Monday, September 12, 2016

Weeks #81 and #82

Mustaches from Mommy (part of Landon's birthday box)

We've had a pretty crazy week with the emergency changes... and after all the dust has settled, I am district leader again.In this district, there are 5 companionships. Us, another pair of elders, and 3 sister companionships! And as district leader, I have to call all of them, everyday... not including the zone leaders talking with me.. ahhh it is crazy. While my old companion did that every night, I very much enjoyed going to bed about a half hour early.. That is why I would usually write big letters too, because I would take a bit of time to write everyday, but now I have lost that luxury.

Now, we are also going to a gym in the mornings! Hahaha there is a famous boxer in a neighboring ward, and we got permission to go workout in his gym, which is pretty cool. 

I had a pretty cool birthday! It was my first district meeting I'd done in a while on Wednesday (my birthday), and the zone leaders were going to be there, because we were going to do interchanges. But there was another surprise... But first, the only thing I remember from my last birthday was that the mission president called me in the morning to wish me happy birthday. On Wednesday, there was no such call. Then I thought "haha how hilarious would it be if he showed up to my district meeting to wish me happy birthday?" . . . And it happened. He showed up with his wife and were part of my district meeting. He kept it cool to the end, and then made a little joke. Because in the closing hymn, some of the missionaries messed up the rhythm and started to laugh. At the end, he got up to share a few announcements of the mission, and the last thing he said was, "as a district, you need to work on your singing... because that last hymn was bad... but you can all practice right now because it is your district leader's birthday!" They sang, I shared some of the cookies you sent me with the district, and we went back to work. I was with Elder Balam, and I was sooo excited to do interchanges with him, because he is such a bomb and my good friend. 

We had an awesome day working together. And towards the end of the day, we went to visit a family of the ward that I didn't know well. We shared a message, and then the mom of the family said "well I've got some cake to share with you before you go." (The family are actually Americans) And that is when I told her "oh hermana, you are so awesome!" She asked why, and I said "well my birthday has been great, but I was just missing the cake!" They all laughed and were happy to provide me my bit of cake for my birthday. So yes, I did have a good birthday.

This was OUR celebration in the USA ... "big head" stand-in with the cake.
Happy Birthday Landon!

*** Between Brothers ***

Outgoing September 4, 2016 #81
Dear Landon, actually Dad sold the Suburban yesterday! He didn't even tell me, but he said it would make more logical sense to sell it and have a little more pocket money for a better car. I had my meeting with the Bishop this morning, but I'll be ordained in 2 weeks because next week is Stake conference. There'll be me, Cal, Travis, Jacob, Jarod, Ethan, and this new guy in our neighborhood, Braden. He's pretty cool. I got a lot of stuff for my birthday like socks, shoes, cliff bars, candy, a pillow case, some other close, a ring toy-thing, and a bunch of gum! This week we got out a bunch of the nerf guns. We couldn't find any of the clips, though, so we can't use all of the guns. The fall clinics for basketball have started and we've done about 3 already. Oh yeah! I also tried Nutella and it's so fleeping good! I hadn;t tried it for so long because I thought I was allergic to it. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, sorry I didn't write last week. It was just that when we came back from Bear Lake, I was so tired and sandy, I took shower and went to bed. But I think Colt and Keat told you enough about what happened last week, I can tell you about how school is going. When I thought orientation was really crowded, I knew it was going to be way more crowded on regular school days. It's alright except for some parts of the day. Like the transition from 1st to 2nd, and 5th to 6th. There is one turn where everybody is. And my friend Parker is with me in 2nd period, so we stick together and get through the mob. Anyway, this is my schedule: 1st, Art Mrs. Gonzales, 2nd, Language Arts, Ms. Orgill, 3rd, College and Career Awareness, Mr Mineer, 4th, Gym, Mr. Downs, 5th, Utah Studies, Mr. Fife, 6th, Math Ms. Johnson, and 7th, Science, Mr. Melrose. Right now, my favorites are: Mineer, Johnson, and Orgill. And I hate that Mr. Mineer is my favorite teacher, because I only have him for one quarter. Any of those teachers sound familiar to you. I think that Ms. Johnson would probably, because first day of class, she noticed that she had taught one of my brothers before. And mom said Mineer sounded familiar to her. And this week was a really good Pokemon GO week, because of yesterday. I went on a trip with mom to the grocery store, and then we were going back home, a Raichu appears on my nearby. I started freaking out, when it appeared. But since it is kin of a starter evolution, I thought it would run away. But I caught it in one great ball. But today at home a Charmeleon was on my nearby and spawned. And after throwing like 15 Poke Balls, it ran on me. But I caught a Raichu!     Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I have absolutely nothing to write about this week. We just went to Derek and Danielle's place for Westra Waffles, I took some of the headbands, tiaras, and bunny rabbit ears and acted like a princess in front of Annie and Leila. Nerf has come back! Cooper and I keep having wars with the guns and it is so fun. Every week we are going to go bowling with Livi. We went to Red Robin and I saw the wife of my basketball coach working there. As I told you, I have nothing to write about this week. I have been so bored, nothing interesting at school except we got reading buddies this week and mine is so awesome. Anyway, love you man!!           ColtBolt

