Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week #50 - Better Week

Vinieron! Sí vinieron!
(They came! They really came!)

Well, first thing to say is that this week was a lot better than last. Last week we really struggled to have lessons with a member present. It isn't that the members aren't willing to accompany us, but every time we were there ready for the lesson with the member, the investigator wasn't there.. A bit frustrating.. But we continued working!

It paid off, because this week we got some. But the best thing that happened was that we gave a tour of the church to two of our investigators, and we put a baptismal date with them! Then, on Sunday they came to church!  That is definitely a challenge that we have had during our time here.. Because we start at 8:00 in the morning for church.. And everyone here are sleepy heads. But, diligence has paid off for this week. So there it is!

Today we played a bit of basketball. Then after, of course we played soccer. I usually dread playing, or just don't play. But today was pretty fun! We had divided up into three teams, and play until someone would score a goal, losers go, winners stay. And my team was pretty good! We lost one time, and then stayed on to dominate until the others gave up. So that was fun. But it was even more fun when we did new teams... USA vs Mexico.. All the gringos against the skilled mexican elders.. That got intense! We played to five goals, I scored 2 of them! What?!?! But we did lose by one.. 4-5.. It was really fun, more fun because I am getting better! Haha we will have to wait until next week for the rematch!

Pictures ...I know, I know.. I am sorry. My camera is just a little big, so I never bring it around with me. And when we are at home, there isn't much to take pictures of...but next week, I promise at least one photo! I shall not fail!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, January 25 - 12453
Tuesday, January 26 - 19135
Wednesday, January 27 - 21313
Thursday, January 28 - 9885
Friday, January 29 - 18319
Saturday, January 30 - 18527
Sunday, January 31 - 21379

Super Cooper is still at the top of the Fitbit Friends list. 30k a day average! At least I managed to move up the list a little. Aunt Alicia mentioned she'd been taking a lot of walks there in California, and she showed up in Landon's top 10 this week (now just gotta get her to add a profile picture!)

*** From the Brothers ***

Dear Landon, we played Sunset (West Hills' nemesis) on Thursday and yesterday. We won BOTH times! On Thursday, they were winning by 20 at the end of the first quarter. Then, we came back and won by one with my game-winning free throw. It was 42-43. Yesterday, I went 3 for 3 from the 3! We did a lot better this time and a much bigger crowd. We won by 11 and it was a lot funner;) First week of the new semester schedule, and I've already broken a kid's ankles in gym. It was way funny even he laughed. Biology has been really stupid the past few days. I had to write an ESSAY! FOR BIOLOGY? Now, me and a partner have to write a one-page document with four sections on how Mendel's principles are used today. It sucks. In Geography, we're learning the countries of Africa. Since I'm in honors, I also have to do capitals! There's so many! The physical features aren't that hard, and I've already mastered the countries. It'll take a white for me to learn the capitals though. In class, I asked my teacher to play the song "Africa" by Toto. That's pretty much all I've been singing for the past week. It's mine and Ty's new favorite song. Also, "Oh Africa" by Akon, and "This time for Africa" by Shakira we've been singing in class too, but Toto's is better. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, this week of school was good. On my writing on Utah Compose, I already have a score of 24 on my third paragraph, and I'm planning on doing five. The only thing I am doing that is school related other than writing is math, and all of the other stuff has been practicing for our Shakespeare plays, I'll watch my friend's play this week. We finally got to change seats ever since the end of Christmas break, and we got to choose where we sat. We had a game this Saturday and I went and tied my season-high 10 points. We were dominating in the first quarter, so the scoreboards were turned off. The team scored more in the second half, but that is because our coach didn't want us to steal or block at all, and almost all their points were 3-pointers. I felt sick before and after the game, but I felt a lot more sick after our game. When we came back, I felt so cold that I was shivering. But a few hours after that, I was really hot and had a fever. So Saturday was definitely my worst day of the week. Because it snowed!! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, so this was certainly a lazy week, even at school. The only thing that I did at school was playing tornado, when I shot my ball, it hit the rim then bounced off and started to roll. So I went to hurry go chase it, I stopped it when it was almost at the three point line, the kid behind me was about to get me out so I chucked up my ball in the air behind me, and surprisingly made it! Then I went on to win the game. (I will probably win 7 out of 10 games because I am the best in my grade.) So I did win one of my two games this week. I won 32-9! I went against a team that had the same coach that Keaton has! I got two points. There was only a minute left in the game, and I didn't have any points, then I got fouled... Made both of the free throws, so yeah. In the second game, I got 7 points, and I think 2 assists. Although I don't remember the score. I should really start doing that. Anyway, so Sunday is my lazy (playing the computer) day, so see ya! ColtBolt

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