Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Forjadores Photo Farewell

... as Changes are eminent, it's a time for reflection and capturing friends and families in photos, to remember as he moves on ...

Farewell to the Garcia Dominguez familia.

Farewell to the Casiano familia.

Farewell to Hna. Maura Ayala

Farewell to the Sanchez Estevez familia

Farewell to Hno. Ricardo Sanchez

Farewell to Hno. Daniel Sanchez.

Farewell to the Sanchez Michimani familia. 
They gave me a bottle of MARTINELLI! Super awesome!

Farewell to the Bautista Aguilar familia.

The streets outside of our casa

There it is. Epic last picture in Forjadores.

Farewell Forjadores

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