Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week #44 - Fred's Baptism, Traveling Very Far and Merry Christmas

Another busy week here in Apizaco.. And I am loving it.

We had a baptism this week! Whoa! His name is Fred. First thing to know about him is that he is a little special.. He was a contact, and accepted to hear us. At times, he can be a bit much. Telling him to calm down all the time.. But ultimately, he is a good heart. The plan was originally to hold off the baptism until we talked about the situation with the bishop. But the other elders of our area (the zone leaders) said that they already did, and told us to go on with the baptism. And so we did! I had the opportunity to baptize Fred, which was awesome!

Another awesome thing that happened was today. Today we went to the home of an hermana that lives quite. Super far, in fact. 2 and a half hours in combi far.. Her name is Hermana Coral. They live in a pueblito that I have no idea how to spell.. But basically it is in the middle of the mountains! It is a beautiful place really. Fresh air, no screaming people.. A get away!

It was also a really humbling experience. This family of four, the mother, and her three little children, live in a wooden shack. As a surprise (and incentive) we bought these little chocolate egg treats, that have a little toy inside, and they went nuts for them! It was touching to see. Even better, when we began teaching them. The children would argue over who would answer our questions concerning the Restoration, over who would pray to start and end the lesson.. Amazing experience. Surely a family I will not forget.

Here's a little hand-drawn map, 
Just to help you understand how big Apizaco is compared to my other areas.

Some pictures from the Christmas Conference ...

... and my companion and I

... and a Merry Christmas from a couple of hardworking elves!

Anyway, a little update from Apizaco! Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas!
Thank you everyone for your support.
Les amo

*** Step Stats ***

Landon said there is a LOT of walking in this area, as it is so big. Tuesday, Dec15 he set a new record high, and said he was exhausted, and really feeling it the day after! Cooper laughed when I told him a 31k day did that to Landon, as Cooper hit a 41k day (although he did say he was dragging the day after that too).
Monday, December 14 - 13420
Tuesday, December 15 - 31389
Wednesday, December 16 - 20008
Thursday, December 17 - 26024
Friday, December 18 - 11120
Saturday, December 19 - 18800
Sunday, December 20 - 12830
Monday, December 21 - 20486
I just haven't been as active, thus my dropping down on the Fitbit list. Happy to see Grayson make the Top10 though! He and the two little boys were in Vegas, and got some steps walking the strip. Callahan was in Orlando, and got lots of steps at the Disney Parks there!

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, so Orlando was so much fun. I mean I hate flying on planes but once I go t past that part it was amazing. It was great weather and Disney World is just so much fun. We had a 4 day park hopper pass, which means we can go to any of the 4 parks for the time span of 4 days. There is Epcot, which is less rides and more cultural. Animal Kingdom which is kinda like a zoo and a park, which had the best roller coaster (Mt Everest). Then there was Magic Kingdom which had the best rides overall, a lot of fantasy stuff, which is really fun at night. We spent the first night there till midnight. And then Hollywood Studios which has really cool stores and some fun rides too. Which is where we spent the first day and the third night. Everything dos kinda tire you out though so the whole team got at least one nap in per day. I know I did at least. Basketball wise, both JV and Varsity made it to the championship games and won it all! My team played Maple Mountain from Utah in the championship after we played Chartier HS from Penn, and then St. Francis Catholic from Ontario Canada, which we blew both of those teams out. Then we won Maple Mountain by 9. Now that our varsity also won this tournament we are ranked 8th in the nation which is really awesome and crazy to think. It was a great week though but am kinda glad to be home. Hope everything is good down in Mexico. And if it is as humid in Mexico as it is in Florida than I bet you feel really gross all the time. Love and miss you bro, Christmas won't be the same without you. -Callahan

