Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Final Weeks ...


... and the time has arrived. Last week of the mission. I will save you the time in asking "how do you feel?" with the answer that there are many fixed feelings. I can say that I am excited that my dad and grandma will come to the mission to spend a week more here in Puebla, but the thought of actually leaving Puebla.. That is a bit sad. 

One more thing that I am excited to do once I am back home, is to continue doing that which I learned here as a representative of Christ. To be guided by His spirit 100%. Not something that will be easy to do. It will be a fight, every day of my life, but I know that the Lord is on my side. 

As for what to expect this last week of the mission, we will have two baptisms. My last baptisms as a full-time missionary. Not a bad way to go out. 

Also today being my last P-day, we had a little zone activity which was awesome. I put together a little surprise for all the sister missionaries of the district, because I love them and they are my little sheep. I made these cute t-shirts (which they loved). 

Thanks for all the support during my time. I have noticed lately how much people pray for the missionaries, and how I have felt the power of those prayers. I am very grateful. (But also please feel free to prayer for newly returned missionaries as well.) Con mucho amor,

*** Between Brothers ***
01222017 #101
Dear Landon, last week we swept both Taylorsville and Brighton. Brighton was only our second away game. I think I kinda like away games better because you get out of class early and the bus rides are fun. B days at school are awful now because I don't have gym anymore. I have 4 hard classes! I always have more homework on B days. I ordered two water bottles off amazon because I hate taking my squirt water bottle everywhere because it's awkward to use sometimes and it's really loud! So I just got two regular ones with really good reviews. Dad has been making homemade cheesecakes lately and they're sooo good. Today, he even tried making his own crust and it looks good. He also got little mini cups to put cheesecake stuff in so it's like a cheesecupcake lol. Tuesday we play Jordan and then we have to play every team all over again, but at the opposite place as we played before. Right now, sophomore is second in region (only losing to Bingham), JV is probably also second (because I think they've only lost to Bingham), and Varsity is undefeated. CH is doing really good! So yeah... Luv, Keat

Dear Landon, sorry for not writing you last week, I don't know how but I just forgot. Anyway, onto this week! I had a pretty good game this week getting 12 points. I hit three three pointers. But I also got fouled really hard and it ended up being a flagrant foul. It really hurt, the kid pushed me while I was in air and I landed straight onto my back. I did get a bruise on my elbow and my back hurt for a few hours. We did win the game by 7 points at least. Dad just made dinner, wasn't anything to compare to ribs or pulled pork because it was only shrimp and pot roast. But it still was good, and along side of it we had mashed potatoes and corn. We had a short week this week but tomorrow and then on, it's all normal for the school scheduale or however you spell it. That's about it for this week. So love ya man! Only a couple weeks until you get back!   -   ColtBolt

Dear Landon, this week just felt like the first week of school again since it's the new semester. I have Keyboarding 1st, Science now in 4th, Art 2 Foundations in 5th, and World Language in 7th. I still kept up my 4.0 for the semester, so I'm happy about that. And as usual, I didn't have any more classes with my friends. I still wish I had Gym though... on Monday, a couple friends of mine and I went to a stake center to play some basketball. It was only 4 of us, then my friend Hunter had to leave. But 10 minutes after he left, my friend Austin came in with 4 of his friends, so we played a lot of games while we were there. And I think that of all of the games played there, whichever team had me won. We were there for about 5 hours before I asked mom to pick me up. On our basketball team, my friend Ryan unfortunately sprained his ankle in a church ball game before playing about a week before, so he's out for the season. And I'm not saying I'm happy that he's out when I say this, but I get a lot of extra playing time. Like this week, my team won 41-32 because of my extra minutes. I got my best ever 20 points in that game while playing against my friend Damian. And I'm expected to get possibly more minutes next game, because I think 3 people will be out. The good thing is that we have played this team before, and we destroyed them, so I hope I get a lot of points again.   Love, Cooper

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