Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week #20 - New Mission President

Nuevo Presidente, y muchísima lluvia...
(New President, and a ton of rain..)

Well, this week was better concerning lessons and investigators, which it rather impressive with all the rain that we have had this week. There was a lot of it. Everyday. Around 5 o' clock, here in Puebla, if you look to the West, you see the pretty sky, and the sun starting to set. But if you look to the East... You usually see doom coming your way. And by "doom" I mean, the biggest, nastiest, and darkest clouds you have seen.. I am always so excited to see them.. :p

(sure enough, this is the forecast for today!)

Anyway, another big thing that happened this week was that we got to meet our new president and his wife! Presidente and Hermana Nelson. I am excited to get to know them. And the fact that I only had three months knowing Presidente and Hermana Christensen, I really miss them.

Presidente and Hermana Nelson

That is practically it for this week.. Please forgive me if I spelled something wrong.. When I write, almost every word is underlined in red.. because it is English.. And with me only speaking Spanish, I am starting to forget my English. HA!

Tengan una buena semana todos!
Les amo mucho!

My Family - Stories That Bring Us Together
A pamphlet project each missionary personalizes.

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, June 29 - 18273
Tuesday, June 30 - 15665
Wednesday, July 1 - 20561
Thursday, July 2 - 15757
Friday, July 3 - 11462
Saturday, July 4 - 8608
Sunday, July 5 - 11756

I'm not sure why the average steps aren't showing, must be a glitch on Fitbit. Landon's average was about 14,600. I made sure that the boys all synced their devices, as it did shake up the standings with the most recent numbers. Colton ... the nine year old is there at the top! Active little boy! All the brothers made the top 10, and Daddy too (just barely). 

Aunt Wendy made the list this week. Grandpa Westra is doing great after his cardiac arrest, but not quite up to regaining a spot in the top 10 as of yet.

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, July 4th was pretty awesome! We went to Clay's house and did a few fireworks. While we were there we had a water balloon fight with the neighbors. It was so fun, I got soaked and I soaked some other people! On the way home we saw a bunch of fireworks. Keaton, Aidan, Livi and I, all went to Lagoon! My favorite ride was the Wicked! We went on it 2 times. We also went on a bunch of other rides such as, The Terroride,  The Colossus, The Spider, The Wild Mouse and, The Rocket! The Rocket wasn't exactly a ride, it was a thing that went so high and fell down. Also we went on this thing called, The Samuri, and it would make us go upside down and back and fourth. So after that ride we were dizzy. We got some ice cream and water. We got a monthly pass to Gene Fullmer. I think we went there, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and, Friday. Yesterday we went to Virges and got some pancakes. That's it for this week. Love Colt

Dear Landon, on Friday, we went to Pineview, but it sucked a lot more than I expected. When we entered Huntsville, there was a sign stating, "BOAT RAMP FULL." But we still wanted to go to the beach, so dad parked the wave runners in a church parking lot to go to the beach. And when we got there, it was blazing hot. I could not stand on the sand with my bare feet, and the water was actually kind of warm, so it made it worse. And Maga and the boys were supposed to come, and we saw thier car, but we never saw them. When we started to leave there was a lot of stuff to think about, like if the wave runners were stolen, or where Maga was at the beach. And don't worry, the wave runners are not stolen. We finally got the new net up on the tramp, and it makes the tramp a lot better so that the balls will not fall off, and people won't too. Also, the 4th of July was a blast because we spent most of it at Clay's house. We did a whole lot of fireworks, and watched a lot too. That is it for this week. Love Cooper

Dear Landon, we actually got fireworks this year! They were good fireworks, too. Dad got two of the big, aerial fireworks! We went to Clay's yesterday for a BBQ, some fireworks, and water balloon fight with the neighbors. It was really fun. Mom got me juggling clubs and rings. They're both pretty hard, but I can juggle them for a little while now. Colton and I went to Lagoon yesterday with Livi and Aidan. We all went on all of the good rides. They got a lot of new roller coasters, too. You know how Wicked was their main ride. Now it's a ride called Cannibal that's twice as high and long! It's closed this whole season, though because when it was open, when people got off they would feel nauseous, dizzyness, and they would actually vomit. We would have definitely gone on it if it was open. So yeah... Yesterday was kinda fun, I guess. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so I worked 3 shifts at KFC and 2 Real games, and made around $200, so it hasn't been a terrible week, money wise. I worked 10 hours on the 4th of July which sucked but it's over now. But before the 4th we were supposed to go waverunning but all the boat ramps were full... I was so mad, and just wanted to go home, but everybody else just wanted to stay and swim. It was still fun but I just wanted to go waverunning. I miss it so much. Mom got a iPhone 6, which is cool, and I'm not as jealous as I thought I would be. She got it a while ago I just forgot to mention it. I don't have much planned for this week, just work, basketball and fun I guess. I finished One Tree Hill which just makes me sad. It was like the best show ever! You'll have to watch it when you come back. I thought more things happened this week but I guess not. Love and miss you bro, Callahan.

  • Dear Colton: Wow. Sounds like a busy week for you guys! We actually played with water balloons today, in our zone activity! But we didn't have a handy dandy filler.. But we got by. Haha The Wicked is... well, WICKED! The Rocket is a ride! It is so fun! The Samuri I have never been on.. It is ALWAYS closed when I go.. Seriously, every time. You guys have passes to Gene Fullmer too? Wow! Virg's.. Good stuff. Keep having fun during the summer while you can!
  • Dear Cooper:Is that the first time you guys have attempted to going wave running?! Sad.. That is probably one of the worst things you can see in your life.. "BOAT RAMP FULL".. Well, yeah.. During the summer, everything is hot! I would probably die right here where I am sitting you if told me that the wave runners were stolen.. Anyway, keep having fun, and get to Pineview earlier to have a spot!
  • Dear Keaton: e actually saw real fireworks earlier this week! Wasn't the 4th of July.. Because it is different in Mexico! Cannibal... Hmmm. Sounds pleasant.. Do people eat each other on the ride? Hahah.. chiste.. Think I might pass on that ride.. But you go ahead and enjoy for me!
  • Dear Callahan: Isn't working so much fun? haha. 10 hours? Do you get overpay for that? Was that the first time you guys have tried to go waverunning this summer? I miss Susie and Roxy soooo much. But oh well. Mom has a iPhone 6?... Well we have a Nokia... Who knows what it is.. Haha. It is a sad little cell phone.. Haha I already have list of a lot of movies I will have to watch when I get back! Keep on working hard, and having fun too!

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