Friday, May 13, 2016

Weeks #63 and #64

The District Crew

Well, these last couple weeks, there hasn't been much in the way of Landon's letters. As I got a small (and I mean tiny) note Monday May 2, I realized Landon hadn't mentioned anything about the Mother's Day call. He did send a quick email a couple days later asking if Sunday was better, or if Tuesday (which is Mother's Day in Mexico) would work. I told him Sunday would be best, and so he made arrangements with a family to use an iphone and their wifi (which is pretty rare in his area he said) and we had a Skype session on Sunday.

Skype Selfie

It was good to chat with him for a bit. He mentioned that there have been very few new Elders, that Sister missionaries have been more prominent recently. That the number of missionaries had dropped from about 220 to 130. Not sure if that had to do with the influx of mission applications after the new age announcement tapering off or something else. Landon said both he and his companion had been a bit under the weather (thus lower steps reported) and that everyone has their own family remedies they swear by, but that nothing had been helping really.  At least he didn't leave us having an allergic reaction (as he did during the Christmas call) *Ü*

After talking for an hour, the little boys didn't feel like they had much to write about, so there is no "Between Brothers" week #64, but as I hadn't updated the blog last week, their letters from then are posted below. But first ... catching up on step stats!

 *** Step Stats ***

Monday,April 25 - 18727
Tuesday, April 26 - 16846
Wednesday, April 27 - 18797
Thursday, April 28 - 10519
Friday, April 29 - 22127
Saturday, April 30 - 18840
Sunday, May 1 - 9010
Monday, May 2 - 8681
Tuesday, May 3 - 18111
Wednesday May 4 - 21896
Thursday, May 5 - 9110
Friday, May 6 - 12606
Saturday, May 7 - 19683
Sunday, May 8 - 12949

Finally ... Mommy is at the top of the Fitbit Family list. Although I must admit, it didn't last long. Cooper has surpassed me as of this post, but it was nice while it lasted (for about a day). 

*** From the Brothers ***
May 1, 2016  Letter #63

Dear Landon, ONE OF THE DUCKIES HATCHED! It is so small. It is one of the cutest things on earth! It can already chirp really loud though. It gets really annoying, believe me. One of the other eggs has a pretty good chance on hatching tomorrow. The others are looking fine, but not fine enough. Hopefully more than two eggs will hatch this year. We held a surprise party for Maga's 70th birthday. It was really fun. In the parking lot there was a GOOD basketball hoop and Cooper and I took shots that were really far the only way we can make them was chucking them up one handed. I made 4 of those shots while Cooper only made three, so I "won." Princess, Maga's cat is now pregnant! Anyway, that is what I got for this week. Love ya! ColtBolt

Dear Landon, the 1st round of the Playoffs is officially over, and some things came my way, some others left me kind of upset. So here we go: GSW wins HOU 4-1, SAS wins MEM 4-0, OKC wins DAL 4-1, and POR wins LAC 4-2. The Oklahoma-Dallas series was the one I really cared about, the others not so much. That was the Western Conference, but let's take a look at the Eastern: CLE wins DET 4-0, TOR wins IND 4-3, MIA wins CHA 4-3, and ATL wins BOS 4-2. I am not disappointed in Charlotte, they fought back from not even being in the Playoffs last year, and also forced the Game 7. I think that is all of the Playoff talk for now. So what else has happened this week, oh yeah, DUCKY! One of them has hatched, but we are still waiting for his/her brothers and sisters. The duck is so cute and tiny. SAGE Language Arts is now done because I have finished it. It is probably the hardest for me, because I do struggle in reading, unlike all of my friends. Only four more weeks of SAGE, and five more weeks of school until summer. There was a lot of "Family Stuff" this week. First of all, Maga's 70th birthday. We held a surprise party for her at a church close to her old, old house. Lots of food and people were there along with a slideshow of her life. There was a hoop in the parking lot where Colton and I shot long shots with one hand. I made three, and he made four. We ended up going to their house to have the cake that was at the party, and to find out that Princess (their cat) was pregnant. It would be amazing to see that in a couple of months to see all these little kittens. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, the first ducky hatched while we were at Chris's house for Waffles and Westwa Welatives (Westra Relatives). I had seen it move the most before we had left. I was sad though because I wanted to see it come out because that is so cool. Maybe we'll get a few more to and I get to them. One of the eggs, we concluded, died about three weeks in. We candled it and it had stopped maturing after the halfway mark. We could possibly get five more duckies! Yesterday was really fun. We had a Birthday Bash for Maga's 70th at the church that she went to when they were living in her first home! I wish we'd had gone to see that house. Cal and I both ate so many pulled pork. We also had the chocolate fountain. My favorite was the bananas. The Washington Blackham's even flew in for Maga! We all had breakfast here this morning. It was really fun. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

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