Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 34, 35, 36 - Catching Up

I've had a few people ask me why I haven't updated the blog ... it's because a certain Mr. Missionary hasn't been very good about writing these past few weeks. He hasn't sent out a general email (if you are on his email list), and just small updates to us (one week all we got was "sorry, no time to write!"). Landon has been pretty good about answering his brother's letters, although he did miss one week with that too ... so here are the tiny tidbits we've received, updated step stats, and a catch-up collection of "Between Brothers" ...

Right now, the mission is going through some big changes.  We have been having countless conferences with Pres. Nelson. We are trying to do our best to adapt to the changes and be good missionaries. It isn't easy. As for quick news, it is the new change, but there are no changes for us. Elder Chac√≥n and I will be staying in Maravillas. As for my district, the elders of Fuertes closed their area, and were told that new hermanas will open the area, and the hermanas of Loreto will also stay. 

I don't have any pictures either.... so sorry! I remember when I saw a post from Natalie Lyman about Spencer, and she told him to send more pictures, and I thought, "When I go on my mission, I will take lots of photos. Easily.." Wrong.. Technically, we should only take pictures on Monday, and then on Monday, we do nothing exciting.. Haha so sorry for that. I will try better. And I don't know what happened to my camera, because the quality of the photos has obviously degraded, a lot. But at least I still have my WiFi functions 

We have been hearing a lot about Hurricane Patricia.. But really hasn't affected us at all. We just got a butt load of rain yesterday..And that is about it. 

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, August 5 - 14921
Tuesday, August 6 - 15481
Wednesday, August 7 - 20333
Thursday, August 8 - 220748
Friday, August 9 - 21740
Saturday, August 10, 13962
Sunday, August 11 - 9505
Monday, August 12 - 9445
Tuesday, August 13 - 17771
Wednesday, August 14 - 20239
Thursday, August 15 - 14308
Friday, August 16 - 10624
Saturday, August 17 - 18575
Sunday, August 18 - 15464
Monday, August 19 - 16066
Tuesday, August 20 - 18632
Wednesday, August 21 - 18810
Thursday, August 22 - 15175
Friday, August 23 - 13976
Saturday, August 24 - 14279
Sunday, August 25 -10245

Quite the catch-up in the step department. Landon had sent steps a couple weeks ago, but without anything else to update, I didn't get them entered or posted. Too bad, as at one point, Cooper was actually in the #1 spot, and quite proud of that accomplishment (as he should be, I'm hard to beat!). Happy to see Daddy rejoining the Top10 ...

*** Between Brothers #34 ***
Dear Landon, Oreo just deleted the blog page with my letter, and Cooper's, and Colton's to you, so we probably won't remember everything we said the first time. Fall break is this week, so that means we have Thursday and Friday off with the long weekend. I finished my book project on Gregor the Overlander. It was a PowerPoint on the Mac that I definitely couldn't have done without Computer Tech. I've been working a lot of derbies. Actually all of the derbies. Callahan can't do them and Cooper and Colton don't want to, so I've been earning lots of moneys. The Crossy Road people made a new game called Smashy Road. It's kind of the same, except you can drive a car in all directions with police chasing you. There are stars to represent the amount of duty chasing you. At one star one-two police cars chase you, at two stars a few more police cars and a helicopter come, at three stars the fast and heavy police jeeps come, I don't know what happens at four stars, at five stars military trucks and a military helicopter chase you, and finally at six stars tanks shoot at you. It's way fun! Cal and I are still doing the CH clinics. So yeah... this is my second time writing to you today lol. I think I actually wrote more this time. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, Oreo just deleted the letters to you. So now we have to write you again. There is this game called Smashy Road. It is so fun. You get chased around by police cars. There is 6 stars. The more you get the stronger police come. On MW3, Keaton is using your favorite weapon the SCAR-L. I'm using the P90 again, so I can get it gold this time. I have it level 30 so far, it is about a little over halfway there. We just barely played a game of domination on Mission. I was just playing then I noticed that the game was hacked! The game was never going to end unless the who hacked ended it. We got about a total of somewhere around 160 kills. Keaton quit out of the match because, there was this guy with the ACR getting plenty of AC130's! I played a game on hardhat and beat my record of kills in one game! It was 45 (not counting the never ending game on mission) and I got 47 with the P90! At my basketball game, I did really bad because my shoes! They were so slippery and had no grip. So after the game, Mom and I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods, and got me an, indoor basketball, outdoor basketball and the best out of all, some AWESOME new basketball shoes! That is all I can recall for this week. Love ya. Love your youngest brother, Colt

