Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week #90 - Training

Wow.. It surprises me to be writing so late (the email came in after 6:00 pm) but do not be alarmed, we have permission. It is because we came from a training super late. And I should tell you all what the training was about... TRAINING! That is right. I am training. I will say that this last Wednesday was the longest day of my life! The last Wednesday of the transfer cycle is to notify of the missionaries that will train. We had the district meeting, visited some people, but the day passed by incredibly slow. I was hoping with all my heart that I would train for my last two changes, so I was on edge the whole day if I was going to receive a call from the president or not. 

It was around 7 pm. I was already sad... Thinking I was not going to train, and it was in that moment when I received the call from the president. So, yes.  SUPER HAPPY! Nervous though, because it is a great responsibility. You have to be the best example for your trainee in everything. But I know that there is not any other way I would rather finish my mission. As for my new baby boy, it is another from Peru! He is named Elder Reyes. Or in English, Elder KINGS. That is right. He is a boss. I have only known him for a couple of hours, but he has already been a great example for me. He is ready to learn and to work.

I am honestly super excited. I'll admit, I was hoping for an American companion, because I never had one my entire mission. But oh well. This will be a blast.  I am staying in the area. Antequera will be my last area. 

And we are going to get fat. No lie. Just for Halloween, we received for too many candies and goodies.. I cannot even imagine Christmas and New Year's! I will be letting you know of the awesome experiences we will be having the next few weeks!

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, yeah it already seems like it's been forever since I told Mom and Dad about me having a girlfriend hehe. We were at Clay's yesterday for Will's baptism and to my surprise, they didn't even mention it to Maga or Clay! That's a W for me right now lol. Dad still makes fun of me in stupid ways. Anyway... the pumpkin drop went really good for my team. My catcher was the best out of all the catchers. We caught all 4 of our pumpkins that we dropped. The catcher that we had was just the duck cage with a tarp on top lol. Tomorrow we probably have to do all of our stupid calculations and stuff. My team gets extra credit though because we caught a pumpkin over 10 pounds (we actually caught 2 pumpkins over 10 pounds, but our teacher wasn't going to give us extra extra credit for that just because our catcher was the best hehe). Dad got a bunch of meat to smoke! He got ribs, brisket, pork and turkey! I don't understand how vegetarians even live lol. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, so this week was the beginning of the 2nd quarter and it already sucks. Jk, but the reason why I said that is because I no longer have my favorite teacher Mr. Mineer. My new CACR teacher is Ms. Wilson, and she is a pretty good teacher. But she is horrible compared to Mineer. Since I was sick, I had to make up all of my work. As of now, I think that I have caught up on everything except for a few things. But, yeah, it sucks to miss school in middle school. And I kind of dealt with me being sick. I just have to take it easy in Gym, because that usually has an effect on me throughout the entire day. I don't know if I had told you, but the NBA season started last week! Along with that, my friends and I started up a Fantasy Basketball league. Right now, I am 0-1, but I am up by 22 in this game right now and just have to keep this lead and hope that those players don't go off (btw, I am constantly checking how much I am up by while writing this.) Other than that, a lot of family stuff has been going on. Like yesterday, we went to Will's Baptism and stopped by their house afterwards. Then today, we had Westra and Waffles. Except I did not eat anything and just played outside the whole time with the football. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I don't really know what to write about this week besides that I lost a game to a team that we have beaten before. I did really good, however, someone on their team is a ball hog and flopper with really bad refs. Like, I hit a three and got rammed into and they didn't even call a foul. I would've gotten a three pointer AND-1! I did hit another three that barely went in. But, this kid I was talking about, he actually was like a major flopper. If he got touched, he would yell and fall down. I think we could've had a really good game if it wasn't for the refs. We just got back from " Westra Waffles" and turns out I can still do a backflip! I also played a lot of catch with a football with Cooper. I got so close by getting some insane catches! I played a lot with Leila and Annie and the trampoline. (If you didn't know, we went to Scott's and Amy's house so that is why we played on a trampoline.) I don't have really have much else to write about this week so I will se you next week. Love you dude! ColtBolt
  • Dear Keaton: Haha... That surely is a win in my book. I remember that a good amount of the family got to know Callahan's past girlfriend (Amanda, right?). . . But Clay has not met one of my girlfriends, which is awesome, but will not last forever obviously. Just have to enjoy the peace while I have it. Jajaja. I never did the pumpkin drop! Sounds like a blast! I just remember making a rocket with an egg as the passenger. Hahah my egg did survive, I do not know how. I cannot wait for true American meat! To try all that smoked meat.. I will get super fat. 
  • Dear Cooper:It is such a bummer to lose your awesome teachers. Just imagine when you have to missi school in high school! It is even worse! I was just talking with other American missionaries about Fantasy Football, and I wondered "Is there Fantasy Basketball?" and you just answered that question. How weird. Sounds like a blast! Who do you have on your roster?
  • Dear Colton:Yikes... Freaking sucky refs.. You can't blame it all on the refs though... I was a ref, and very young one, that made a lot of mistakes... Hahah so why don't you try playing real football? I am pretty sure it would be something you would love! Just need to talk Mom into it... Because it is a bit expensive. Te amo.

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