Friday, December 4, 2015

Week #41 - A Stop to Step Stats

Here in Mexico, Thursday was just as any other Thursday. No Thanksgiving here. Well.. Sorry for no general letter... already used too much time. Last week of the change! So we will know if we have changes this week! Let you know!

Yeah....about the steps. I had my pedometer last Monday, when I was writing you... but, I discovered the next day that I had misplaced it. So... there are no steps for this week. I know, I am sorry... but hey, going nine straight months in Mexico... not toobad. So I guess my option now is to buy a new one here. I doubt I will find the exact one I had, but I have seen FitBit Zips here. Maybe I can get one of those... here are some pictures though!

These Doritos are cool!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

***Between Brothers***
So we had a short week at school for thanksgiving break but that just means that I worked more. I had to get in for my physical this week. Cough, cough. I have my first game this Tuesday which I'm really excited for, and it is against Woods Cross which I hate their basketball team, so I can't wait to blow their brains out. We had thanksgiving at the Grand America Hotel which was different. It was a buffet so they only give you one slice of turkey so you have to go around multiple times. They had a crepe station and an omelet station which were both really good. School is a little more of a struggle this quarter with basketball I can't do anything for classes after school which sucks in language arts because we have a test almost every class period so that kinda sucks. But nothing else really happened besides work, school and basketball, Love you bro- Callahan

Dear Landon, for Thanksgiving, we went to Grand America Hotel. My favorite food there was the ham, bacon and cheese omelet. They also had pumpkin cheesecake. We brought out the Christmas tree and both kitties are pretty entertained by it. Oreo has climbed nearly to the top, almost knocking it over. Dad was going to the DMV on Friday to get something renewed and I went with him so I can take a written test to get my permit. They wouldn't let me take the test though, because I didn't bring my social security card. School is alright so far. I have all A's, but my math teacher hasn't given me a grade yet. The first semester ends in the middle of January, and the only class that changes is my gym takes my Computer Tech class. Last night was Clay's leg lamp party! It was really fun and delicious with the pumpkin spice doughnuts. I also had an eggnog doughnut which was pretty good. It was just me and Dad from our family, as Callahan had to work, and Mom stayed home with sick Colton and Cooper wanted to stay and watch basketball. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, I was really, REALLY, active this week, and I will not be surprised if I am #1 on the FitBit step rankings. It is getting cold really fast, and we got some snow to end the week, so I am trying to get outside as much as possible, and I did. I got five 30,000 step days this week, because we didn't have much school this week, so I stayed outside for most of the time when we didn't have school. The Utah Jazz still holding on to  their good start with 2 wins and 1 loss this week. Keaton actually went to the Oklahoma City game Monday night (the Energy Solutions center has been renamed the "Vivant Smart Home" center. Keaton went with a friend from school), but Durant and Westbrook were too much for the Jazz, and the Thunder won by 22. But the Jazz won by 11 to Blake Griffin and the Clippers, and won by 14 to Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. And the Warriors finally lost... just kidding! They have now set the record for most wins in a season, and are now 18-0. They will be going against the Jazz tomorrow night, so hopefully the Jazz has what it take to stop them. This Thanksgiving is the worst I have had. At first, Colton, Keaton, Callahan, dad, cousins, and I went to go see the Good Dinosaur. It was a very funny movie, but it also had its share of sad parts too. Then we picked up mom to go to dinner. And instead of staying at our own house, we went to the Grand America Hotel, where a special buffet was happening. I have no idea why, I just hated the feeling of being there with all these other people, and just not having our regular Thanksgiving. Colton was sick for all of the day on Saturday. It was after I went to bed, but he told me that he had thrown up around ten times. He stayed on the couch for all of the day eating the pebbled ice, and throwing up a bit more. It had also snowed that day, and I was bored out of my mind, so dad took me to Gene Fullmer for about 2 hours.  Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, we put the Christmas tree up! Joy and Oreo have been getting in it and climbing it. Joy almost got to the top! Cooper got to go to Gene Fullmer while I stayed home and was sick! I threw up around 20 times. Only in one day! I stayed on the couch almost all day! It sucked. Anyway, MW3 is working again. I played some today. I'm trying to get the UMP45 gold. I have the PP90M1 gold. The UMP45 is almost gold. The GSW (Golden State Warriors) is not undefeated any more! Wait, I said "not" i meant still. 17-0.  They have a game tomorrow against the Jazz! Jazz is 8-7. They are the fifth seed in the western conference! We went to this hotel for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't so good. It had like 500 other people there and the food wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But we are having another Thanksgiving day today just our family. Dad is making mashed potatoes, mom is making rolls. It's going to be way better than the other. I had a basketball practice, my old coach and some of my old team mates. I'll have basketball every day except Sunday and Monday. Yea! That is about it for this week. Anyway, it is snowy outside. Love ya, Colt

