Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week #54 - No Changes

So I just wanted to write a really quick email to you all, telling you about the changes. Well there aren't any. I will be staying for a another change here in Apizaco with Elder Cocom! We are looking forward to a baptism in week 3 of the change, so that will be great! A little about my companion Elder Cocom. He comes from a very poor family. His parents can't read or write. So think a little about how when we are in the mission, we can only communicate through letters! So he needs for some member from the ward to help them write, and that is only every other week. Tough stuff! It appears we have some early spring upon us right now.. Wish us luck!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, February 22 - 16379
Tuesday, February 23 - 14831
Wednesday, February 24 - 26032
Thursday, February 25 - 18525
Friday, February 26 - 19007
Saturday, February 27 - 25041
Sunday, February 28 - 16656

Super Cooper still up there at the top! I remember many months ago when he was SO excited to hit that #1 spot for the first time ... and now it's where he's always at. Crazy kid! Mr. Missionary is stepping a lot, still beating Mommy, who has yet to regain her weekly goal average of 22k. Happy to have Grayson in the top10 again. Pretty impressive! Keaton should be there I'm sure, and Colton should be higher I think. Both were having Fitbit issues this past week. Hopefully they will be resolved and we'll see where the other brothers stand.

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I had 5 games in 4 days this week. I won three of them. And in all the points I got were around 31 points. The three games I won were the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Although I did some great passes. I got a lot of assists as well! So, the Saturday season is done, and Wednesday. Stephen Curry hit a game winner against the thunder! Cooper and I were so mad! It was a couple meters inside the half court line! He hit 12 three pointers in that single game. He also broke his own record, again! He already has 288 three pointers in this season, with almost 20 more games to go! (The prior record was 286, also set by steph) While Keaton was in gym class at school, he landed awkwardly on his wrist. It is now broken and he is getting a cast tomorrow. Sooooooooooo, I'm really tired, I should have written you earlier. Anyway, Love ya! ColtBolt

Dear Landon, I have been playing wall ball a lot lately, and the more I play with them, the more I lose them. Mom I got me this kind of bucket with a dozen wall balls in it. They were the "Penn' brand, so they were much bouncier, which made it better. Since the snow is all melted, my friends have been playing football again. It is hard to choose between basketball and football at school, because basketball is my favorite, but nobody plays with me. But if I play football, everybody is playing, but I kind of struggle with how they sometimes act while playing. I tried football again, and my first touchdown, better yet, my first catch was an interception that led to a pick-six. I got to see my friends Hunter and Rachel perform in "Merrywives of Winsor" this week, but I did not really like it. Everybody acted fine, it was just very confusing, and hard to follow, which made it a very weird play. I had a substitute for two straight days, because my teacher was in Pennsylvania. I always hate the subs, and it seems like I have one a week. She may be back on Monday, but not for sure. Golden State and Oklahoma City went against each other yesterday, and boy was it a good game. It was close for the entire game, then it came down to the fourth quarter. Stephen Curry had a 3-pointer record setting night. First of all, he tied the most 3-pointers made in a game (12), he passed how many three pointers he made last season (286), and got the game winning shot from almost 6 feet behind the three point line. It went to OT, and when I saw that he made that three with 0.6 seconds left, I collapsed. OKC still had a chance, but Kevin Durant was fouled out, and Russell missed the three to put it into 2-OT. Oh yeah, Keaton broke his arm at school a few days ago, and it has made me to go to these past few derbies. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, on Monday in gym we were playing dunkball and one of my friends threw me an oop. It went completely over my head (he was a soccer player though lqtm). I had still gone for it and end up with both of my hands hanging on the rim, but I was running too fast and jumped too high that I flipped, someone had ran into my legs in the air, and I tried to catch myself with my right hand. I also landed on my left knee and got a pretty bad bruise, and my head swung down and hit the floor hard. Broken wrist, bruised knee, and headache still today. The doctor in Riverton said there were three breaks! They put me in a splint because my hand was pretty swollen, so I needed to ice it all this week. It's hard to write lefty! Not just because it's not dominant, but when you start writing on the left side, your left hand isn't supporting the paper. And since I have a splint, I could barely support the paper with my right hand, so the paper is always moving around. IT'S FRUSTRATING!! I'm getting kind of used to doing some stuff left-handed though. I should get a cast tomorrow, but when I was icing it today, Dad said it still looked pretty swollen. My fingers were disgusting! They were the size of sausages and felt all sticky and moist with dead skin all around. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

  • Dear Colton: Dang.. that is a lot of games.. Sounds like the super league is a bit more difficult. But at least have fun! Haha I thought that you guys liked Golden State? Or just like Thunder more? It should almost be time for Playoffs, right? 12 three pointers?!?! That is nuts! 
  • Dear Cooper,: Are you playing at home or at school? I can see it being easy to lose the balls at school.. But at home? How can you be losing them so often? Haha but as usual.. Mom provides! I am really happy here in my area because there are a lot of American Elders, who want to play other sports other than just soccer. So today we got a few games of basketball, soccer, and even football! It was pretty awesome, but I am pretty tired now too.. And I haven't even showered either.. Yikes. Don't worry, I will shower. 
  • Dear Keaton,Ouchie dude.. That sure does suck.. I guess there won't be any basketball for a while, right? Dang.. Nor is it easy to hold a controller to play games either! No manches.. Sorry little bro. Hope that you can get through it! This is the third broken bone for you? I can't remember.. Hang in there!

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