Monday, May 25, 2015

Week #14 - Got Some Goodies

Well, this week was quite similar to the last. A lot of walking in the rain, and a lot of meetings. Except for this week, I got to go on interchanges with my zone leader. I always love interchanges because I get to experience a different area, different investigators, and a different campñero. Which is definitely a good experience to have. Our zone leaders are pretty ridiculous, but they're great missionaries. But the truth is right now, we are struggling a bit. We have two real investigators. The others "investigators" are ones that we have taught once, and now cannot find them again. That is definitely the biggest problem, finding people.

But no need to worry. I'm doing fine. During these slow times, it is a bit difficult, but I know that I continue with the strength of the Lord. Hope you all have a great week! Eso es todo.. (That is all... "Eso es todo" is a phase I learned when I was with my zone leader.. Because he says it all the time!)

¡Les amo!

Got Goodies!

One of the member families in Landon's area has relatives here in West Jordan. She was coming to visit, and said she had room to take a package to Landon. So ... some packages of Oreos, Reeses peanut butter cups, FavoREDS jelly beans, Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, some little toys. Hope he enjoys them! Landon said  "Thank you so much.. I was not expecting so many goodies. We missionaries don't have any money for such goodies." To which I said "Don't eat them all at once!" 

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, May 18 - 15049
Tuesday, May 19 - 16355
Wednesday, May 20 - 29002 
Thursday, May 21 - 21132
Friday, May 22 - 19746
Saturday, May 23 - 16364
Sunday, May 24 - 14586

What is this? 
Colton is #1! 

I can't believe a nine-year old who never actually "exercises" has everyone beat! He has been really active lately, even with spending hours at a school desk most days.  Landon would really probably have Mommy beat too, as everyone else has their Monday steps averaged in, and Landon's update is only through the 24th (Sunday, yesterday).  The Wednesday numbers of just over 29k are a new record for Elder Blackham. That was when he was with his zone leader in a different area (he said their area is actually very small, which may actually impact step numbers!) Grayson hasn't had time to exercise much, but he's also had a few issues with his Fitbit (he gave Mommy his One when hers died, and is back to a Zip). 

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, so only 2 of the ducks made it. Their names are, Joe and Andy. I saw one of them hatch itself! It's still a handfull to take care of. I can't even imagine if all seven ducks hatched! It would be crazy! We have been letting the ducks go into the bathtub to swim, and letting them go outside. In the bathtub, they dive under the water while swimming! One time when we went outside with the ducklings, one of them plucked off one of my eyebrows and pooped on my hand! One time when we put the duck in a bucket to go outside, they jumped out of it! Today when mom was picking weeds, she found a worm and we gave to Andy and he ate quickly. Plus, Joe follows Andy everywhere. They're buddies. Livi came back!! We had a party. Today we went to her church because she was going to talk. I got checked out from school and it was my first time being absent in school! Playoffs. So that cliff hanger I left you on last week, Houston won. So now Golden State is against Rockets. There has already been 3 games and Warriors has won them all. No team has came back from a 3-0 series so I'm confident. Atlanta beat Wizards and Cleveland beat Chicago. There has been 2 games and Cleveland has one them both and I want Atlanta to win. James Harden is one of my least favorite players now because, one, he is a ballhog. Two he is a crybaby. Oreo hasn't been meowing lately. There is a game going on right now, Atlanta vs Cleveland. That's it for this week, you're going to be da greatest missionary ever! Love, Colton

