Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weeks 96, 97, 98 ... Pictures/Videos

We got our Facetime family photo on Christmas Day ... having just talked to Landon, the brothers didn't get around to writing that week, and Landon hasn't been writing much himself. But he did just send a bunch of pictures!

Picture proof that he got his Christmas package ... although this picture (sent 01082017) is the first I'd heard he'd received it. I'd tracked the package to the mission home before Christmas, but it hadn't been passed onto him. The week after he still said he didn't have it ... glad it finally got into his hands!

I guess the guys had some P-day activities ...
Cuexcomate the smallest volcano in the world!

Landon takes us on a tour ...
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They also went on a Ferris wheel...

... the view from the top!
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*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, sowwy for not writing you two weeks ago. It completely spaced my mind. Last week though, it was funny because we were like "Heeeyy! Umm.. we're gonna see you in a month soooo." It's kinda like facetiming someone right before you're gonna hang out lol. Jk jk haha. My New Year's resolution is to drink a gallon of water everyday. It's hard and if you drink too much at one time it tastes gross. I did it like all last week though and, Holy Crap, I've seriously been going pee like 10 times a day no joke! Haha it was cool at first because I wee wee'd a normal amount and the original toilet water color didn't even change! It's like right when I drink water it just flushes all the way through in seconds in and out. It's so obnoxious though because I remember yesterday I literally went pee every 30 minutes for two friggn hours! I'm not even joking. Every time I went I was like "Are you friggn kidding me??!" Oh well though it's fun overall. We cleared out the rest of the stuff in the basement and we can actually move Cal out from his/your room to his new/LEGO/sewing room. It looks weird and did you know that it's actually bigger than both of our rooms?! That's dumb I had no idea. I wouldn't really want to be down there though because it's right next to Coop and Colt. Ugh... that makes me gag. I can smell them just by looking at their names. On Monday, Cal left to Arizona for a varsity tournament this whole week. Mom and I took advantage of his absence. I got the Charger like the whole week. It was awesome! I also stole his black head board for the bed and switching cruddy desks. Lol yours was so much better than the one I had. Mom actually made Cal's room look a lot better. I got a head board, a much better desk and a nicer bed set. Mom also made a better curtain for the top of the blinds in my room. I also told Dad that I hate the lighting that the baseball fan in my room produces. He said we'll probably take it off and get a regular, much better light. I got a new room for Christmas! It's awesome. So yeah... and Mom got an iPhone 7 :/ Luv, Keaton

Dear Landon,  'tis officially 2017. Which means that on my papers at school, I will screw up the date almost every time! SERIOUSLY! Oh yeah, and we all are sorry that we haven't written you these past few weeks. I had forgotten, and mom never told us to, soooooo... we really enjoyed our Christmas Break while it lasted. We didn't get a month pass to Gene Fullmer like we usually do, but it was still really fun. We went to Tepanyaki on Colt's birthday (which it was AMAZING), but we got into talking about about the IT Crowd, and we are watching it a lot now. Oh yeah, mom got the IPhone 7 yesterday, which meant her 6 was up for grabs... I GOT IT! I have been asking for a phone for quite some time now. I know what you are thinking: I'm to young to have aa phone like this. But I can think of so many reasons why I need one. But I won't bore you to death. Literally.    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, much to write about, but it's late and I'm tired so I'm just going to start with my basketball tournament. We won our first game, I got 9 points in that game. In the second, we lost and I don't remember how many points I got. And that game decided who I was going to go against next. Apparently since we lost, we went against the team we already won. But this time, we lost because their best player wasn't there the first game. We only lost by 2 points! It makes me mad. For our New Years party (grandma and grandpa come over and we play board games) we only played Remmikub and Scattergories. We did play some progressive rummy after 12:00. We actually used our Scheels gift card a couple days ago. I got two things, a new inside basketball, and a waterbottle which Keaton stole. You want to hear something else that makes me mad? Cooper got an IPhone 6 while I still have a sucky IPod 5 and will have for the next five years....  Anyway, that is all I got for now, Love you dude! Only one more month.  - ColtBolt

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