  • Dear Callahan: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah.... hahahah. hahah.. ha. That is what happened when I read that second(andthird) sentence. Hahaha still laughing! Hahaha I don't even know why! Hahahah it wasn't even that funny, but I just lost my breath! Ohhhh.. Okay. I'm better now. Haha *cough cough* always enjoyable.. Woods Cross? Aren't they like . . . nobody? Haha I think that you working all the time has taken a toll on your psyche for such a young kid.. Easy with the "blow their brains out" but "making their eyes drop on the floor" is perfectly acceptable with me. I heard about the plans last week from Mom. I bet it was quite the experience! And quite expensive.. which of course, was one of the things she told me.. Haha (I know that you're reading this Mom.. sorry.. and love you!) Haha yes, it is obvious that you have quite the busy and jam packed schedule, but I am sure that you can deal with it! Hang in there, and talk to you soon!
  • Dear Keaton: What did you think of "The Grand"? Callahan said it was "different", Colton and Cooper said they didn't like it.. What did you think overall? I want to know the tally! Haha I would love to see the kitties playing with the Christmas tree! Darn it! Oh man.. Don't even remind me.. You are "of age" for your permit! Crazy! Haha although, I doubt you'll be getting much practice in during the winter season (if Mom would even allow it!). You seem like me when I came of age. Not much in a rush to get it.. .Just for convenience.. I am pretty sure that I got my license when I was 17 when I think of it.. Ahh man! The Leg Lamp Party! I miss the donuts soooo bad! .... yes, and of course family too.. Jeez.. I feel so guilty.. Hahahaha. 
  • Dear Cooper, Dang, your steps are impressive, Coop. Considering, it is always the holiday season when people are the laziest, and eat a ton! I did look at a little weather report for you guys. It does sound pretty dang cold. But looks like it will warm up this week a bit. It is starting to cool down here too, but today, it didn't seem super hot, but the strength of the sun! I felt like I was burning alive! It was weird. WHAT? They changed the name again?! I remember when they changed the name from Delta Center, to Energy Solutions Arena.. But at least ESA has a good ring to it.. .But Vivant Smart Home Center?! Cracker please.That don't have no ring! Oh well. Freaking legalities.. Haha I was wondering what would be your take on the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Grand America Hotel.. But hey, at least you ate super well, am I right? That is always the upside. Oh, and with family of course! Hahaha.. the Good Dinosaur? Haven't heard of it.. Oh well. On my list for when I get back! Oh no... Sick season at the Blackham home.. Never fun... Stay healthy!
  • Dear Colton: Silly little kitties... Hopefully they don't make it fall, or get electrocuted (did I spell that right?) by chewing on the wires.. That wouldn't be fun at all right? Yikes... Getting sick is no fun. I am sorry... but you are already better, right? Haha I will be so proud if the Jazz can end their streak! But then again... if Jazz end it, that would mean a lot of haters... Haha but hey, that's basketball! Haha wow. I am surprised by the negative response of the Thanksgiving dinner at the Grand America Hotel from you guys... But I guess you guys do have a good point... Thanksgiving shouldn't be at a restaurant. Wait a second.. TWO Thanksgiving dinners?! You guys are spoiled for sure! Hahaha. Well have fun with basketball!

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