Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week #55 - Finding Four

Adios a Elder Cordero!

Well it is already the end of the first week of the new change. And it was another week of seeing miracles. 

Wednesday I had the chance to do interchanges with my district leader for the second time, which was fun.. He is in the ward Loma Florida, and right now, the elders that are there are only American elders. Four Americans working in Loma. We all ate together in a little business, and since we were all Americans, we decided to have a little competition for who could eat the most "picante".(spiciness... I think that is how you spell that.) There was a super spicy sauce of the Habenero pepper. We were just eating it with tortilla chips.. And we all got spiced pretty good. With no clear winner declared.

But concerning the miracles that we have seen this week was the following experience.. We set the goal in our district meeting to find new investigators, and we agreed on 4 new investigators for the week from every companionship of the district. We felt excited and committed leaving from the meeting, and went to work to reach the goal. But, the whole week we worked hard...looking, searching for those people that are ready to receive the message that we bring from our Loving Father in Heaven. Everyday. We got to Sunday, with nothing! We were feeling a little down.. But we continued working. And finally we found a family of three people, whose challenges of life have humbled them in a very sad way,, But they were willing to receive the message. 

So there were three. One more to fulfill to goal. We went with a less active family planning on meeting one of their sons, but they said that he wasn't home, but they had another son that was visiting at the time! Perfect! We will teach him then! And there it was, mission accomplished.

I know with diligence, this work will be fulfilled. We can't expect perfect results when we give a half-hearted effort.. We must do as all the men of God have taught us since the beginning, ENDURE TO THE END.

***Step Stats ***
Monday, February 29 - 28493
Tuesday, March 1 - 26830
Wednesday, March 2 - 18551
Thursday, March 3 - 16445
Friday, March 4 - 17847
Saturday, March 5 - 245535
Sunday, March 6 - 20039

While it appears I'm a step above Landon ... his average is higher, and my Monday morning steps were added in (whereas his step count ended with his Sunday steps). I really think he's got me beat this week! Crazy Cooper is still #1. It's good to see Colton and Keaton back up on the list again (Keaton updated to a Fitbit One, and I made sure Colton had synced recently). Callahan dropped down though ... there was basketball this past week, but it was the state playoffs for Varsity, so he was sitting the bench cheering instead of getting in steps. Grayson is doing well still. Still there in the Top10! Go Gray!  

***Between Brothers ***
March 6, 2016 #55

Dear Landon, I played on the trampoline a LOT recently. I have done some mean dunks! I did a double clutch reverse, through the legs reverse, under the legs, 360 through the legs, and behind the back dunks! The Warriors now have 6 losses! They lost to the Lakers, the second worst team! Steph Curry did unusually really bad. Keaton now has a blue cast. I keep on getting scared that his cast is going to drill me right to the face while we are playing basketball. My team won the whole entire Jr. Jazz tournament! In the championship, we only won by two! In my third game, I made some pretty clutch free throws. We were only up by one with seven seconds left, and I got fouled and made both of my free throws! We went undefeated all throughout the tournament. Throughout this whole week, I had I think 25 points but a whole lot of assists! Anyway, that is about all for this week. Love , ColtBolt

Dear Landon, Colton and I have been playing on the tramp a lot more often. It is really fun too because we know a lot more tricks to do since we are more athletic since the last times we have been on the tramp. It has been really sunny these past few days, and it has been nearly 60 degrees, and it is so wonderful. I can play outside without a jacket, and I can play with my friends at school and do good at basketball. I still have been playing wall-ball, but I have really improved at my ball handling in basketball. If I told my friends I have improved at ball handling, they will not believe me because I am really, really good compared to them. Today we went to the monthly cousins thing, and Keaton, Colton, and I were playing Heads-Up basketball edition. It was a lot easier compared to the other categories, because we already know everything. We also played the Head's Up "Friends" edition and all the cousins were surprised at how much we knew. Kemery also loaned us this Friends Trivia game, and it is fun because we are getting like everything right. We started talking about "Friends" because she had changed all their family photos to the characters from "Friends". Funny! I still want to play the Friends trivia right now, so I guess I will write you next week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, my cast is so much better than the stupid splint. My fingers aren't moist anymore and I can move them, but my arm stinks a lot more and it's harder to take showers. I'm getting a lot better with my left-handed writing. I couldn't really play games with my splint, but now I can since my fingers are free. It's kinda fun to bash people over the head with my cast. I'm a baller at volleyball during gym. I can't spike it with my cast, or serve with my cast because it hurts, but I can spike it with my left hand and I'm like the best setter to spike it. I only use one hand too! It's getting pretty warm out here (except for today; it snowed lqtm). At school, we've been going outside almost everyday after lunch. Golden State just lost their sixth time this season to the Lakers! It was so funny and they lost by 17. The Lakers also have one of the worst records in the NBA this season! I hate Golden State because Steph isn't a team player. Their shots were so bad. I think they were 4-30 from the three. I was laughing so hard. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

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