Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week #10 - Interchange

Pues, to start off the week, I had my first interchange! Our district leader needed to spend 24 hours with each Elder in the district. This time, he was with my compañero in our área, and I went with his compañero to his área. The interesting thing was that his compañero and I are both new, of the same "generation", so he (Elder Pineda) was a bit nervous taking on the área himself..

But all went well. We taught 3 lessons to 3 investigators. The thing that I discovered though, is that their área is SO much bigger than ours! It is ridiculous! And it was a bit weird to sleep in a different bed, drink all of my district leader's milk, and not be with my compañero. But a fun and very good experience para me.

As for experiences with mi compañero, this week we had a string of first lessons with hardcore Catholic's.. Those are always interesting.. I do my best to understand, but when it gets a Little heated going back and forth between them and mi compañero, they talk a lot faster.. So that is always fun for me.

Also this week, we had our first lesson with Jorge. Jorge is 15 years old, lives with his uncle and aunt, and attends a Catholic church. So we finally got together with him and taught him the first lesson. I felt that it went pretty well! He actually seems interested to learn.

That is the most of it for this week.. ¡Hasta luego!

Me and my distrito líder and his compañero eating camisas!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I honestly had a really fun week! When we were at school, the classroom right by us invited us to their classroom for a surprise. It was homemade donuts! They were so good. Plus I won the Pine Wood Derby! I won with my car called, "MrFancyTie." (My car was a tie.) The playoffs has been going the way I like it. Just because the playoffs I have a new favorite NBA player. Stephen Curry. The warriors went 4-0 against the Pelicans and game three was the best. The reason game three was the best because, at the start of the fourth quarter the warriors were down by 20! Later with about only 7 seconds left the warriors were down by three 105-108. It was the warriors ball... and they passed to Stephen Curry. He took a three pointer... and missed it. But warriors got an offensive rebound! They passed it to Stephen and he took a three and swished it! It was also and AND1 but the reffs never called it. Still, in OT the warriors were hitting threes and they won the game. All of this talking about basket ball... let's talk some more about basket ball but it is my game. We played against a kid that was once on Cooper's team. He was a beast at stealing. But I crossed him over a few times. But he made a three pointer. I made three baskets (6 points if you remember) and Luke made 2 baskets (4 points.) We're playing a game that we played a long time ago, "Sonic Adventure 2." It's the game with the chaos. (Ch-ow-s) I don't know if it's spelled , chao or choa. Plus went to get ice cream again! (This is almost like a weekly thing now) But we didn't go with Amare and Aidan this time. We went with, Keaton, Callahan, Will, Clay, Mom, Addie, Courtney, and Maga. We really weren't planning to get ice cream though. Everyone went to the cemetery, and looked for Dad's dad. Then we went to Crown Burger and had some dinner. So afterwards we went to an ice cream place. That is it for this entire week. You're going to be the best missionary in the history! Love, Colton

