Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week #49 - Rough Week

I believe I was promised some pictures last letter ... alas, there were none. I figured I snap and share a quick pic of Elder Landon's plaque hanging up at the church (if you can catch me in the reflection, this was taken on a Tuesday after Zumba class, which is held in our building.) Just a small letter this week too ...

Today we were in a combi who was blasting his music, and the speakers gave me a butt massage. It made me miss me miss driving Dad's Tundra ...

This week was pretty rough for us. Very few lessons, a lot of fallen appointments, and other rough incidents (getting locked out of the house, the investigators not coming to church, the cold, and spraining my ankle). So yeah.. But we are getting through it. I miss Elder Acosta truthfully. Elder Cocom is great, super duper humble, but with Elder Acosta were an awesome team. I saw him on Tuesday, the day after the changes, he said that he missed me too... but of course, right?

Tomorrow we have to go to the mission offices in Puebla to get my visa renewed... which means the year mark is close! Ahh!! Haha don't know how to feel about it. Elder Cocom and I will hit the one year mark together! Him on the 3rd, and me on the 18th! So we will have a "party" .. :p

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, January 18 - 22534
Tuesday, January 19 - 21703
Wednesday, January 20 - 15211
Thursday, January 21 - 12847
Friday, January 22 - 18597
Saturday, January 23 25883

Cooper is still a step-monster. He's double everyone else! He gets up early and does some treadmill, then reading while riding the stationary bike. If he can watch a game downstairs (in the gym) he does, walking or jogging instead of just sitting.

I've also been able to raise my stats a bit (finally!) I'll take fourth, for now ... *Ü* Mr. Missionary continues to get pretty competitive steps in his area. The other brothers continue to make the top10. Good to Grandpa Westra in the Top10. He switched from a Fitbit One to a Surge after Christmas (that was a gift from Grandma). 

*** From the Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I don't have much to write this week, but, I'm going to get into the letter, well, Joy is in heat. She is just meowing and rolling around all the time. It snowed big time. It hurts my eyes to look outside because all the whiteness. Now for school, we have a new assignment. We have to do this thing in the IPad called "Raz-Kids." It takes a long time to do. We have to listen, read, and answer 10 questions each week about a long book. Also, I'm on the last level, so it has harder and longer books for me. I found a kind of funny thing that Siri says on the phone, so I ask her what 100 divided by 0 is. Here is exactly what she said, "Imagine you have 100 cookies and you are trying to split them evenly among 0 friends, how many cookies would each friend get? See, it doesn't make sense. So, Cookie monster gets all the cookies. Nom Nom Nom." That is what she says. It's pretty funny. So anyway, that is all I can remember for the week. Bye. Love ya. ColtBolt

Dear Landon, a short week of school this week, so I got a bit more active, like going to Gene Fullmer on Monday. And while I was there I got a new wristband, so I do not feel as bare on my arm anymore. I memorized all of my lines for Shakespeare, but I still don't want to do it because of the costumes and the fact that I have to do it 4 times, possibly 5. The weather was starting to get a lot better, like I was able to play wallball, basketball, and soccer. But the snow just wants to keep on falling, like today... snow sucks. We got a free trial for League Pass and I am really happy about it, but the trial ends today. There were 5 close games that I wouldn't of been able to see if it wasn't for League Pass, and it works downstairs as well, so I could get on the treadmill! I've been reading a lot, and I need to read some informational books for the challenge, so mom and I went to the library. We got, "The Arizona Cardinals, The LA Clippers, Cats, Birds," and, "Jupiter." I only have about 16 books to go on the challenge. I have been playing 2K16 more often, and I play as the Charlotte Hornets. So it has been a fun week, and it has been a year of having Oreo! One more thing, Joy is in heat, so she is meowing so much and rolling around everywhere, it is so cute and funny. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I had a double header yesterday in the district league against Copper Mountain and West Jordan. We won both teams by 20+ points. I did particularly good in the West Jordan game. Their two guards were so small, and I kind of felt bad because I got like four steals in a row! One of them lead to an and-one and another one I did an awesome flashy pass to one of our bigs for the bucket. It was fun. One of the refs was garbage and didn't like me at all. I got a 4.0. Maintained it the whole quarter, got A's on all my tests, and got 100% on my essay (because of mom). I still have to continue on my math benchmark that I started on Thursday however. I don't have computer tech anymore. Instead I have gym, and a few periods got switched around. This Thursday and Saturday I play Sunset! They're pretty good. I don't know if you know, but the Adams have now officially moved out and into their new home. I've heard that it's huge, but I haven't seen it. Jake gets back in March! It's barely even seemed like a year for him. Hope it'll be the same with you;) So yeah... Wuv, Keat

  • Dear Colton: Hmmm, I can imagine that kitty is a fun situation to deal with.. HEAT.. Science is interesting. Ha! I hate snow, so I am glad that I am not there right now! Wow, that is cool, working on iPad for school! I would love to have an iPad here on the mission, but we don't have such luck.. Haha that is actually pretty funny of Siri! I like that joke!
  • Dear Cooper: Another short week? Dang... But here in Tlaxcala, the students of the high school have been off since Christmas! They get a ton of vacation! Haha still rocking it up at Gene Fullmer huh? We played basketball today at the church and I rolled my ankle bad. It hurts. But got to keep working! Ah what fun stuff... Plays... And a Shakespeare play! Horrible! Haha here I have not touched any snow whatsoever.. But we can see some on the mountains near us. But that doesn't mean it isn't cold! It is very cold! Until the afternoon, then you are sweating and have to take off your sweater. Man.. Reading like a best! That is good. I wish I started reading at an earlier age.And of course you are reading sports books too! Sounds like everything is well, so that is good!
  • Dear Keaton: Whooping them hard! We played a little basketball today, and it is the same. Because here in Mexico, they don't play a lot of basketball. But they whoop me when we play soccer.. Wow, good job! I think I only got a 4.0 once during my entire high school years. Haha good that you at least admit the help of Mom! Ah gym.. The funnest and easiest class of them all.. I miss it. New house? Hot dang! It will just suck that they are not in the ward anymore.. Boo. But Sister Adams told me that we are still invited to have our Scookie parties! So it is all good! Well.. I am coming up on the one-year mark.. So half way! And they all say after the one year mark, time flies even faster! So.. See you soon!

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