Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week #74 & #75

For those who read my last letter, just to give an update for the house ... it is SO much better. After two fumigations and hours upon hours of cleaning, we are finally living in our own house. And being in our house, we have been a lot better at having time to work the area.

As for the area itself ... the last eight months (my last two area) were very "pueblo" ... small towns with 90% of the people working the humble farmlife. But here in Manantales, I have returned to the city. Supposedly anyway. It is practically a desert, with "fraccionemientos" (basically really nice neighborhoods behind big walls ... they look like some sort of compound from the outside) and fields of corn. That 99% of our area, and it makes working somewhat difficult because to enter one of these fraccionemientos, we need the name of the person, which house they live in, and permission of the person through a phone call to security. So ... not the easiest way to work.

*** Between Brothers ***

07172016 #74

Dear Landon, I finally had my first basketball game in about six weeks! We got destroyed. But I got seven points including a three pointer. Joy is in heat...... AGAIN! She will keep sleeping on us and meow just all the time. We had an awesome dinner today. We had pork chops, chicken drumsticks, steak, and mashed potatoes. The Wii U is so fun. I'm mostly this guy named Corrin. He is a beast.  Someone named Cloud might be the best in the game, I sometimes use him, Keaton mostly uses him when we play. Four of our ducks flew away. The other two, mom, dad, and I took the other two to the canal with two of the other ducks. Mom brings them food everyday. I guess that is all I have for this week. See ya, love ya man!           ColtBolt

Dear Landon, there wasn't much free agency moves or trades this week, and I've still been practicing at the church for an hour most days of the week. And I always walk to the church when we go because it's a PokeSpot. A PokeSpot is a place where you can go get items in Pokemon GO, so I think that is cool, and there is also another one at the park near there. And whenever mom or dad go somewhere and are driving, I'll come and catch some Pokemon and hit the PokeStops on the way, because there are rarer Pokemon out farther from where we live. Kitten is in heat again because she is being so cuddly and is meowing loud. Whenever she meows, I'll answer back and she'll keep on answering. If only Oreo wasn't neutered, we would have lots of kittens to take care of until we give them away. Speaking of kittens, Maga's kittens are at the age of where they can be given away. The one that I like the most, they are thinking of keeping it because he is to dang cute. We're having another special dinner today from the smoker with stuff we haven't smoked before: drumsticks, and pork chops. But mom doesn't seem to like the two, so dad is making some steak for her. The smell is just mouthwatering. I want it now!     Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Mom wanted me to tell you that I've recently been making the waffles for Sunday Circles each week, and there hasn't really ever been much of, "FIRST WAFFLE!!!" every morning since there's usually two less people (because Cal usually sleeps in). We got the Wii U a few days ago and it is pretty fun. We've just been playing Smash Bros and there are a lot of new guys. The only characters from previous Smash games that aren't in this one are Snake, Ice Climbers, and Wolf. On Tuesday, Dad, Cal, Travis, and I went wave running. It was way fun because we brought a tube and hooked it to the back of Roxy. I was the best tuber lqtm. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

07242016 #75
Dear Landon, Dad, Coop, Keaton, and I went wave running today and brought a tube. I wasn't a big fan of the tube. When I was on it, I got nervous because Cooper said it hurt when he fell off, when I was on it, I bit my tongue pretty badly and started feeling a little sick. I finished the the Sapphire Pokemon game and started all over again with new pokemon! Keaton right now is playing Emerald is going to beat the 7th gym soon. In Sapphire, it took me a few hours to catch rayquaza. But it took me a few minutes to find Latias. My party in my new game is going to be, Swampert, Gardevoir, Aggron, Breloom, Swellow, and Roselia. My party before was, Sceptile, Slaking, Tentacruel, Skarmory, Manectric, and Hariyama. I will have a basketball game tomorrow against the third best team in the league. My team has the hardest schedule out of every team. That is all I have for this week so love ya man!  ColtBolt

Dear Landon, definitely wasn't my most productive week of the summer with really nothing to talk about. I did forget to tell you that we got a Wii U last week, and we have got some fun games on it like: Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, and Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land is a game where there are lots of mini games or attractions. They all have a different theme for it with different characters. The main ones we do are Mario Chase, Luigi's Mansion, and a Samus themed one. We visited Maga's today, and sadly, all kittens have been sold ):. And Princess will just meow and roll over where ever she goes. I don't know if she is stressed about her kittens, or just in heat and being really cuddly. We also went to the lake today and it was fun. It was finally my first time tubing. I don't know if I like it or I'm scared to go on it. A little bit of both, but I mainly have fun. Ping Pong was one the few things I did this week, but I did a lot of it. Whenever Colt and Keat would be playing on the Wii U, I would be playing Ping Pong with the table up so it would bounce back to me every time. Yesterday,  was the 24th and there were a lot of fireworks going on. The Lavallees were doing those BIG ones, and they sounded like explosions. They went on and on for about an hour yesterday.    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, we visited Maga today, but she had no kittens. :( All of them have been given away. Also, Livi came over yesterday do give us all hair cuts, but she decided to give me a different look. So now, my sides are almost bald and if I wear aviators, then I look like a marine. It's fine though. We went wave running today and it was normal amount of fun lqtm. We had the tube, but Coop and Colt didn't seem to care for it, so we didn't last that long. When I was on it though, Dad skipped me and I fell off and this two girls on a wave running came speeding right close to me. They were probably 15 ft away! Dad and I were pretty mad because there's too many people on boats that shouldn't be on boats. Right after that I got back on and Dad kept driving, but it must've been too rough or something because my license actually ripped off the ring thing. He said we could replace it though. I can't even find a life jacket that fits me though lqtm. The life jacket I have right now is a Men's Large XD bigger than Cal's. So yeah... Ya boi, Beaton Klackham

  • Dear Colton: It is good to hear you guys are finally taking out "las chicas" (the girls, in Spanish). Honestly, I didn't like the tube pulled by the waverunner either. That's far too rough. Water spits right into your face. But in the end, still fun. Wow ... you start over pretty quick with your games! Did you not try to beat the Battle Zone? That's when real strategy comes in. Sounds like some pretty strong parties, other than Roselia. What? Why? Just Kidding. Keep working on your basketball skills, soon  you'll be able to dunk it!
  • Dear Cooper: The gaming never ends! I just hope when I come back and I want to play and try the new games that all you boys aren't sick of them already, leaving me to play alone. Just kidding, I doubt that will happen ... right? Of course I already know SSB, and I heard about Splatoon, which looks really cool. I don't have a clue about NintendoLand. No more kittens? So sad! Now that I've thought about it, tubing behind the waverunners is quite dangerous, but I like a bit of danger. Enjoy the fun of DANGER ...
  • Dear Keaton: So you are rocking the "jarhead" look like I do? Welcome to the club, it is great! Darn girls not paying attention to their water-driving. Glad you are okay! What happened with your other jacket, doesn't fit you anymore? You too buff? Is Callahan using mine? And the most important question ... what the freak does "lqtm" mean??

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