Dear Landon, as you can hear, two of our ducklings made it, their names Andy and Joe. Wow, they are very hard to take care of, because of all the poop inside of the box, their LOUD chirping, and Oreo getting into the box, even though he did not bring them harm. We have also let them bathe in Callahan's bathtub, and sometimes let them roam outside for a little walk. Now we can talk about Oreo. So he has been in the box with the duckies, has been sleeping on my bed a lot, and of course, sleeping everywhere. Now with our Playoffs news. They are now in the third round, and some stuff has been going the way I want it, and some things I don't want it to be. First of all, Golden State has a 3-0 lead against the Rockets, and the Cavs are leading 3-0 too, against the Hawks. But in NBA history, no team has ever came from a 3-0 deficit ever. Another movie has come out, Pitch Perfect 2. Ever since you showed me the trailer for it, I really want to watch that movie and see what happens. And the last thing I will want to tell you is that there is 2 more weeks of school left, I cannot wait until school is over.    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, the wee lil ducklings are way cute, but it was way  scary when we saw Oreo in the box we keep them in with them the very first morning! We then moved the box we keep 'em in from the furnace room to the LEGO room (so the door actually closes).  Livi came home, and it was kind of odd going to her church for the homecoming it was her FIRST time going there (besides stuff for Clayton's family, cuz they the same church)! So she kind of got welcomed to the church as the newest member and gave a talk on coming back? What the heck? However, she did get to keep her plaque of her that was hanging in I don't know what church. I didn't know that you got to do that. There was also a farewell that same day for some other fella, so it was way packed (like all the way to the back of the gym). We finally painted my room. We put up an accent wall, too! It's navy blue on the far back side of the room.  No more... you know;) But, I did miss some spots that needed spackling. My OCD says it's more bitter than sweet. The room looks amazing still, finally! Wuv, Keaton😘

Dear Landon, your favorite brother here. So I bet you have heard enough about the ducks so I won't talk to you about them. And you have enough playoff talk. So I'll talk to you about school. So we got like 2 more weeks left which is crazy cause my sophomore year flew by. And my grades aren't too bad right now which is weird cause usually they struggle close to the end then I get them up at the last second. I also got to get a job to save up money because the basketball team is going to Orlando for a basketball tournament in December and I got to save up some money for that. I can probably get a job at KFC with Ben because his brother has a good position there. I need to save around 1900 dollars.. So that'll be hard, but it will be worth it. Hopefully. But how are things in Mexico? Hopefully no more hospital runs or sunburns. How's the food and shelter? I've been thinking about where I would want to go for my mission and I think England would be cool. Did you have a specific place you wanted to go? Have fun in Mexico bud! See you in a while.

  • Dear Colton: Ah man, only two? That's sad.. Even more sad that their names are Joe and Andy.. Hahah just kidding. How do they get along with Oreo..? I am interested to see how that goes.. Haha have you got a haircut from her yet? She's going to be telling you everything about her mission, so get ready! Haha well eso es todo.. (That is all) Te amo.
  • Dear Cooper: That is sad that only 2 made it.. And what happened to my name for the duckies.. San Pedro Sanchez? Haha just kidding. Haha Oreo.. better not kill one of them.. That would be very sad! Pitch Perfect 2!? Ahh man.. Well enjoy it for me. Have a good 2 weeks of school left! Te amo.
  • Dear Keaton: Haha well I wish you guys lucky with the duckies! Maybe it is good that you guys only have two! That is a bit weird.. To give a homecoming talk to a new ward.. My friend Kody gave to farewell talks, because his family moved like two weeks before he left. Nice! We've actually painted a room in the house of a hermana in the ward! We had to be very careful because we were in our nice clothes! OCD.. It has been a while since I last heard that term! Well get to work, and have a great week! Te amo.
  • Dear Callahan: Haha I remember sophomore year.. It did fly, even though I did nothing.. DON'T WORK AT KFC... I guess if you want to jumped off a cliff at the end of everyday.. Seriously, talk to dad about working for Nate Ator. The experience will be 10 times better with him, I promise you that. At least for the summer. Once school starts you can have greasy hands.  Nope, no more hospital runs.. Maybe a sunburn as a result of today.. We played soccer or fĂștbol as a zone today. Which was interesting for me.. Never have really played fĂștbol.. But I didn't do to bad. Scored 3 goals.. Food is pretty good. The members fed us well. And the houses of the members are actually for the majority pretty nice for Mexico. Wait a second.. Are you thinking of serving? That's awesome! I just wanted to go Spanish speaking.. I kinda wanted to go somewhere further away than Mexico. But Mexico is awesome! Well keep up the good work my brother. Te amo.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #13 ... 3 Mesas!!!

