Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #37 - Changes But No Changes

Cambios, pero sin cambios (Changes, but without changes)

Hi everyone! My mom had to remind me how long it has been since I have sent a letter to everyone.. Don't worry. I am alive and well here in Puebla.

So the main news is that another change came and went this past week. But last Saturday, we had received the call that we would not have changes. So I am still here in Maravillas with Elder Chacón. 

Apart from the actual change, there have been quite a few changes this past week. On Friday, we had a meeting as the district leaders of the mission, and received some training from Pres. Nelson and the assistants (a big change was that there were 2 assistants, but now there are 3!) One of the big things that they talked about were the calls that we make on a regular basis to the companionships in our districts. Normally, we would call everyone maybe 3 times a week, but that changed. The invitation was for us to call everyone in our district EVERYDAY. ...That was a bit concerning, considering my district grew from 3 companionships to 5 this change.. But they told us not to worry. They taught us that we can make this daily calls very short and simple, but still effective. So it is possible.. But we hope to see better numbers in the coming weeks! I will let you all know how it goes!

As for Halloween in Mexico, it is "Day of the Dead". But it isn't just the 31st. It started on the 27th, and ends today (FINALLY). It is kinda funny.. Many members asked us if it would be bad if they participated in one of the Day of the Dead traditions, which is called "la mesa de las ofrendas" (the table of offerings). What they do is put a table in a room of their house, basically with a lot of food. And it is a offering to their dead ancestors... That is all I know.. I don't know what they do with the food afterwards, but "supposedly" in the morning, the food no longer has any flavor.. Weird. hahaha #onlyinmexico I do miss REESE'S! It was one of the most joyous moments in my missionary life to see that orange wrapper in a package from my parents. Here, you can rarely find them, and when you can, they are super expensive. I have found a (I don't want to say it, but..) replacement to my beloved Golden Oreos, that are fairly cheap. The only problem is that I eat them too often... Hehe. 

Thanks for all the support!

As district leader, I had to check a few things with Elder Lopez and Elder West, because they were going to close the area. So, while cleaning out everything, Elder Lopez found this stickers, I asked him "Can I have those? I will surely use them!" ..... I just ended up using them on his back... Hehehehe.

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, October 26 - 21505
Tuesday, October 27 - 12024
Wednesday, October 28 - 15980
Thursday, October 29 - 18090
Friday, October 30 - 14296
Saturday, October 31 - 17015
Sunday, November 1 - 11038

Cooper has finally achieved his goal of being #1 for Landon's Top 10 list. He has been #1 a few times before, but it just hasn't happened to overlap over a Monday when Landon had sent his steps and I'd entered them in. But this past week ... Cooper was a bit crazy active! He had a 30k day, and then on Saturday, he set a new high of 40k! Landon is pretty impressive there in 4th place. All the brothers are there in the Top10 ... but alas Daddy got bumped by my siblings.

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, got a lot of candy this week. When we were done trick or treating Cooper gave me all his candy so I got like a million pieces. At school, we had a Halloween party. I went as our big basketball cereal box. A LOT of kids liked my costume, inculding the two teachers whose class I've been in. When we got back to our classroom, we finally did our Halloween party, there were 5 stations, bowling, build a graveyard, (with, pudding, oreos, gummy worms and a marshmellow) bing bag toss, bingo and build a pumpkin out of paper. Mom was in charge of the bingo games. My favorite was the 3Musketeer candy bar. Instead of MW3, I've been playing a bit of Black Ops 2. My favorite weapon is the Peacekeaper. I mostly play for my two favorite killstreaks in any call of duty game I played, Hellstorm missle and lightning strike. The real NBA season is on now. Cooper and I have been watching some of the games. Jazz has 2 win and 1 loss. So I am hoping that they will make it to the playoffs this year. Anyway, that is about it for this week. Love ya. Love your youngest brother, Colt

Dear Landon, so this week was fun because of Halloween. This week of school we just read and did math and science. The main things we were doing were Halloween things, like preparing for the "Thriller" dance. But I got checked out before the dance on Wednesday for a dentist appointment. I got a numb lip, and that causes me to bite the skin off my lip, so it turns into a big canker sore. And the day after that was the Halloween parade, so I got into the same LEGO costume like last year to wear to school. The party was pretty fun, we got to decorate pumpkins, go on a scavenger hunt, relay racing, and a lot more stuff happened. Two days after that was Halloween, and I went trick or treating with Colton around the neighborhood. I didn't really want to go trick or treating, but I went with him and gave him all the candy so he had double the candy. And that night gave me my new step high as well, 40,000 steps! And lastly, the real NBA season has finally started! Today there will be one game on, and the Utah Jazz are doing well right now at 2 wins and 1 loss, so hopefully they can keep up their awesome defense and get to the playoffs this year.   Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Halloween yesterday was pretty fun. I went up to Copperton, where all my friends live, and we went Trick-or-Treating to all of the good houses with king-sized candy bars, watched Rat Race, played football and soccer, and ate Chili and cookies. I got home at 11:00 pm yesterday. Today is also the day that daylight savings ends, so we had an hour off this morning. Do they have daylight savings in Mexico? For spanish at school, we had our country presentations on Thursday. There are five tables in our class and each table is a team. There's Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. My country is Mexico and I made our country poster of stuff about the country (it was a lot better than all the other posters). My teacher liked it a lot. We didn't have school on Friday because of the end of the quarter. Mom also made orange Kookie-press cookies in the shape of pumpkins. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

  • Dear Colton: I heard that you got a lot of candy.. It is just a shame that you can't partake of the best candy ever.. REESE'S! You can just send me all your Reese's.. Don't worry.. Haha because here, Reese's are super expensive.. Especially on a misisonary budget. I think those Halloween parties in school are my favorites. They are always awesome! Haha Black Ops is cool, but I really only would play it for Zombies. Which is the BOMB. Haha let me know with the Jazz, if they are any good this year!
  • Dear Cooper: Halloween sure is fun! Here in Mexico, it is a bit different, the main holiday is "Día de la Muerte" ... in English "Day of the Dead"  it is pretty cool. Ouch.. You got the "pinches"? That really sucks..  I can't remember what the LEGO costume looks like..WHAT?! You gave all your candy to Colton?! Cooper... I know that you are being healthy and all, but.. GIVING AWAY YOUR CANDY?! That's like giving away a part of your soul!And 40,000 steps while Trick-or-Treating? Did you guys walk to Maga's house, or what? Haha I remember seeing a little commercial for the start of the NBA at an investigator's house.. I said "I bet my brother Cooper will be telling me about that!" ... I was right. :)
  • Dear Keaton: Dang.. Getting all those King-Size candybars.. That really is the life. Haha. We actually do have daylight savings here.. But it was a week ago. So, that past week, you guys in Utah, and us in Puebla had the same time. ....Or maybe it is the other way around.. Jajaja Quien sabe.. Ahora podemos hablar en español?! Que genial! Realmente, me encanta hablar en español. Haha okay.. I will quit it with the Spanish. Are you guys also doing some food tasting from the different countries? That is always my favorite part of those culture classes.

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