Dear Landon, right now in school, the 6th grade has to do this Medieval project thing. Some of the things we have to do is make a crown, a hennin, a shield, and a 3 paragraph essay on someone from the Middle Ages. And if we have enough points, we could eat at the royal feast, joust, become a knight or lady, and see who gets to be king and queen. I do have a lot of points and I will be a knight who will go to the feast. About a week ago, I noticed that my Charge was starting to break, and I did not want to go back to using the One. So I showed it to mom, and she sent a picture of it to the Fit Bit company (I think). And there was a 1 year warranty, so they sent a new Charge for free a few days later. Dad finally got rid of the ducks and gave them to someone. I know those ducks were pretty cool, but they pooped SO much in our backyard.   Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Same week as usual you know. School, work, basketball and that stuff. Grades are good, just a B+ in Language Arts but A's in everything else. Ben and I have they "Crew Classes" today to become the "Crew Leaders" which I have to go to them for 4 hours for 4 days, twice this week, twice next week. I am being taught how to do books at KFC which is like end of day inventory and money deposits. It's some confusing stuff but I get to sit on my butt and do easier things on the computer, I just got to make sure not to make any mistakes. Our Relief Manager got his our store so now he is gone and our manager doesn't want to stay and close all the time so they are teaching Ben and I how to do books so she can leave early and Ben and I can close as the managers and control the shift. I think Ben is starting to learn this next week but I don't know yet. A couple of our workers are quitting so they are going to have a hard time with all the hours they have to work, and basketball season is coming so Ben and I are only going to work weekends so I hope they will be able to handle everything. Miss and love you, -Callahan

  • Dear Colton: Smashy Road.. Sounds a lot like Grand Theft Auto, but not with so much violence.. Good! Oh yeah.. That awesome SCAR-L.. Got to love it. Haha I don't like it how when you reach level 30 for a gun, and that last level is longer than all the other 30 levels! It is never ending! Haha darn hackers.. But sometimes it can be pretty fun with hackers. I remember one match (I don't remember which game though..) but it was super speed, infinite ammo, and insta-kill! It was nuts! But super duper fun! Haha I hear that you have got some pretty old shoes that you were using? You are going to tell me you got new shoes, but not what kind!? That is something that an older brother needs to know.. Haha rock up the court with those new shoes!
  • Dear Cooper: I saw the pictures of the hat and shield. I bet that Mom helped you out a lot with that little project huh? She is pretty awesome like that, and I remember her helping me out a lot with projects like that in school. A knight at the royal feast huh? that is pretty dang cool dude! I just hope that it is a REAL ROYAL feast.. Not school food.. Hahah That is exactly why Mom loves FitBit so much. You can tell them "my FitBit has got a scratch." and they will send you a new one! It is pretty cool. Dad got rid of the ducks?! Man.. That must have been hard on him.. Technically.. the poop is really good for the grass. Haha just watch, if Dad wants to move now, it will be for more space for the ducks.. Haha!
  • Dear Keaton: We logged on to our emails a little bit earlier yesterday, and I saw that no one had written me besides Mom! So I thought, "I guess no one loves me anymore.." and cried. Haha just kidding. We decided that we would come back later and everything would be good.. But we forgot. We just had a lot of stuff to do yesterday, that is why we are taking a little bit of time today. Haha Fall Break.. That means that it is starting to cool down.. That is sure true here too. I think it was 2 weeks ago when we had a really cold week! We would wake up, hurry to the shower before we froze.. That was fun.. But it is going to get a lot colder.. Not too excited about that.. Haha yeah, I read that in Mom's email that you are the derby man right now. It is some pretty good cash honestly.. Haha sounds a little bit like Grand Theft Auto, but a little friendlier for kids to play. Do those CH clinics ever end? You two seem to always be doing them! As long as you are having fun!
  • Dear Callahan: Sounds like another normal week for you.. A Crew Leader huh? That is awesome. Does another raise come with that after you have done all the training?  I am now a district leader, and you are going to become a crew leader! Nice.. We are awesome. Leaders both! It sounds like KFC is going to have to find some more help, because they are losing it right now!  Well, keep working hard, that is good stuff, and I am proud of you.
*** Between Brothers #35 ***

Dear Landon, all this week was work. I seriously had some sort of work that I got paid for everyday the past 7 days. I am tired but then again we did have fall break so I did get to sleep in a little bit for 2 extra days. Sam's brother Tanner just came back from his mission from Paraguay and his other brother, the SBO president at Copper Hills last year and is leaving on Tuesday, they had the homecoming and farewell the same day, and the Lyon's are pretty popular so their church was packed. It was fun though, I'm gonna miss Matt because he is a really good person. But it did make me realize how much I miss you. I can't wait to have you back. It has been awhile. I've been so busy recently that I haven't realized that you are still gone, but now that I have had time to think about it, I miss you a lot and want the next year and a half to zoom by. I can't write that much because I have work and not much has happened. Love you bro, Callahan