Today marks the 3 month mark for me in Mexico! Wow.. Didn't know it could go so fast!

Well, for this week, we had a lot of meetings and a lot of rain.. So we definitely saw our numbers suffer for this week.. But, you should know the reason why we had a lot of meetings was because we got some interesting and unexpected news on Tuesday night. Tuesday was the end of the cambio (or "change" which is a month and a half, when new missionaries are shipped in, and others shipped out), and we just wanted to call our district leader to ask him something. We called him, and he said, "Elders, you can't call me. You guys are no longer in my district." Confused, we call one of the assistants, to figure out where we are. They tell us that we are no longer a part of the La Libertad Norte zona! We are now a part of the La Libertad Sur zona, and my compañero is a district leader! He was pretty shocked.. Because he has only 5 mesas.. But we are doing fine. I know that he will make a great district leader.

As I said earlier.. Another week of rain. More rain. It has been pretty consistent around 5 o'clock or so.. So when you all look at your clocks to see the time, (depending on where you are of course) if it says 5 o'clock in the afternoon, you would probably be correct to think "Oh, Elder Blackham is walking in the rain right now."

This week really has been great for me spiritually though. A lot, a lot of learning and studying of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon really has been the biggest focus this week. And honestly, before my mission, I can't really say that I had a strong desire to read the Book of Mormon. But now, I'm upset that I only get an hour of personal study to read from it!  I know that the Book of Mormon is true. That it is another testament, another witness, another evidence, and another proof of the miracles and teachings of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I encourage you all to read it, to obtain your own testimony of this amazing book. 

Sorry for no photos this week.. We are in a rush ¡Les amo!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, May 11 ... 17302
Tuesday, May 12 ... 12547
Wednesday, May 13 ...21758
Thursday, May 14 ...15413
Friday, May 15 ...14658
Saturday, May 16 ... 14290
Sunday, May 17 ... 8861

We've been busy stepping at home, pushing Elder Landon into 6th place in steps! About the same as last week for him ...

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, more playoffs! This time I'm going to leave you on a cliff hanger. The Rockets vs Clippers series is in game 7. In a matter of fact, game 7 is going on right now! The score is 56-46 Houston winning. (I'm sorry for not telling you about most of the series.) So Golden State is now going against Memphis Grizzlies. Oh wait... I forgot Golden state already won 4 games against Memphis! In the 4th game Stephen Curry hit 8 THREES! One of those threes was a FULL COURT for the buzzer of the 3rd quarter! Well now we have my 2 games. 1 of them I won, the other I lost. I had 4 wins and 4 losses. (My season is over.) In the first won I scored 6 points and won 22-18. In the second game... I scored 2 points and lost 9-11. WE WENT TO GO SEE AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON!!! It was so awesome! And SO funny! We went to Chickfila after. And I was the only one to get an ice cream cone. Plus, it was a large! Oreo has been loving to sleep on Cooper's bed. By the way now the score of the game is, 63-74 Houston winning... that's not cool. Well I'm sorry I think that's about it. Love, Colton.

