by Colton, just a simple name, Alex. Also, Oreo finally caught his first mouse! When we were giving the ducks a bath upstairs, I saw a teeny, tiny, mouse rush into the bathroom. Then I went to get Oreo, and he got it in a blink of an eye. Then we let him play with it outside, and it looked like he was really having fun with it! And the Finals have finally started after a long week. Golden State won the first game against the Cavs in OT, and game two will be on tonight, so hopefully, they will win this game and the rest of the title.. Now there is not much more to tell you, but this week was a very awesome week, and I hope the rest of summer will be just like this. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, school ended! The weird part that I just realized was that Callahan wasn't like, "I cant wait 4 skool to be over" three weeks before school ended just like last year he did that. Cal couldn't even go to church today because he's working at a REAL soccer game. He works with Pahker. And he still works for KFC part time off minimum wage. GOT EEM! My braces don't even bother me as much anymore now. The only annoying thing about them is getting food stuck under the wire. Then I have to get a toothpick and go into the bathroom to pluck it out because my tongue can't get it! But they're not as bad as I thought they would be. Then again, I haven't got them tightened yet. That'll just be swell. Youth Conference is tomorrow, but Cal can't go because he might be working at KFC, for he missed his second day last week because he was sick. At least Travis is going though. I don't even think dad is going! We come back on Wednesday, and we also go tubing that day in Jordanelle. That's going to be way fun! It's at Vernal Temple. You've probably heard about the two new duckies we got ^^. I'm not saying that I don't want them, it's just that they were hatched from their mama duck. Then, they were taken away. I feel like we bought their kidnap. I love them and all, but we should have got incubator-hatched ducks so the two little fellas could have spent more time with their mom. It is pretty cute to see them waddling right behind Andy though. They do whatever he does and go wherever he goes. Most of the day, since it's sunny now, we keep them outside in the backyard in the pen so that they can go swimming whenever they wanted and they have more room. One of my friends' brother is coming home from his mission in London in four days! Can't wait for that moment with you. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so, school is out finally which is good. I'm excited to get on the summer grind and get not a basketball routine and basketball tournaments and stuff. Its gonna be super food I can't wait. I got sick on Friday when I was supposed to work, but I couldn't... oh well. Guess I'll have to work some more to make it up. I'm getting a pass to Gene Fullmer and I'm hoping to really improve my game this summer and get bigger and stronger. It's gonna be exciting. But then again, I have a girlfriend this summer, which is new. And that's gonna be new and different. Still gonna hangout with my friends a lot. We had a sleepover on Wednesday for Dallin's birthday. Totally won the 2k tournament. I'm a beast at 2k. I'm kinda bummed I'm not going to youth conference. But it wouldn't be as fun without you, Bryce and Parker and all them. It's just not the same as 2 years ago. Everything has changed. You've already heard about the ducks and everything around the house. But that's pretty much all that is going on with me. I miss you. Love you bro

  • Dear Colton: Oh I remember the kickball game.. That is a really good time! All those last days of school are a blast! Good thing thing you named one of them Pedro! Oreo caught a mouse?! Awesome! Pitch Perfect 2?! Sounds like a lot pretty of a week for you guys, glad to hear that!
  • Dear Cooper: I bet that you are pretty excited for no more school! Good job for Oreo! Dad will finally appreciate him. Who do you want to win the Finals? I'm guessing Golden State? Have fun without school in your life (for a while).
  • Dear Keaton: So what are your plans during the summer? Basketball? Hanging with friends? Fighting with your braces? Tightenings aren't THAT bad.. So don't worry. And don't worry too much about the ducklings. They will be happy with you guys, I am sure. Take good care of them!
  • Dear Callahan: Hahahaha... yup, sounds like a different summer for you.. With grease and a girlfriend, but still Gene Fullmer. Well I hope you have a good summer. I am sure feeling the heat here in Puebla. Pero, todo bien. Yeah, everything has changed, but that is life. Just embrace the changes, and find the good in them. Bryce and all them are a year ahead of you right? Dang... That means they are going to be seniors! And Brook Adams is graduated!? Eso es loco.. Ah well, I got my work to do, and you have yours.

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