Dear Landon, in my game yesterday against Joel P, we absolutely squashed on them. It was really fun to play them too because I recognized and was friends with some of the players since they went to Columbia. Tyler scored 32 points! He was six for 11 at the three. I did do some pretty amazing passes for him as well. We also beat Bingham on Thursday by 20. I'm disappointed that there won't be any district games for the next two weeks, but there is a Christmas tournament after Christmas. Little Kitten Joy has seriously began to love me. She follows me everywhere, sleeps on me, meows for me to pick her up. However, I'm allergic to her, so my neck always gets itchy and whenever she scratches me they swell up pretty bad. It's irritating, but I guess I'm too lovable (not even joking, she's sleeping on the chair that I'm typing on right now. Lqtm). Star Wars was amazing! I've already seen it twice. I saw it with Colton, Cooper, Dad, Maga, Clay, Ana, Adrien, Amare, and Aidan. Also, Tyler's family invited me to it on Friday. You let me know if you want a spoiler because I'm way more than happy to tell you. It's probably my second favorite Star Wars episode. First is Episode II because Yoda goes straight bananas on Count Dooku. There are stockings hung up, presents under the Christmas tree, Santa M&M head. We didn't hang up any ornaments on the Christmas tree because Oreo and Joy have both gotten 3/4s of the way to the top of it and it has almost tipped over. On Christmas I guess you're going to see Joy for the first time and me with braces. I've only two tightenings so far, but I have another one two weeks from Tuesday. So yeah... pelota es vida. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, this week was kind of crazy. Still getting a lot of steps, (including a 40k step day), and Colton, Dad, and I went to Las Vegas to see the BYU vs Utes game, and last week of school for Christmas Break. Las Vegas was really fun, and we got to stay in a house with a hot tub and a pool. But no one went swimming in the pool because of its temperature, it was freezing, and it was kind of like a challenge to go into the pool. The football game was really fun, the Utes scored 35-0 in the first quarter, and three of them were pick-6's. We left at the first of the fourth quarter, and dad was getting updates about the game and BYU was coming back, but they still fell short. And the Strip is crazy at night. There was so many people, but seeing all of the cool things there made up for that, like the Bellagio Fountains. We also got some movies to watch on the way there, like Pixels and Ant-man, and we also brought Big Hero 6. On the way back, dad got some movies form Redbox, and the movies were Avengers Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, and Shaun the Sheep The Movie. We got to see Star Wars the Force Awakens. It was a great movie, but I wish I can go see it again because it was so late at night, I kind of fell asleep... but not for a large portion of the movie. I got a new jacket from my school this week and I just love it. It looks really cool and is really comfortable. The voice has ended, and my favorite person won! I wasn't really surprised that he won, but it was still awesome that he won. And I still remember back to the blinds, the TV did not show his face, and his voice was really high pitched that I did not know if it was a boy or girl. Anyway, see you Christmas!   Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, we went and saw the new Star Wars movie! Though, I am not going to say much about it because I don't want to spoil it for you. I had a game on Wednesday. We won 29-23. I got two points. I missed one of our games because of Vegas. Though, Vegas was awesome. I did learn that Aidan is kind of obsessed with me. He came on both five hour rides with us because I was in the car. We went walking down on the strip and he was always behind me. Whenever he would get in front of me, he would fall back to get behind me. Plus, there were so many escalators around! I love escalators! Also, the place we stayed at, awesome!  It had its own pool and hot tub. The hot tub got up to 100 degrees, although, the pool always stayed under around 30. So it was freezing. Sometimes we would do a challenge and jump in! The house was so much nicer than the one in Saint George! (I'm not saying that the other was bad, I'm saying that this one was way, way, way good.) And for the ride we bought, Pixels and Ant-Man. For the ride back, we rented, Age of Ultron, Shaun the Sheep movie, and Pitch Perfect 2. This was an awesome trip! And it's my birthday today. It almost already over because I had to sit in a car for six hours. Anyway, that's it for this week. Love ya     Colt

  • Again, I am short on time boys. Super sorry! But we will talk on Friday! Love you my brothers!

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