Outgoing September 11, 2016  #82

Dear Landon, I had an intense basketball game this week, we ended up losing by 2 in the end though. I only got 2 points but I also got a few steals and a lot of assists. At the end of the game we were only down by two and my teammate shot it from halfcourt at the buzzer but it rimmed out! Right after getting back from the game, I hurried took a shower then rushed over to my friend's house for a birthday party. We did a basketball shootout and I dominated him. I got 76 points and he got 54 points. We went to the lake today, it was so much fun, I hit like a 4 foot wave. I also went on the tube with Keaton. After being on it for a while, he decides to purposely jump off. Once he was off, the tube instantly flipped over on me. That is about all that I have for this week, soooooooooooo love you man! ColtBolt

Dear Landon, so happy birthday to you and Oreo! It is so weird that Oreo is now 2 years old, and it is even weirder that you are 21. We all seemed to have special birthdays this year, like me turning into a teen, Keaton getting to the age to drive, and you getting to the age to be an adult. Anyway, school is really fun, especially gym class. We will do basketball near the end of the semester, but it is an indoor sport, so it is better to do it in winter. But we are doing softball right now, and my team is the best right now. We are 6-0, and we will start the playoff tournament this week. But are team hits dingers! Like in elementary school, most girls would not participate. But the girls on our team are actually really good. And when we were beating a team really bad, I did a 1 hand hit and got a run.   Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I can't really think much about what happened this week except for basketball clinics. I did have my second ranges for Driver's Ed yesterday and it was kinda fun because I did a lot better. Happy birfday four days ago! I guess that means Oreo is now 2. Dang he's so old lqtm. For school, my worst class is EASILY Language Arts. The subject in general is probably my worst and also I have the worst teacher EVER! He's a fricken dictator. He docked me 20 points for not having a blue pen. He's so annoying too. We have to repeat everything he says when he snaps and when he says "Got it?" we have to say "Got it." If we don't say it, then he knocks off participation points. I have to read the first three pages of To Kill A Mockingbird by Tuesday. On Friday, we had a 45 minute-long starter! We had to read a book and do a page-long objective summary on it. AND WE DIDN'T EVEN TURN IT IN AT THE END OF CLASS!! My three other classes on that day are the best ones. He just ruins the whole day for everybody. Recently, I've actually been taking quite a few naps lqtm. I remember when you and Cal would take a nap and I would just wonder how you guys even did it. I guess that's high school lqtm. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

  • Dear Colton: Always busy with basketball right? #nevvverends haha tubing is quite the blast, and you aren't big enough to hold it down! You hit a little wave . . . and adíos! (goodbye). Hahah pack on weight! That is what I am trying to do. I have a personal goal to beat Dad in an armwrestle when I get home.. Shh don't tell him..
  • Dear Cooper: I know, I know.. I am old. Don't remind me. Actually, at this point of my mission.. I feel like a grandpa.. Because I find myself saying too often "I remember when I had 3 months" or 5 months or a year... Yikes. I am OLD. Everyone is so new now. Almost all my friends have gone home already! So sad. Haha it is better to do basketball in winter. But I have nevver cared for softball.. ever.. it is so boring.. Volleyball or basketball, I AM GAME. 
  • Dear Keaton: I sure don't blame you at all for hating language arts.. That was always the class I hated most. Sounds like with a teacher as such, it would be unbearable! That's the "sueño" (sleepiness) that is hitting you now for being a high school student. Fun right? Enjoy it while it lasts. OH OH OH! Question! That is very important! Now that you are "of age" when you going to go on that first date? hahahahahaha I heard from Mom that a dance is coming up for Copper Hills? Get on that son! Haha

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