Dear Landon, lots of really cool stuff to tell you about this big week. And of course, let's start by talking about the Playoffs. :(, I'm not very happy what is going on with the second round now that it is over. Only one of the teams I wanted to make to the third round made it, which was Golden State. They won the series 4-2. And I'll just tell you the standings of the other games: ATL wins WSH 4-2, CLE wins CHI 4-2, and HOU wins LAC 4-3. So I am getting ready to see the third round of the Playoffs, one round away from the Finals. And one week away from those ducklings to hatch, it'll be so cool to see them when they hatch! Unfortunately, I'm not sure if anybody has told you yet, but 4 (I think) did not really develop, so we won't have seven little duckies. More movies are out, and we got to see one that came out two weeks ago. Avengers, Age of Ultron. It was a really funny, sad, and great movie. And when we were watching the movie, there were more superheroes for the Avengers to fight along with. Also, the third movie has been announced, even though it is coming out May 2018. Avengers, Infinity War. And we also decided to stop at Chick Fila for some chicken and shakes. There has been some more teaser images for FNAF 4 (still no trailer). Chica and Bonnie are now going to be in the game, still coming out on Halloween. Well I think that will be it for this awesome week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, the amount of days estimated to the ducks' birth date is supposed to be this Friday! Mom doesn't seem to care, but everyone else can't wait. We candled the eggs last week to show Maga, Ana, and her new boyfriend inside of the egg. It wasn't nearly as good as the one other time we did it. The other time we saw four of the ducks move. This time, it was pretty much a black egg. You couldn't even see through it or the duck. Dad said that that's a good thing, though. That means they're almost ready. He said we'd probably candle them one more time because at one point at the end of the process in the egg, dad said you can see the beak of the duck trying to get through! I don't think you know that I've been a home teacher since October. I guess I forgot to tell you. The other home teacher is Brother Adams (which makes it pretty fun), and we get to go to the Prestwitches and Littlewoods. It's pretty fun. Nothing else really happened this week, but gotta go! Cuz dad turned on the IT Crowd when I started writing. It's been a while. Ha! Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so, Amanda's brother is coming home this Friday which isn't fair man. Because you just left and its gonna be awhile till you come home. And my spring basketball season just ended which isn't fair. But Aunt Livi came home which was really fun. Today she talked to us about this experience she had with this black gang. They chased them in a car and kept cutting them off which seems pretty scary but nothing bad really happened. We have about 3 weeks of school left which is good. I'm so done with school. And also I might be getting a job at KFC because I need to save up some money to go to Orlando in December with the basketball team for a tournament. I'm excited, but then again, I'm pretty nervous because I'm not really a working type of guy. But it'll be nice to have some money on hand and have a summer job. I just wanna play some basketball and have some late nights watching stupid shows with you cause I miss that. Be prepared for that when you come home. Love you brother, Callahan

  • Dear Colton: Wow.. Nice, sounds like the Playoffs sound sure intense! You saw Avengers!? Lucky! I bet it was awesome! I've been collecting these little Avengers cards from bags of Lay's Chips (they're actually Sobritos here). This week I actually have seen a few super tiny kittens.. So adorable.. Te amo.
  • Dear Cooper: Ah shucks.. That is a bummer about the Playoffs.. Didn't you say that you wanted Cleveland to win? Ah! So lucky that you got to see Avengers! Did any of the main characters die? It will be a while until I get to see it.. Chick Fila.. I don't believe I have seen any Chick Filas here in Mexico.. Bummer. Well have another awesome week! Te amo.
  • Dear Keaton: Man, I sure wish I could see them baby duckies! It would be so cool if missionaries could have pets.. Because it would be so easy. We find stray kittens and puppies quite often. And next to our apartment complex is a store, that has a pair of German Shepards also guard dogs. And the other day we discovered that they had puppies! There are at least three that we have seen.. SO ADORABLE. I have major puppy love. That's cool, being a home teacher. You get a little taste of what I do, all day, everyday! Haha keep it up big dog. Te amo.
  • Dear Callahan: Oh man, that isn't fair.. Where did he serve? No mas basquetbol? Ay que feo.. Good luck! Only 3 weeks of school left?! That is nuts! I bet that went by fast.. huh? Pish posh.. Don't work at KFC.. Unless you want to have greasy hands all day long.. Seriously, I think you should work with Nate Ator. It is good, hard work, framing. Some days you will hate it, others you will really enjoy it. That's my suggestion if you want a summer job. Also, I've been meaning to ask. Have you gotten your patrichal blessing yet? (doubt I spelled it right, but you know what I mean.) If not, I think you should as soon as possible. I didn't get mine until March of last year, I wish I had gotten it earlier. It is awesome. I have made a habit to read it every Sunday morning during personal study. Another suggestion I have for you. Well, have an awesome week! Te amo.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #12 - First Time for Facetime

