Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #25 - Arrived Alive in Almecatla

Well that is it folks. My days in Forjadores are finished. 

I am now in la zona Tlaxcala Este, area Almecatla 1A, and it has been quite the change.. I now realize how spoiled I was in Forjadores. Concerning help and support from members, easy work in a small area, food, and safety. Never worried about, nor complained about these things in Forjadores. But here in Almecatla, it is a bit different. The living conditions are a lot more humble (food too), our area is HUGE, we have very few members to work with in our area, few investigators, and it isn't the safest place.

We have a part of our area that is called "Tenancingo" that is actually banned for us because of "so much iniquity" (prostitution, gangs, drugs.. THAT kind of stuff..). My compañero actually carries this flashlight, which is also a tazer.. But not for people. For the dogs. We have got some not-so-friendly dogs in our area. My compañero has actually been bit already. 

But now about my compañero! His name is Elder Muñiz, from Mexico, and he has 6 months in the mission. So far, I have honestly really enjoyed this companionship! We talk a lot. In English and Spanish! To start our companion study, one of us will usually have some question concerning the doctrine. Then we talk, talk, talk, and talk some more, until 2 hours later, we realize we should go work! I really enjoy that about him, the fact that it is easy to talk and work with him. And with him, he has had one change here in Almecatla. But since the area is so big, still doesn't know the area that well.

But that is fine. We will be learning together how to best work in Almecatla. Surely I can't complain about the change I have experienced here, because I was begging and praying for a change. Now I got it, and I am going to make the best of it.  The Lord lives, and only by his perfect Gospel and doctrine, can we achieve eternal life.  I will let you all now how it will go the next week here in..... ALMECATLA! Les amo!

 The meeting where the changes are announced. A LOT of anticipation. 
100+ missionaries in the same room in 90° weather with no air-conditioning ;)

Elder Dansie (Landon's companion at the airport as they left Utah) 
is now paired with Landon's former companion in Forjadores

Riding in the back of a truck to the new location ... 
there are two companionships in in Almecatla, 
one of the others is Elder Galaz (my brother!) 

 Ahhh, Krispie Creme Donuts! Just missing the milk!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, August 3 - 20054
Tuesday, August 4 - 7842
Wednesday, August 5 - 27359
Thursday, August 6 - 18734
Friday, August 7 - 26629
Saturday, August 8 - 12193
Sunday, August 9 - 10553

Elder Landon Blackham is in the #2 spot! That's his highest average since back in May (and this Wednesday can't quite beat the 29k high from that week). Cooper has definitely been trying to raise his ranking, and it's worked! After a family gathering, I got Uncle Shane on the list, and here he is in the Top10!

