Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week #84 - Quick Change

Here we are entering into the third to last change of my mission. I think it will be a few week until I get a call from one of the secretaries to plan my flight.. I remember hearing of the possibility of Dad and Keaton coming down to get me? Maybe we need to be sure of those plans now.. So talk about it, and let me know!

This change blew by. Although it feels normal for us because we had the emergency changes only 3 weeks ago. Oh well. So for that, we don't have changes.

In the district there were little changes. 3 of us didn't have changes, 1 closed area, and the last one was a simple change of companion. My "mission dad" Elder Gutierrez closed area with his companion, and they sent him to Manantiales (my last area)! What luck! So my dad will "die" in Manantiales.

With them closing area, I thought an elder would come to train a new missionary, but no... ANOTHER companionship of sister missionaries! That means that the district is my companion, myself, and 8 sister missionaries! My district has now become the Relief Society. I will tell you how it goes.

The best thing that happened this week was the wedding! One of our investigators that has had quite a bit of time going to church finally got married! That was the only thing that was impedding her from getting baptized, so.. that means 2 baptisms next week! Not this Saturday, because of general conference, but the other week! 

I think we are just coming out of the rainy season (thank goodness! I don't like wet books..). I can already tell the difference in the days, they are getting shorter. A little bit cooler. That will be nice. I like winter here. But I don't think I will be ready for winter in Utah..

Just wanted to give that quick update! I am super well, super happy, and super busy in the work of the Lord! Love you all!

*** Between Brothers ***
09252016 #84

Dear Landon, a lot of basketball again. I found out that I have three games every Saturday! This Saturday I won one of them and lost the other two. I did really good. In the first, we won by 4. The last minute of the game was about 4-5 minutes long because all the fouls. But I got the last like 7 or 8 points. I also really jammed my thumb in the game. In the next game, we got destroyed and my coach got ejected! He said that the ref that ejected him hated him for 10 years! In the last game, we lost by only 5! I played really good that game. I got around 6 assists I bet and about 10 points I think. We went bowling with, Livi, Will, Aidan, and Amare. (And by "we" I mean me Cooper and Keaton.) I didn't do so good but Amare, Aidan and Will all got some strikes! I got about nothing more to write about this week, so Love ya man!            ColtBolt

Dear Landon, apparently they changed my classes because the other class didn't have a whole lot of students. And it wasn't just me, it was like 6 other kids as well. The counselors thought our schedules were easiest to change, but it is ending up alright. I found out that my friend from math is there, and we talk all the time, and I have made a few more friends in there. I haven't made any friends in the new art class, but I did judge the teacher to quickly. When I said I didn't like him in the last letter I wrote to you, it was probably because when I change schedules, I was just really pissed off. But he is actually a really good teacher. Since Softball is now over, we are moving on to Football, which I am destroying at right now. We are playing with 9th graders (which is weird) but It's alright because they aren't guarding me. In the first game, I ended up with 4 TD's 2 interceptions, and 3 extra points. Dad told me he was driving to Salt Lake, so I tagged along for Pokemon GO purposes. He drove me around a lot for PokeStops when I was at a good amount. When we started, I had around 60 PokeBalls, no GreatBalls, and 2 UltraBalls. But I ended with 228 PokeBalls, 34 GreatBalls, and 10 UltraBalls. I know I already told you that I am back to playing Ping Pong again, but when you come back, I would want to challenge you. I have really improved and I even beat dad in a game to 21, score being 16-21. So I think it would be cool if I would play you, since you (maybe) haven't played in nearly two years.         Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I don't understand why you're so excited about me dating lqtm! Jk, I guess I get it. School is killing me right now! I like my physics class because I have a lot of friends and we do some pretty wack stuff in there, but the teacher sucks so bad! He never tells us when homework is or even what is! We have to like go on two different sites for weird quizzes and assignments. I have a C+ in that class because of him. It's his first year teaching and he even told us at the beginning of the year that he's a nerd (and he is TOTALLY a nerd)! My Spanish teacher is kinda the same because he never really tells us when we have homework and when we do, we have to print it out ourselves. I still like that class and that teacher though. On Thursday, the high school basketball teams had Fall games at Sky Ridge. Sky Ridge is a new high school built almost the exact same as Corner Canyon. Those schools are friggin' litt! Anyway, the sophs had two games, both against Sky Ridge. The first game, we sucked, but we played an awful team and still won by 10. The second game, I went off! And everybody else said I went off lqtm. I scored about 20 points and got back-to-back, eyeball 3's! It was awesome, and the second team was a lot better (but they still sucked lqtm). So yeah... It's crazy seeing how fast these last 6 months are going. Wuv, Keat

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