Well as you all know, Mother's Day (yesterday) is a pretty big deal for missionaries.. We get the awesome opportunity time see/ talk with our families!  And it being my first time, I will just say "yes" before any of you ask the question. I DID CRY. 

Looking at my email today, I saw  a couple emails from my parents, wondering how we were going to make contact. Well, we were very grateful to be helped out by one of the families in the ward. They invited us to eat at their house after church, and then after eating, we went upstairs, and the hermano just gave us his iPad Minis, saying "go for it".. So without any contact before hand, I just decided to try Facetiming my family. Lucky, my brothers were on the computer when I Facetimed them. And we went from there.

But the truth for this week is that it wasn't our best, especially for me..

Started off the week with a pretty good sun burn from our zone activity last P-Day. Then on Thursday, I was actually sick, threw up, and went to the hospital. (My parents were excited to hear about that haha.) My hospital visits (yes plural) were nothing to worry about.. The first time for my bloody nose was just a waste of time. My compañero forced me to go. And this last time, when I was actually sick, I just got a bit of medicine, which I don't know if it has really helped at all.  But healthcare in general is pretty good. One of the hermana missionary in our area actually got her wisdom teeth taken out here. Just two weeks ago. And she is well, carrying on the work. Then Friday, I needed to recover, because I was just completely exhausted from the day before. And Saturday was difficult for us because we had high hopes for 4 lessions that day. One was a first visit, and the other three were with new investigators, but.... All fell through. So that was a bit tough..

But we ended the week on a good note. Being able to talk with our families. 
Well that is about it for this week.
Gracias por toda su ayuda, apoyo, y amor.
Con amor,

No letters from the brothers this week? Haha those boggers.. Not writing me.. Callahan's hair ridiculously long! Holy cow! That's all I can really say about him. haha. Well, not having to take the time to write them, I can send all the pictures I have! With descriptions!

This is me, getting fancy for breakfast. 

Me in front of a Catholic chapel nearby nuestra casa

 Me with Hno. Ricardo, a member of the ward. 
We visited the grave of his mother.

This is the Calle (street) Puebla. 
The dividing line between our area, and the area of the hermanas.

Beautiful Avalanche Truck. 
Been wanting to get a picture for a while, 
but it was never then when I had my camera. Until today! 

This is the church closest to our house. 
But we haven't gone there for church yet, because it has been under construction, 
but it is close to being finished! 

Oh.. the precious panadearĂ­a..  

And us eating at Super Tacos Polo. 
My companion's favorite. 

 This is the Calle Allede, facing west of our casa.

 And facing east of our casa, Calle Allede.

*** No Between Brothers ***
Because the boys just talked to their brother on Sunday, 
they didn't write this week.

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, May 4- 20374
Tuesday, May 5 - 18560
Wednesday, May 6 - 17323
Thursday, May 7 - 13158
Friday, May 8 - 14318
Saturday, May 9 - 16942
Sunday, May 10 - 8836

With Landon not feeling as well, you can see the drop in his steps, and the resulting drop in his Fitbit ranking. Who are the top two this week (as you can't see them here?) Mom and Colton of course. But look at Cooper! Daddy was actually in the #10 spot under Grandpa (not as active as last weekend!)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #11 - Wet Weather

For this week I thought I should talk about the weather. Last week was super duper hot, and then this week (or at least the first half) was super wet! It was on Wednesday, when I was on interchanges with my district leader, in his area. It was raining pretty good, and after walking in the rain for 3 hours.. You get pretty soaked! I mean, I love the rain, but when I am in my missionary attire, and have to walk in the rain for hours.. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

And concerning our efforts for this week, we got four new investigators! We are pretty toked about that, because we have really needed new people to teach. But with the rest of our goals, we have been kinda struggling. We just have so many appointments that fall through, which is always disappointing..

