Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week #100 - Cholula

Hi, we had our P-Day changed because today we are going to go with a member of the ward to CHOLULA. Which is one of the main attractions of Puebla and I have always wanted to go my whole mission.

Pictures came through the next day ...

*** Between Brothers ***
01152017 #100
Dear Landon, it's hard to drink a gallon on Sundays because I hardly do anything on Sundays lol. I also forgot my water bottle to church... I want to get a collection of really cool water bottles. A few weeks ago I saw this thing that said Gatorade is coming out with a smart bottle that tracks how much you drink, when to drink and all sorts of stuff. The coolest thing about it is that it comes with a patch that you put on your skin and it takes your sweat and you send it to an app or something and Gatorade will measure the amount of stuff you need like vitamins and sugars and they'll send you your own individual Gatorade mix. Pretty cool shtuff. We swept West Jordan last Friday and got the Dub Town Belt back!! All three games were really good games and were way fun. I really want to go down to Mexico with Dad to see you and see Mexico, but I would miss a week of practice and like three games. In region, our coach said if we miss a practice then we miss a game (so I wouldn't even play for the rest of the season). Yeah it sucks. Haha I ruined my 4.0 GPA with an A- in physics and B in... spanish... Oh well lololololololol! I only need a few more months till I get my braces off too!! So yeah... Luv, Keat

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