Dear Landon, it's sad to say that Fall Break, or UEA, is almost over. It was a long weekend and I'm sad that's it's pretty much over. Mom and Cooper bought "Inside Out" on Amazon for us all to watch. It's still really funny, but I didn't remember it having such a sad ending. I almost cried at the end, and Cooper and Colton said they did cry. I knew a few of the voices, though. There were Kelly and Phyllis from "The Office", Fairchild Van Waldenberg from "Blades of Glory" is the main character, Joy, and this other guy, Richard Kind, that I know, but don't know. I've seen him in some show, but I can't remember. There wasn't a derby this past week, so I didn't have to miss anything (usually I go to the derbies instead of weights or basketball clinic at CH). There's just two weeks left of the first quarter in school. I have all A's... so far. Hoping it would stay that way. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, this week was pretty good especially because of Fall Break. School was just doing Medieval stuff, and Wednesday was Medieval Day. I became a knight in the Coronation ceremony, and it was cool to see everyone become a knight, lady, king, or queen. After that was jousting, and I beat both of my friends in two rounds while doing that. The way we jousted was bouncing on a hippity hop in which we pretended was a horse, and whit each other with pool noodles that were lances. Then after that we went to another room to be juggling jesters. And I have gotten a lot better at juggling than I have ever before. The feast was the last activity, and there was some good foods there. There were grapes, rolls, and ham. But the best thing of all was that I finally got to sit with my friends! I don't know if I told you this at the beginning of the school year, it is just that if the 6th grade was good at the lunch tables for 4 months, we'd be able to sit with our friends, and we are only 2 months in, so I still can't sit with them. Finally it was our break off of school. I spent most of the long weekend playing outside and getting steps, and Colton and I went to Gene Fullmer on Friday for a few hours. Later that day, Grandma and Grandpa came over and we went to Mountain Mikes. It has been a while since I had been there, and I just had a little bit of pizza. After that, they came home with us to play games, so that was fun. Today mom just bought Inside Out, the movie with all of the emotions inside that girl's head. Dad, Keaton, Colton, and I last saw it in June, so I forgot most of the stuff that happened, but it was still really funny. Oh yeah, and I got 30,000 steps twice this week!  Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I was kinda lazy this week, even on Fall break! Cooper and I got a day pass to Gene Fullmer on Friday, really all I did there was bombing up some half courts. I made 17, took me a long time! On MW3, we prestiged to number 10, and Keaton said we won't ever prestige again. We used our three prestige tokens on extra custom classes. We each chose 5 weapons. He chose, UMP45, MK14, SCAR, PP90M1 and TYPE 95. I chose, PP90M1, TYPE 95, AK-47, MP7, and STRIKER. Right now I'm using the SCAR until I get the AK-47. I have the SCAR level 30, not so close by getting it level 31 though. I just barely got into a hacked lobby on Bakarra that was never ending. But I quit because, I accidentally put support on instead of specialist. We purchased the Inside Out, that movie I told you about during the Summer. It is still insanely funny! Grandma and Grandpa came over them we all went out to Mountain Mike's for dinner. I brought 4 quarters and 2 dollars so I could play the games. Keaton, Cooper and I all won 3 bouncy balls. We got Krispie Kreme's again! 3 boxes of glaze. Luckily the kittys are still getting along, sometimes... Anyway, that's all I can remember for this week, Love ya. Love your youngest brother, Colt

*** Between Brothers #36 ***

Dear Landon, I had to be a lunch worker for this week of school. It sucks. I have to miss most of the recess, and the lunch lady is pretty mean. There is two positions, server and scraper. Server will have to give the kids food, and after, they have to wash the tables and benches. Scraper gets to go out to recess earlyer than the others. What the scraper has to do is take the trays and stack them. I had a basketball game this week. I made the first basket. Then I got some assists. A little bit before the second quarter, the ball was about to go out of bounds and I slid to save then, WHAM!!!! Hit my head against the concrete-like seats. Now I have a bump on my head. Makes it a lot harder to sleep. This weekend we had an awesome dinner at this place called, "Rodizio" and it's a Brazilian restaurant. The waiters kept on coming with some meat on a sword and asking if we wanted any. It was so awesome, my favorite was called, tri-tip. On MW3, right now I'm using the the PP90M1, it is so so so so so so good! My secondary is the MP9 with the silencer and I'm getting like a fourth of my kills with the MP9. I already have the SCAR gold! Keaton has the TYPE 95 level 30. I am going to use the AK-47 because I learned that it is really bad. But I also learned that Blind Eye is really, really good! Well that's it for this week. Love ya. Love your youngest brother, Colt