But for my first change, I have to say that I am feeling pretty good. Not at my full 100% potential, but good for a missionary who has been out for only two and a half months. As the days go by, my Spanish improves, I learn how to better teach the lessons, and just adapt to the life of Puebla Mexico.

I know with faith in the Lord anything is possible. I know the work of the Lord will push forward everyday, nothing can stop it. Continue with faith everyday, knowing our Heavenly Father is right behind every step of the way. And nothing impossible.

Hope everything is well with you all. Thank you for all your support and love.
¡Les amo!

Finally got a picture of PoPo!

This is the Forjadores highway, the main highway near us. 
It is the borderline for our area.

My Zona! and our burritos.

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, the playoffs... it is awesome! Me and Cooper have been mostly watching the Spurs vs the Clippers. We want the Clippers to get four wins. One time the Spurs had 3 wins and the Clippers had 2 wins. In the game 6 the Clippers won. And in game 7, Chris Paul got a game winner but the Spurs still had a chance to win. But they didn't win. Chris Paul was at the 2 pointer and did a one hand shot and got it in with one more second. The Spurs went for a shot and did not make it. Now to my basketball game! In the first quarter I scored 8 points! Plus I got like 3 steals. But again I got 2 fouls. I was kind of standing back now so I couldn't get any more fouls. And I was successful. I got another basket. And when it was the fourth quarter and it was 24 to 13 I was winning, Peter had the ball and it almost got stolen but he passed it to Collin and he started dribbling the ball, and then he passed it to me, and I was like a whole foot behind the three point line and I shot and, sssssssssssssswish! So in that whole game, I scored 17 points! Plus Cooper and I got new basketballs that are size 28.5! And in my game I crossed someone over and he fell down! Keaton and Callahan have been watching this new show "One Tree Hill." We have 7 duck eggs, and we're going to let everybody in the family name one so what's your name you're thinking of? Haha... Oreo Oreo Oreo. He has been laying in tons of places. Mostly the drinking fountain. For some reason Oreo will jump on the drinking fountain every time we go near it. Plus when he goes on the drinking fountain, and when we spray it he tries to hit the water. So that's it right there, all that happened this week. You're going to be a GREAT missionary! Love, Colton

Dear Landon, there is a lot to tell you this week, because as I know, there has been some cool things happening. So, the Playoffs are in the second round right now and yesterday was a very big game for LA and San Antonio. First of all, it was in game 7, so win or go home. It was a very close game throughout all of it. There were at least 30 lead changes, and 12 ties. And when there was a tie of 109, and it was Clippers possession. Chris Paul had the ball (even though he had a hamstring injury) and went to basket, and scored with only one second left! The Spurs still had a chance to tie or win, but when they threw it into Kawhi Leanord, the ball was swatted away by Matt Barnes. I was so ecstatic!  And there has also been some new games announced as well. I've been waiting for this game to have yet another, and now there will be, and it's coming out on Halloween. FNAF 4! There was a teaser left on his website with a new generation of Freddy (still no trailer yet). And the other game that has been announced is COD Black Opps 3. I watched the trailer for it, and it was actually really cool. Even though I am not much of playing COD games, I'm going to want this game. There was a new movie released in theaters 2 days ago, Avengers: Age of Ultron. I want to see the movie so bad! But Riley and Jake Sexton went to see it the day it was out, they are lucky! Well, this is all the stuff that I have remembered this week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, tournaments for basketball were held at Copper Hills yesterday. Everyone had two games (only Sophomores, JV, and Varsity played). I got to be one of the guys at the score table-thing... twice. I wasn't the guy controlling the score board, but I was keeping track of all the fouls, timeouts, points, and points per player. I know how to work the score board though. Copper Hills is redesigning their court. Cal showed me what it's going to look like. They're also getting new score boards, and they're the good ones (like the ones that Bingham has). It shows who is in, how many fouls they have, points, and other stuff. Dad bought eight wee duck eggs and an incubator for them to sit in (idk), but the only bad thing is, is that the incubator only holds seven. I don't know what dad's going to do with the last egg. It's kind of sad. We still haven't painted my room. Wuv, Keaton

