Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 99 - A Bit Boring

Spicy Stuff!

Interesting week for Mexico and for the mission. With the new year of 2017, the Mexican government made an 20ish% increase on the price of gas. 14 pesos to 17 pesos. As you can imagine, people were not happy about it. 

Since Thursday, there were many reports of "saqueos" (or "looting") as protest against the government, attacking big name stores. With that, of course, they did want us to be a part of it. Since Friday, we have been mainly inside our homes. Quite boring. But better safe than sorry! 

I have had some talks with returned missionaries this week.. Of course to a certain point I am excited to return home, but... They let me know of some things I did not expect. They told me that as a missionary, you don't realize exactly how strongly you have the Spirit in your life. You however will realize that once you go home.. And from thereon it is a full on fight for your life to have the Spirit in your life.

Hearing that, I of course was a bit discouraged... But even more encouraged to finish out well these last weeks of my mission (I almost made the mistake of putting "months") Thanks for all the support everything, have a good week!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, so it's pretty much all basketball this week. So I'm just going to start with my game. Mom was a little late to the game, and she missed my first  points. Only because they were all at the start then I got another basket which she caught on video. But here was my highlight of the game, I got a killer crossover! Then I even finished it off with a three pointer after! We ended up winning the game by only one point. It was a close game, and our opponent had a winning streak that we stopped. Now moving on to Callahan's varsity game against Bingham. Stockton got like 30 points or something! He hit 7 threes. It was a very close game the whole time, the game went into overtime where Callahan made a clutch three then the biggest part happened. Stockton hit a three with four seconds left to put them up by two points! That shot won the the game. And I actually came to the game, I mostly don't come to their games. That's it for this week, pretty boring. Love you man!   -   ColtBolt

Dear Landon, Christmas Break ended just last week, and it SUCKS to actually get up early. The first day back to school, I yawned like 10000 times. Then for gym we started playing badminton. I was fine with it, and my partner and I went 6-0-1. But for the few last weeks of gym, we should TOTALLY choose what we want to. 'Cause I would definitely play some games of basketball. But for the last week, we are playing 3-pin bowling. YAAAYYYY! THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! The end of the quarter is this week, and I am still standing with a 4.0, and I hope it stays that way. For all I know, I have a final in art, and in Utah Studies. Then in Jr. Jazz, we took our first loss 33-28 We fought really hard most of the game, but what made us lose were offensive rebounds. If we had limited them, then we would have definitely won. Other than that, I think that's it.     Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, it's the end of the semester this week. I'm not gonna have gym anymore and that was my favorite class. It's weird, it doesn't even feel like it was Christmas and it doesn't feel like it's a new year. We have 1:00 church now and I think that's the worst time. I like 9:00 because it makes you get up and you have the rest of the day after church. Friday we played Bingham at Copper Hills and it was easily the most litt game I've ever been to!! Including all NBA and college games! Stockton just went off and Cal hit a clutch 3 in OT. We won by 2 after Stock hit a 3 with a few seconds and we partied after! So yeah... sorry I'm pretty lightheaded right now so I can't think of a lot of words lol. Luv, Keat

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