Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week #9 - Bakery Bliss

It seems every week I think of a new significant detail to describe my life in Puebla. This week, it is the o' so wonderful panadería. La panadería (bakery) is only a minute away from our house, and contains, what I like to call "manna from heaven". They have everything from donuts (don't worry mi tío, not as good as yours..), crescent rolls, jelly and cream filled pastries, and cinnamon rolls (don't worry mi madre, not as good as yours..). Mi compañero y yo have a really bad habit of walking by it as we return to our casa for the night.. And buying a good amount of pan (bread).

Pues (well), some interesting things that have happened this week was with a less active member. We have been trying to meet with her since we first got here, but she always told us to come back later. But on Saturday, we had planned to meet with her around 4, but during our language study (about 11-ish) she called, pleading that we meet with her then. Mi compañero felt that we should go, so we did. She had said that she hadn't seen her daughter (of 21 years old) since Tuesday, and that was very concerning to her. So, we shared a little message with her, about why we have challenges and afflictions during our time on the earth. Then we invited her to fast. Fast that she might know what happened and for the well being of her daughter. She accepted, but only a few hours later, as we were walking by her place, she said that she had found her! I do not know how.. But hey, it is a happy ending!

The other thing is that I had to give my first discurso (talk) in church.. At least they let me know about it on Friday.. My topic was service. Preparing el discurso, I actually felt really good about it, but as soon as I got up there.. Ay que feo.. Everyone said I did a really good job, and that they could understand me.. But when I listened to the recording... I couldn't understand me.. Pues.. I guess it was good for some gringo who has only been in the country for two months.

Pues, I guess that is about it for this week. 
Thanks for all the support! And have a great week!

Me gusta leche...

Art of mi companero.

Like my watch?

***Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, what a week! We did a bit this week. We got ice cream again! But not with Aidan and Amare. We went with the bishop's son, and a few of his kids. We went to Maceys and I got a mama cone. (It was awesome!) I had another basketball game.. Ugh... These are never good. But this one is good! We won 10-7. They had a kid who always ball hogged. I made one basket though. We got plenty of crazy bread this week. Cooper and I went out for some haircuts and it was like a 25 minute wait. So we went and got some crazy bread before the haircut. Cooper and I ate the two packages. So when the haircuts were done we got even more crazy bread! And when Keaton's friends came dad got some crazy bread! The friends were, Charles, Dillan, Conner, and Adrian. Oreo time! We had this leftover Cheese Cake Factory bag (because Dad brought home some cheesecake), and Oreo would sometime get in it. So when we saw him in it, we would hold it up and say "Who ordered Oreo cheesecake!" This morning Oreo was on Cooper's bed and Cooper played with him and it was really funny! The Playoffs started! (Even though I'm not such a big fan of the NBA.) OKC didn't make it in! We just barely watched a game and it was Boston against Cleveland. I wanted Boston to win but they didn't. Cooper can dunk on the real hoop with a mini ball! I don't know if I already told you this, but we went to a Jazz game! We went into one of the suites in the middle! It was the BEST Jazz game I ever went to. That's about it for this week my brother. You're going to be an awesome missionary just believe in yourself and be confident. Love, Colton