So Landino, it's been an amazing week because I had 8 games this week. And it has been great. Ball is life no doubt. We went 6-0 in the Copper Hills tournament, however there is no tournament play which is sad but technically we won since we never lost. We only have 4 weeks of school left which is just fantastic, I can't wait for summer, it is super exciting. Anyways, working out has been paying off. I maxed out on the bench at 145 which is my body weight, so that's good. I'm not really in to the playoffs right now ever since I've watched college basketball. It is just way more interesting and they seem to care more. I've missed you this week though. And one week I was with Amanda and she decided that she wanted to see everything through like, all of my Facebook and it brought back a lot of childhood memories and stuff. And going out to eat after you picked me up from a friend's house then watching a show out on the couch right before bed. I guess it'll be awhile till we do that again. anyways, hope you are doing well, hope the next 20 months pass by fast. Love Callahan
  • Dear Colton: Wow, sounds like a pretty intense playoffs this year, I like it! Even better for your own basketball game! Very impressive! Proud of you. Today was the first day I played basketball in a long time.. And we also played ultimate, but not with a frisbee.. But with a tennis ball! Still a blast. Hmm.. I could name one!? Awesome.. Umm San Pedro Sanchez.. Hahah yeah seriously. Haha silly silly cat.. Sounds like every thing is good with you, I am glad! Can't wait to see you guys (through Skype or Facetime) this Sunday! Until then.. Le amo.
  • Dear Cooper: Man.. the playoffs.. Always super intense.. FNAF 4, already? Dang that is fast! And CoD Black Ops 3? Wow! Haha yup.. I am going to miss a lot of the new games and movies.. So you will have to enjoy them for me! You sound to being doing good, which is good of course! Can't wait to see you guys this Sunday! Until then..  Le amo. 
  • Dear Keaton: Dang, That is lucky for Copper Hills to get some new goods! Nothing was special about the scoreboards at Herriman.. Haha. Oh no.. poor eighth egg.. Here, it would just be food. It is the truth. And I told Colton that I want to name mine San Pedro Sanchez.. Yeah, that's right. Haha and I still don't have a million dollars..  Le amo. 
  • Dear Callahan: 8 games.. That is crazy.. We played volleyball and utimate tennisball today con mi zona. And now I am very tired.. Can't imagine 8 games! That's pretty awsome to go undefeated! Yeah.. I've been missing you guys too. And it is actually more around 21 months.. But doesn't matter. We actually have our departure dates already. The first of February, 2017.. Sounds like forever away.. But yet again, it is hard to believe that I have been out for 2 and a half months! Everyone says that it will. You just keep doing your thing in Utah, and I'll keep doing my thing in Puebla. See you on Sunday bro. 

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, April 27 - 20978
Tuesday, April 28 - 17615
Wednesday, April 29 - 23705
Thursday, April 30, 25118
Friday, May 1 - 18722
Saturday, May 2 - 18253
Sunday, May 3 - 12630

Ironically, the step count from Elder Blackham is one of his highest yet ... but he's in 4th place. I guess the other Blackhams have been a little more active. Nice to see GrayBlack on the list (he spent the weekend biking). Callahan had a basketball tournament, so he had several games getting him steps as well.