Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week #42 - Closing Maravillas, Back to Step Stats & Hawaii!

A busy last week of the change, as normal. Wednesday we had the last district meeting for the change. In this last junta, I still owed a little treat to the district for fulfilling the goal of new investigators in week 3.  I brought some bread from the amazing panadería that we have by the house, with some milk,  and we had a little quick breakfast before we started. Quickly I learned that sugar before the meeting was not the best idea.. One of the hermanas was laughing hysterically at everything.. But she did calm down eventually. It was a great final district meeting. I told them how proud I was to be their district leader, and thanked them for all the hard work that they have done. Haha then afterwards, the hermanas were chatting and saying how I would make a great primary teacher. They said "There we were, being silly and laughing, and you didn't get mad at all! You've got quite the patience! Perfect for a primary teacher!" . . . We even have our district meeting in the primary room.. So as we were getting ready to leave, I decided to roll with it and used my best adult-to-children voice, "Okay everyone! Now it is time to clean up!" They all got a laugh out of it.

Then on Thursday, we found out that we are closing Maravillas... Not forever, but just the two of us are leaving. I was not very excited to hear about that.. I really like Maravillas! But oh well, I do as the Lord commands. So that has been a chore for the week. Also, must take photos with our favorite families!

La Velaquez Jimenez familia

La Jimenez Hernandez familia

La Montes Carrasco familia

La Velasquez Tinajero familia

Finally, the trip to Hawaii! It was an activity setup by an hermana all the way from Sinaloa! And she drove to bring all the supplies for the activity (driving from Sinaloa to Puebla is like 20 hours)! The whole activity was in the church building, but very impressive! We started in a waiting room, for our flight to come in. then they let us board the plane. They had put up little windows on the walls, had the "this is your captain speaking" and the whole safety presentation from two stewardesses! Very impressive! So what I had heard about the activity before, is that they talk about the three kingdoms of glory, and here we were in a plane.... I got thinking, "Wait a second.. We are going to ..." Then the alarms went off! The captain said to prepare for a crash landing. Next thing you know, the whole room is pitch black, and your ear drums are hurting because of all the crashing sounds. After a few seconds of silence, you hear heavenly music and one light comes on, revealing an angel in the room (the angel was an elder we know, so it was SO hard not to bust out laughing!). He tells you that you have been in an accident, and there were no survivors. Then you are taken on a tour through all the kingdoms. It was such a cool activity! Easily over a 150 people came to go through! And at the end of the tour, you eventually make it to Hawaii. :)

Brandon and I in the telestial kingdom.

Terrestial kingdom


Thanks for everything! All the support, help, prayers. They are much needed! Next week I will let you all know what my new area is, and who is my new compañero! And for my mother ...

*** Step Stats ***
Tuesday, December 1 - 10155
Wednesday, December 2 - 18079
Thursday, December 3 - 14630
Friday, December 4 - 14000
Saturday, December 5 - 9353
Sunday, December 6 - 6485

Yea! Back to step stats! I must admit I myself have been a bit lazy these past couple weeks. I've been a little under the weather. Just a cold, but enough that I haven't gotten as much activity in. Cooper has relaxed a bit too, insomuch that our neighbor Terrilynne has taken the top spot! At least Landon and his brothers are in the Top10. Grandpa Westra is there too, as well as cousin Tenille and Aunt Wendy. 

I must step it up to regain my #1 spot! 

I'd already purchased a new pedometer to send to Landon for Christmas ... 
Should I send it anyway, as a backup?

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, the game, Jazz against warriors din't make me very happy. Jazz lost by three. I remember when Jazz was up by three, 73-70, then the Warriors put Stephen Curry in and he drained a three. Also, I had two games this week. My first one we lost 36-13. I heard my teammate tell me that they were undefeated last season. I got seven points in that game though! My first one was an And1! I made the free throw. Later on, the guy who was guarding me stopped to tie his shoe so I booked it. I got a layup. Then after, i took a shot but got fouled. I made both of the free throws! I was 3-3 in free throws that game! My other one, we won 21-17. I got 4 points and 3 assists. The first one, I kind of crossed a guy over then I took a floater and made it. My other one was when I crossed a guy over again then I stopped on  the key wide open, popped a shot and drained it. Now I'm just waiting until my next game and on Saturday I have two games! One at 5:00 and another at 7:00 Golden State is still undefeated!!!!!!!! I am suprised that the kitties haven't knocked over the Christmas tree yet. On MW3, I am working on getting the G36C gold now. I did get the UMP gold. The G36C is getting close to getting gold. Also, I only need to get four more kills with it then I have gotten 750 kills with it which will give me 10,000 XP. That is all that I can remember for this week. Anyway, love ya. Colt

Dear Landon, the Jazz did fine this week with 1 win and 2 losses. They of course lost to the Warriors, but it was a really close game. They also lost to the Magic again, where they turned the ball over around 20 times. But they won to Indiana in Overtime. They were up by 17 in the third quarter, but Indiana came back, but it was no problem for the Jazz and they still held on. Warriors... yep, you know. They are now 21-0, and they are playing in a game right now against Brooklyn,  so hopefully they will lose. Still trying to get outside as much as I can, because I found out that by the end of  the week this next week will be snow, and it won't change back!!! This week was the start of Junior Jazz, and I was sick the morning the day of our practice, but I only missed half of the day of school and then went to practice. Saturday was our first game and we won. I did pretty good with 8 points and a few assists.   Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I wouldn't necessarily go back to "The Grand", but it was good. It just was too crowded and really long. I liked it better when we just had Thanksgiving at Maga's house. West Hills' first Jordan game is this Saturday against Elk Ridge. I'm more excited about the Saturday league because I get to play West Jordan, Joel P, South Jordan, Herriman, and Sunset. I know most of the players on those teams and I'm even friends with some of them. The Thursday league will be harder because it's a 9th/10th league and it's against superleague teams that gather players from all around. It'll still be fun though. In 9th grade basketball, each middle school team usually elects two team captains to be leaders on and off the court. Tyler Bush and I are the team captains for West Hills. We've been playing together for CH since 6th grade. I got a 4.0 on my midterms, but there's a few projects due in a few different classes in the second half of the second quarter, so I just hope it'll stay the same. I'll need to try those Doritos you got there. They look pretty good. I saw a funny commercial about them. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

(I told Cal to write before he went to work ... but he didn't get around to it, dang it!)

  • Dear Colton: Ah man.. Well that is the specialty of Golden State.. They are deadly at the three point line! Haha sounds like you can be the commentator to your own game! Nice going! Wow.. 750 kills? That is a lot.
  • Dear Cooper: I heard that it was a close game with the Warriors for the Jazz! Just darn Curry.. Deadly from the three.. 20 turnovers?! Yikes.. that is a bit embarrassing.. Haha well it is December! Can you believe that?! Already December?! With under 20 days until Christmas! Awesome! that is good that you are doing Jr.Jazz again Coop! You can always do Jr. Jazz, even if there is snow!
  • Dear Keaton: So what two different leagues are you on? Is it two different teams too, or same teams, just two different leagues? Haha but isn't Elk Ridge the rivals for you guys? Dang, team captain?! That is awesome dude! 4.0 too?! Keep rocking it! Haha do they have those Doritos there? They are fun, because some are just like normal Doritos, but there are others that are super spicy! and the spicy ones turn your tongue blue! They are pretty cool.

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