Dear Landon, finally Midieval Times are out of the way, but now it is the Solar System. All of the class has to do a report on a planet that was picked for them (I got Pluto even though it is not a planet). Right now I have that done, so that is good, and this week will be the Halloween party. And I have been getting on the bike in the exercise room, and I have done my reading on it. It's weird, I have finished 3 books this week because of going on the bike, so I have 12 books down on the 40 book requirement. Friday was the worst, because after I was done at school, I was having a horrible stomach ache. It caused me to stay in bed pretty much for the entire day, so that sucked. Dad said he has a friend who has rented out a theater or something the night before the new Star Wars movie comes out, and it will be pretty cool because we probably will be the only people there watching it.  Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Copper Hills got into a Halloween tournament yesterday and Friday. Two out of the three games were yesterday and the other one was Friday night. We lost all three games, though. We kind of expected to lose because it was a 9th-10th grade league, and each team had three or more sophomores. We were only freshmen. It was still fun. Star Wars Battlefront III is coming out  on November 17! It's real too! They had gameplay of it, the cover's release and everything. The only bad thing, is that it only comes out on PS4 and Xbox One. It looks way better than Battlefront II. Also, dad said that a friend of his rented out the 10:30 pm premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens on December 17(the day before it comes out)! I'm really excited for that. We also went to a new restaurant called Rodizio's. For me, it's my new favorite place to eat. They served all sorts of different meats on swords! Rodizio's is a Brazilian place. All of the people who served us our food had their own accent. It was second most entertaining restaurant compared to Tepanyaki, but it beat it taste-wise. They also served other stuff like: fish, pineapple, sausage, and chicken. We got to choose our sides from a buffet. We also had a really good cinnamon dessert after.  The end of the quarter is this Thursday and I have all A's still. So yeah... Rodizio's beat Tepanyaki. Wuv, Keaton

If Callahan has time to write, I'll send it. I was going to have him write Sunday, but he slept in, then had work 10-close ... I mentioned the oil explosion accident in my last letter, that affected three workers who were unable to fulfill their shifts for the week ... and then three other kids quit too (or their parents made them after the accident) so it's been even crazier than usual at KFC for Cal. He had a pre-season basketball game on Wednesday, and then went into work after (8-close) and even with him filling in (he had 41 hours this past week!) they have been understaffed. We've really missed seeing him around, and apparently so has his girlfriend. It is causing some stress between them, so a breakup might be happening. 

  • Dear Colton: I remember being a lunchworker, but I actually enjoyed it. We got to leave class early, eat before everyone, and our lunch ladies were awesome! Haha Nice job! I heard that you are quite the passer in basketball, but don't be afraid to make a good number of shots yourself. Aim for a double-double! That would be super awesome! Yikes.. Be careful! I am sure that hurt.. Rodizio.. Of course if they have meat, it will be delicious! Haha Dang. You guys are still going hard on MW3 huh? That is crazy stuff!
  • Dear Cooper: At least I think the Solar System would be cooler than Medieval Times.. Pluto?! Que blasfemia! Halloween parties! Wooo! Those are always fun. What are you going to be for Halloween? Wow, that is pretty cool that you are reading while riding the bike! You sure are getting a ton of reading done aren't you! Ugh.. Stomach aches are no fun.. That is for sure.. I hope that you are feeling better! Man, you guys are so lucky to have Dad and all his awesome hook-ups, I am right?
  • Dear Keaton: That kinda sucks that everyone else had sophs in the basketball tournament but you guys.. A little unfair, but at least it is good that you had fun! WHAT?! I am going to miss the new Battlefront?! Dang.. Haha and imagine how much better it will be on Xbox instead of the darn PSP? AWESOME. But I guess I will have to wait.. What? You can do that? Rent out the theater? I guessing that isn't cheap.. Haha. Hmm.. Sounds pretty fancy.. Haha there really isn't anything fancy about la comida poblana.. ("poblana" is the way you would say "Pueblan" but.. you don't actually say that. So I just said "the Pueblan food.." but don't ever say that. You would look ridiculous.) Haha I don't know why, but the other day I was thinking about Popeye's... Oh boy, I was missing it bad.. Do you guys still go there often? Or did that die out, like Murphy Monday? Haha keep rocking those A's!
  • Dear Callahan: Wow, sounds pretty stressful. Are you aware if there have been anything of law suits with KFC and the burned workers? Sounds like it could quickly become a problem if another accident happens! Good luck with basketball ... not that you need luck!

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