Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #21 - Utah Took Our Rain!

Well, there really isn't much to write about. Every Sunday night, we call our district leader and tell him our numbers for the week. I added up all the numbers for this week and ... they are ugly. I am feeling a bit discouraged. As far as weather though, it sounds like that you guys (Utah) took our rain for this week! We didn't get a day of rain these past few days! It was so hot. Not sure what I prefer. Rain or heat...

 So happy to get some photos up.

Intercambios con E. Pineda (mi hermano)!

Switching to skim milk after this (26.4 = overweight)

*** Step Stats ***
Step numbers
for the week weren't bad though!

Monday, July 6 ...17459
Tuesday, July 7 ... 15715
Wednesday, July 8 ... 15764
Thursday, July 9 ... 19033
Friday, July 10 ... 13966
Saturday, July 11 ... 18975
Sunday, July 12 ... 9799

Look there ... Grayson is in the #3 spot! He's in Italy this week, and had a huge day on Friday (over 35k that day). He's been walking around a lot. And Grandpa Westra is back in the Top10 too!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, this week was a lazy week. In my basketball game yesterday, I lost 21-18. There was about three seconds left on the clock, and there were three people, me, my teammate Collin and someone on the other team. Collin had the ball the other guy was defending him. Collin was SO close by passing it to me but the other guy blocked so it was game over. So right now in my season, I have 2 wins and 2 losses. Dad has left on an airplane to Italy! And Maddie and Mia are there too. The ducks are almost all the same size now! Cooper found a dove living right under the steps in our back yard. But then we saw the saddest thing. We saw the bird on the grass with a lot of his feathers off and his head ripped off. We all think it was a magpie who did it. We saw a movie that was really funny called Minions. This movie was placed before Despicable me. Three minions out of like 5 thousand, went on an adventure to find the greatest super villain to work for. In that movie they found Grew. That is it for this week, love ya. Love, Colton

Dear Landon, I chose to be lazy this week, so not a lot of stuff to tell you. But there was some storms this week that had me kind of scared, but not a lot. All the days this week were sunny at first, and then a storm in the afternoon. We went bowling once this week, but it was cut short because Jacob was waiting for us at Gene Fullmer. So we first played some basketball for about 2 hours, then we went swimming for an hour. Guess what? Pokemon has made a comeback... for me at least. So I have started to play Omega Ruby again, and I have already got past from where I was at last time! I am trying to get everyone in my party to have a Mega Evolution. Right now, I'm thinking my party will be: Blaziken, Gallade, Manetric, Aggron, Altaria, and Mawile. And when we let the ducks out, I saw a little bird under our doorstep in the backyard. It was a cute and small bird probably hiding, or probably living there. And when Colton came back from his game, I wanted to show him it. When we got there, it was not there, so I figured it flew off. But when I turned around, there was its body with feathers everywhere, and it did not even have a head anymore. It was not Oreo, so the main suspect is the Magpie. It was so sad, Rest in Peace little birdie. And I think you have already heard that Dad has gone to Italy to visit Kolby, Jaime, Maddie, and Mia. He has been there for a few days, but the others have been there for 3 weeks. We have finally got NBA TV, but we only get it for a month because the Summer League only lasts at least a month. We have already watched a whole lot of games, because there is about 6-8 games a day. We went to go see Minions. It was pretty funny, but not how I expected it was going to be. But in a week, Ant Man is coming out, and in two weeks, Pixels is coming out. I am very psyched for more of those movies. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, not a lot of stuff happened this week. We just went to Gene Fullmer a lot to play basketball and swim. There's been almost no progress towards Episode VII, The Force Awakens, of Star Wars except for a new trailer revealing... almost nothing. There's actually been a lot of thunder storms here, but the ducks didn't seem to care much. The ducks are all almost the same size now, and I'm proud to say that I can tell the difference between them. We still haven't gone wave running yet. I forgot to tell you that we went last week, but couldn't get in because the boat ramp that we use was full. We still went swimming there, though. And Travis came along. Dad went to Italy. I know that you wanted to go there for your mission, which would have been cool because dad might have got to see you. That would be cool. I think we're also getting a new bishopric in our ward. So yeah... boring. Wuv, Keaton

I hope you and your new companion are getting to know each other. So last week I actually made $225ish from real games and KFC. I don't work super long shifts, the most I ever work is around 6 or 7 hours. The one day I worked more was both job, so no overtime. I don't work too much this week. I eat a lot of KFC now, and if I didn't play basketball, I'd get fat super fast. Work hasn't been too bad recently, I would rather do a lot of other things but everyone who works at KFC is really funny and nice. Whenever I close and we have extra food me and Ben take it to some of our friend's families because we eat so much of their food so we give them food. I took the little boys bowling and to Minions the movie. It was a pretty good movie, I think Colton was a little upset with it, but he'll get over it. Dad is in Italy which makes me jealous just because of the food. I bet the food is just amazing. I'll never know I guess, haha. I turned in my early morning seminary application a little while ago, and it kinda makes me cringe when I think about getting up early, even though I've been getting up around 8 everyday. Although some days when I don't even care and just sleep until noon. So it has been a pretty good week. Hope it has been good for you. Love you bro, Callahan

The three younger boys, ready for church, 
with a little Landon influence...
  • Dear Colton: Dang, so close.. I KNOW! Dad is one of the luckiest people in the world to go to Italy! I am so jealous right now. Yikes... Is it possible one of the duckies did the damage? I think they are more capable to "rip a head off" than a magpie. Haha I am aware of the movie Minions.. Mexico loves Minions.. They have Minion everything! I have a Minion binder.. ;). Anyway, have more fun this week!
  • Dear Cooper: Yes, Mom told me about the rain. It is exactly like Puebla! But it sounds like you guys took our rain, because this week it didn't rain at all. Super hot! You are forgetting the greatest Pokemon ever! Metagross! Poor little birdie.. That is a lot of games to watch! I want to see Minions so bad! Ant Man seems a little... Weird.. Haha but hey, if you want to watch it, go ahead!
  • Dear Keaton: The same thing here. A week of nothing! We just went walking, and walking, and walking.. Haha I am proud of you too. How is my Pedro doing? Still no wave running yet?! Poor Susie and Roxy. Haha I didn't really want to serve in Italy. Just vacation. Because Italian is super difficult to learn. But I am definitely going to vacation there some day.
  • Dear Callahan: Be careful with all that sure to be exercising a lot! That is good that you enjoy your work. I know. I am super jealous about Dad in Italy too.Well for early morning seminary I woke up at 4:50-ish I think... so have fun with that! Keep up the good work.

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