Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week #94 - District Pictures, Spicy Chiles and Ash

I do not remember the last time I had written a general letter. Yikes.

Almost halfway through the training of Elder Reyes which has been great of course. He has honestly progressed incredibly in teaching. Has me impressed. His faith his surely helping me out for these last couple months.  The sister missionaries from the district are worried about him being with me. I mean, I am a tough love guy... but not that bad. I only put a little chile in his food..... (He is from Peru, remember? They don't eat spiciness.) So we have had a few hilarious stories about that.

Eating chile habanero

We will have a baptism next Saturday! Guillermina is going down to the water! And she will only be the first...Setting the example for the rest of the family.

Not sure if news of the volcano hit you all at home? On Tuesday and Wednesday, there was a lot of ash in the sky, covering the horizon from our point of view. During my mission, there has only been two big-ish eruptions. Back in April, when I was in Tlaxcala, and a considerable amount of ash fell in Puebla (apparently it was a real eruption, with lava and all that), and this week. But this time, all the ash fell in the City of Mexico and Tlaxcala... It keeps missing me! I want to see the ash! I want to bring some home! 

I can't believe that my cousin Janika is home already. I forgot that she was going to win me home. Hahah that is good. Just as there are missionaries going ones head to the field. I won't see Cousin Kellin for another two years then. We'll just miss each other as he leaves in January! My buddy Tyler must have extended if his release date isn't until March (as we left right around the same time). Me ... January 31! Right smack in the middle of winter! It is like 60 degrees around here... and I am dying of the cold.

*** Between Brothers ***
12/04/2016 #94

Dear Landon, I'm just going to say, Saturday was no question my favorite day of the week. I had two games and got to go to watch a game that one of the teams had 5 of my friends on it! Onto my two games. I won them both. In the first, it was my fifth grade team and we got some lit new jerseys and shorts. We won 27-12 and I got 9 points. I did this in both of my games, I just dribbled down the court and was wide open at three. I just put it up and swished it both times. I did get some good rebounds then put back baskets. In the second one, it was a close game with us winning by 2, 22-20. I got 8 points in this game,I sank two threes and two free throws. I got a lot of minutes in each game. And here is when I'm going to tell you another GREAT thing that happened this week, dad got us a HOTTUB! And it has got all kinds of different massagers. It is the best thing in the world. It is right out on the patio in the backyard. We keep going into the snow to get really cold then instantly go back into the hot tub. One of the challenges we all did was put snow in our underwear! It burned SO bad. haha That's about all I got for this week, love you dude!         ColtBolt

Dear Landon, so this week was end of mid-terms, so I got an upgrade on how my grades are looking. So that F I had in Language Arts actually stayed for a lot longer than I thought it would. I turned the assignment that was late last Monday, and she had all of the break to change it, but it was finally changed just a few days ago. So I have an A in all classes except for Science, which I have A- in. Out of all my classes, Science has most often been the only one I do not have an A in. My Jr. Jazz Comp league team started this week, but are team is basically the same expect for someone new to the team, and someone no longer on the team. When it came to Saturday, my first game, we won 35-27. I got 10 of those points, got a few assists, and a clutch block at the end. Then dad got us an early Christmas present that will probably be most of our Christmas. He put in a hot-tub in the backyard patio. It has only been here yesterday, but I have already been in it a lot; and it is a lot of fun because it is winter, so we will hop in the snow, and then go right back in. It does sting a lot though, as the cold tries to fight off the warm of the hot-tub, and it stays for a while.       Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, pretty boring week this week. Nothing much happened except that dad got us an early Christmas present yesterday. I big ol' hot tub. It's way nice and has got a bunch of jets and seats. At night you can change the color of the lights in the water. Yesterday was also the dinner auction for Copper Hills basketball. It was pretty fun. All we had to do was pretty much be a waiter and talk to people. There were a lot of people and it was pretty good Italian food. Sorry, I can't think much about what happened this week. So yeah... Luv, KEat

  • Dear Colton: Dang.. Sounds like you had some pretty intense games! But where are the double doubles? Or a triple double maybe? Hahaha just kidding.. WHAT? A hottub?! That is nuts! You guys are going to get so sick doing that... But that is good for the hottub. I will not die because of the cold now. 
  • Dear Cooper: Are you serious? An F... Unacceptable! Science can be a bit difficult... but is it justsciencee in general? Or biology, or something else like that? That is good that you are getting into the game again! It is a lot better to play with others. I am even more excited tub!! 
  • Dear Keaton: Fine. I guess I won't write you. te amo. oh wait but I AM writing you.. whatever. lqtm. I am scared to come home to snow. But at least with the hot tub I will not freeze to death. 

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