Dear Landon, boy, this was a heck of a week. Lots and lots of things have happened this week. But first, I'll talk about our Pinewood Derby. It would have been like a normal derby that I go to occasionally, but the only big difference was the stage. Since I was up there helping for the derby, everybody was getting up saying, "Can I pull the lever?" a bunch of times, that I did not like about the derby. And the good part of the derby is that Colton won with his Tie car. And after that was also fun, because we got the loops out and there was a lot of racing. Also a cool thing about this week is the Playoffs right now. There has also been two sweeps: Golden State over New Orleans, and Washington over Toronto. I'm happy about both of those sweeps because I like the team that beat them. But game 3 of Golden State was unforgettable for two reasons. First, the Warriors were losing by at least 24 points, but they ended up coming back in the game in the 4th quarter. Second, when they were down by 3 points, Stephen Curry shot a 3 but missed it, then they got the offensive rebound and got it to Curry again shot the 33 and made it with a shocking 2.6 seconds left, forcing it into OT. Oh yeah, I cannot wait for this to happen. We got an incubator and but seven duck eggs in there, and from a month from now, we'll get to see the cute birdies! We all also went to the cemetery to see our grandpa's grave, but after that, we got Crown Burger and got way full from the chicken I had. Then, we went to Neilson's Frozen Custard. The ice cream was amazing, but after that I felt like throwing up billions of times. Well this is basically all I could remember this week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I can't quite remember many things from this week, but I taught the lesson today. It was pretty easy and fast. The 8th graders at West Hills had job shadow on Thursday. I just followed Dad to Symphony. It was easy and I got home about two hours before school ended for the sevies and 9th graders. On Friday, the Apple Watch came out and I saw this guy do the drop test of it on YouTube and it was horrible. He only did the Sport (aluminum) Watch. Anyway, he got kind of angry at the results of the face drop, so he started throwing it around and shattering it into lots of pieces. It was kind of funny, yet sad and heartbreaking to see a perfectly fine watch go to waste. The same guy also did a best-way-to-destroy-an-iPhone-6 video. I was thinking of you when I watched it only because the way he destroyed... was with a gun! He totally obliterated it. It was so cool. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, as you can probably tell by the length of my letters, I don't do much all week. But this upcoming week I have a game everyday this week besides Monday. So I'm super excited for that. I'm preparing to do this dance with all my friends in front of the whole sophomore class on Tuesday for my friend's skit for SBO. So that will interesting for sure. Cause that is out of my comfort zone. We had a game on Tuesday and Thursday last week. We won both but on Thursday we went into double overtime and won, which was really exciting. Oh, I got some Steph Curry shoes which have been the best thing of my life. They are Under Armor shoes which I have never wore before so I took a risk, but Under Armor delivered. I've been working out a lot and I can tell that I'm getting stronger already. I just got to make sure I keep it up. I really miss you though. I've been into this basketball show, that is actually kinda old but it;s about basketball and drama (One Tree Hill). And I love it and it's destroying my life. I've been watching it at night like we always would do, watch movies or shows at nights. I miss that, and I'm looking forward to doing it again when you come back, which will be awhile but oh well, it'll get there. Hope you're having fun down in Mexico. How's the food? You getting used to it? Cause I know that would be tough for me. Hopefully the weather is treating you well too. Love you brother, Love, yo best bro Callahan

  • Dear Colton: Sounds like you did have one heck of a week! Playoffs, basketball, pinewood derby, and ice cream! Pretty awesome. The talk of basketball makes me want to play, but it seems that everyone only plays futbol.. Or "soccer" in English. Not that I don't like futbol. I'm just not good at it.. Well keep having fun! I sure will! Le amo mi hermano. Ama su hermano
  • Dear Cooper: As I said to Colton, sounds like you guys had a heak of a week! Colton didn't mention the incubator! That is awesome! Here, we see a lot of chickens, but.. they are not pets.. They are only food.. Today, we went to this marketplace, that reminded me a lot of Pike's Place in Seattle (do you remember that?) There were so many dead chickens... It stunk so bad! Keep telling me all about what's going on with you at home! Le amo, mi hermano.
  • Dear Keaton: Job shadowing.. Not sure I really ever did that.. I just actually worked when I went to Dad's work. Haha did you guys drive around in the Tundra a lot? I remember it being a Little joke on the jobsite when I worked with Nate Ator, that Dad gets paid to drive the Tundra around.. Haha don't tell him though. Yes, that is very sad to destroy such a precious toy. But so cool to watch. Le amo, mi hermano.
  • Dear Callahan: Dang.. That is a lot of basketball games! Haha oh my.. SBO's skits.. Those are something else. It is funny the words "comfort zone" while on your misión mean nothing! I'm sure it will be a fun time for you. Double overtime? Shoot! Did you make the winning shot otra vez (again)? Steph Curry's by Under Armor... wow. That is a big risk, but I am glad for your new love. Haha well it is okay for you to get stronger, as long as I can beat you in an armwrestle! I think I actually lost quite a bit of weight since the CCM. In the CCM I weighed in at 81.2 kg, but earlier this week I weighed in at 75 kg, which is about 15 lbs I believe! I've been working on my abs a lot, trying to get a more defined six pack.. I'm getting there! One Tree Hill? Hmm.. Never Heard of it. Don't worry, I know how you feel.. Every now and then, I'll hear a song that I know, and it's reminds me of those nights we try to guess the song.. I miss it a lot too. Food is good, I've only had one problema so far.. It is like this Little taco thing, just bought it off the Street, but the next morning.. so bad. Diarrea to the max. A color that it shouldn't be. And this week, holy cow. Somebody turned up the heat! But I am out of time.. So I better sign off.. Le amo mi hermano.

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, April 20 - 17232
Tuesday, April 21 - 27316
Wednesday, April 22 - 10417
Thursday, April 23 - 22329
Friday, April 24 - 18715
Saturday, April 25 - 14401
Sunday, April 26 - 14712

Tuesday is a new high!
Lots of walking!

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