Dear Landon, this week was a long yet fun week. So on the big hoop in the front, I have been getting better and better at dunking. I have been doing more one hand dunks, two handed, and even some reverse dunks. It is really fun to dunk on the hoop without a trampoline helping out getting big dunks. Oh yeah, there has been a lot of Little Caeser's visits this week. First, we went to get a haircut (Me and Colton) and there was a 30 minute wait, so we went to stop for crazy bread first. Then after we got our haircuts, we got some more crazy bread, along with pepperoni pizza and bacon wrapped pizza (which was amazing)! And a day or two after, dad got some more with Keaton and his friends around. And at school, I had to do my SRI test like twenty times trying to get a new high score... and I did not. But my teacher gave me an exception to go out to Free Time Friday, and if I did not get the exception, I would be in study hall spending 45 minutes on the test, and luckily I didn't. And Colton and I got ice cream again... but not with Amare and Aiden. We went to Macey's to get some Ice cream cones with the bishop's son and his children. It ended up being a really fun trip going there. And the last thing I wont to tell you is that the Playoffs have started! There were 4 games yesterday. and the first one went into OT :). Sadly, the Jazz didn't make it, and surprisingly, OKC did not make it either. So this is all that happened this week, love you dude. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, on Thursday, dad took just me to Fashion Place to go and check out the Apple Watch! It was so cool! I got to wear two different types, and dad wore just one. The ones that you got to wear were in demo mode, so you couldn't control anything, but there were like 10 that you can mess around with. I was stuck on one for about 15 minutes just customizing the watch faces. After we left the apple store, he took me to Vans and got me a pair of white shoes. Vans are the best. We also got some cheesecake slices that day from The Cheesecake Factory. They're pretty much gone. Nothing beats original. The NBA playoffs have started and OKC didn't even make it in. I guess it could be because Thabo Sefolosha got traded, but still. KD isn't even injured, and Russell Westbrook has scored over 35 points in his last games. It's hard to believe that Dallas can beat Oklahoma yet again. We've started making a lot of Margaritas again since Amanda suggested it two weeks ago (I know, Kinda weird). It was a fun week. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so I had my first basketball game for the spring season on Thursday and it was so fun. Ball is life. We won Viewmont by 20. It was the first time I've played with Sam since like 7th grade. That was way fun. I need new basketball shoes though, so I asked mom if she could get me some Steph Curry's. She actually said yes! So they are on their way. They are Under Armor which kinda concerns me, but my friend said they were better than the Kobe 10's. So I guess I'll take a chance. We went to the Jazz game in a suite which was really fun. This 6 foot rookie got this crazy alley oop for the Jazz. It was nuts! It also snowed... I hate snow. Right before I was going to school there was tons of ice on my windshield, and it took forever to scrape it off. But the snow melted in like a day. I'm just ready for summer. I went to Olive Garden with Amanda a couple times. It's so good. I love their breadsticks. So how is it going in the actual mission field? You lovin the weather and food? I know you're doing great. Have fun. Love Callahan
  • Dear Colton: Boy, that does sure sound like an awesome week! I don't think I've seen a Little Casaers here in Mexico.. I've seen (and ate at) Domino's and Pizza Hut! But they don't have crazy bread.. So sad.. Oreo cheesecake! Ha! That is awesome. You told me about the Jazz game, but not that it was in the suites! Lucky! Sounds awesome back home, and it is awesome here, so that is AWESOME. Le amo.
  • Dear Cooper: Haha I can't remember when I was first able to dunk.. It's funny, I'm surprising tall in Mexico. All the latinos are pretty short, especially girls. One time, in the house of an investigator, if I jumped, I would hit my head on the ceiling! I miss crazy bread.. But as you can read in my other letter, we buy this awesome bread or "pan" en español, all the time! Yikes.. That wouldn't be fun spending that much time on a test.. But in high school, you have to take a test that is four hours long! Just letting you know.. :p Le amo
  • Dear Keaton,Ah, Fashion Place Mall.. That is an awesome place.. Here, we have the Cruz de Sur or "South Cross" in English. No Apple store.. But it is still awesome! Are the Apple Watches out yet? Seems like those are taking forever to be released. I just got a pretty simple watch.. And a good tan line from it too. Ah suckers OKC.. Margaritas? Yumm.. One of our favorite treats to make is "postre". It is these cookies in condensed milk, with lime.. Oh my goodness.. It is so wonderful.. Have a good week! Le amo
  • Dear Callahan,"Ball is life". Haha it has been a while since I have heard you say that. WHAT. You are getting Under Armor shoes?! Dude, that's like converting to Islam.. Haha just kidding. It snowed!? In abril!? That's nuts! Haha I sure do miss the Avalanche.. There's a car dealership near our house, and there's this awesome 2013 Avalanche! I wanted to take a picture with it so bad today, but it wasn't there! Bummed me out... Olive Garden con su novia? ¿Con que dinero? jajaja (hahaha) How long have you two been dating now? The weather? Well it gets pretty hot in the late afternoon, and then pretty cool at night. Me gusta mucho. Food has been pretty good too. Surprising not a lot hot stuff. But apparently on Friday, we ate cat meat... I was not happy about that. I still don't know if my compañero was joking or not.. Stay in school, and don't do drugs! :p le amo

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, March 13 - 14646
Tuesday, March 14 - 14148
Wednesday, March 15 - 11322
Thursday, March 16 - 11686
Friday, March 17 - 20610
Saturday, March 18 - 16129
Sunday, March 19 - 14161

Missionary work seems to keep the step count up!
Elder Landon is beating everyone, 
but Mommy ...

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