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, we all want Andy to fly away because she's all alone. But she just can't make all the way over the wall. I had to go to the dentist this week and I got a numb cheek. Ugh. I hate getting numb cheeks. We made cinnamon rolls, but with the numb cheek it wasn't so good. We went on a hike. I didn't like so much because it too long. We went swimming a couple of times. But we did not play basketball because they were cleaning the gym, I didn't even have a basketball game. FNAF 4 has finally come out for the ipod. It is really hard but I got to 5 A.M. We went to go see a movie called Ant-Man, and it was the best movie ever. It was so funny. And the main character was Mike from Friends! The funniest guy in my opinion was a person named Luis. But the best thing was, the movie theater went to was the best! It had chairs that reclined! I almost fell asleep during the movie. On the way home from the movie, we went to Krispie Kreme and only got 2 dozen donuts. (All glazed) We went to Utah Olympic Park to see the wall of Topia. It was so awesome. It is so high. A bit of people would be able to climb to the top! And jump off into the water. One of Dad's work friend's friend was in it. He got far up but not all the way. There was also a treadmill but it was for climbing, instead of being horizontal is was vertical. That is the rest of it for this week. Love ya. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, well, Andy is still here all alone. I really want her to fly away so she could be with other duckies, but I do not see it coming soon. And yesterday, we all went on a big hike to a suspension bridge. It was about a mile long, and after the hike, we went to a cupcake store. I was pretty excited, but dad had forgot his wallet with his racquetball stuff, so we weren't able to go. But we finally went to go see Ant-Man! It was a lot funnier than I expected, and what made it better was the theater. There were reclining chairs inside which were very comfortable. Then after that, we went to a Krispy Kreme's, but the hot light wasn't on... Also, FNAF 4 has come out to Ipod, so I bought it and I can now play it. It was a pretty boring week without basketball at Gene Fullmer.
 Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, sleeping with the kitty has gotten easier every night... sort of. It was a really boring week since we couldn't play basketball. We still went swimming twice, though. Callahan has procrastinated his summer homework of reading "Scarlet Letter" and learning vocabulary words. We saw Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd (aka Mike from friends). It was really cool and took my number one spot for my-favorite-movies-seen-this-year. In close second is still Inside Out. Ant-Man was just too funny and really cool. The theater we went to was one in Layton that had the seats as leather recliners! I want to see all movies there now. It was really comfortable. Dad, Colton, and I went to watch a climbing competition in Park City. It was so cool to watch the climbers get to the 50 foot tall Walltopia! The wall was slanted, too. So the climbers pretty much had to climb upside down! There was this one part where the guys had to JUMP from one rock to the other! It was called a dino. We still haven't gone up to Park City as a vacation yet. Not sure if we will. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, the Scarlet Letter is the worst book ever, even though I've only read one chapter. It's still awful. I hate summer homework, it makes me want to cry. Yesterday I went on a hike with Amanda in Sandy which was fun. There was a small waterfall which was cool. It was a short hike, only took about an hour, not including the drive. I worked about 20 hours this week so between the last 3 weeks I made around $375. I'm just making my way to Orlando. We also had cinnamon rolls this week and they are so amazing. We had more leftover because you're not here. I ate quite a few. And then we went to the AMC Theater which has reclining chairs, it was pretty cool. We saw Ant-Man which was really funny. It was one of my favorite movies. I haven't seen pretty much any this summer besides, Minions and Ant-Man tops Minions. Pretty much all that happen. Love you bro. Callahan

  • Dear Colton: Another busy week for you guys! That is a bummer that Andy hasn't flown off yet.. Sucks to be alone. Ay! Cavities are so much fun, aren't they? Haha I guess you have to brush better! Oh no.. Cinnamon rolls.. Ay. I miss them dearly. Haha I was with a kid, and he has this tablet thing, and he was asking me for suggestions for games, and I actually suggested FNAF. He said that he played the others, but didn't know about the fourth. Ant Man? Can't say that movie interests me much.. But I do like funny movies, and the actor (Paul.... something..) is good as well! So maybe some day. Guess what! I had a Krispie Kreme donut today! It was the bomb, I was just missing my milk.. That is so cool! A climbing treadmill! I want one! 
  • Dear Cooper: Poor poor Andy.. No fun being alone. Doing hikes, huh? That is fun, but super hard also.. Haha. Dang, that sucks.. Dad forgot his wallet? Haha it shouldn't have been such a boring week, sounds like you guys did a lot of stuff! Basketball isn't life.. :P ( I actually bought fútbol (soccer) jerseys of Mexico! They are so awesome!) Get out there and LIVE!
  • Dear Keaton: When I read your letter I had a lot better understanding of what happened with the climbing competition in Park City. Sounds like a blast! Sure, you have to be strong as heck, but I love climbing! (Colton and Cooper say some of the same things, but don't describe it very well.) Haha procrastination.. One of my favorite words.. Paul Rudd! I knew his first name was Paul, but I forgot the last name. Park City isn't really a vacation.. But oh well.
  • Dear Callahan: The Scarlet Letter... Oh how I hated that book. Don't worry, I know your pain. It is pretty horrid. But I honestly can't remember if I read the whole book. Doubt it. Ha! Haha you are one of THOSE couples.. Going on hikes. Just kidding, a hike is a good date. I just want to know how long have you two been dating? As far as work, wait until you're working double that. 40 is the norm for "working folks" As a teenager, that is surprising that Dad and midgets have seen more movies than you this summer! Me? Haven't seen anything. Haha. Got to wait until after to see everything!

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