Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week #71 - Gabriella's Baptism, a Funeral, and more Rain

Gabriella's Baptism!

There are times Landon can't get an email off, but his camera can auto-send pictures if there is wifi (and while not as common as here in the USA, there are still some spots). So sometimes we get a picture of a written letter. So here's Elder Blackham's last week, in his own handwriting. Ironically, we've noticed he writes MORE when he writes and actual letter! (click on the image to enlarge). 

... you can see Landon included steps there at the end (as always, one of the "mommy" requirements) and here's how his steps stack up to family and friends this past week ....

*** Step Stats ***
For the first time in a loooong while, Mommy is in the top spot! I create a capture as soon as I receive and input Landon's step counts and even though that was several days ago (until today, when I'm actually updating the blog), I'm still holding! Cooper, Colton and Callahan are the only ones who made the Top10 from our immediate family (Keaton just missed, and Grayson's been struggling with pinched nerve pain). We've got our old neighbor's the Maxfields (Curt and Terrilynne) with impressive numbers. Tenille is Grayson's cousin. They've moved to Georgia, but are in Utah this week. I've seen her Facebook posts about family hikes, and seeing those steps show up here in the Top10. Uncle Chris loves the mountains and hiking too. Aunt Wendy nabs the final spot this week.

Cooper's Charge  band ripped, but Fitbit sent us out a replacement (upgrading to the ChargeHR). I do think band integrity has been an issue, as the new Alta has replaceable bands (it is replacing the Charge in the Fitbit market). Cooper would have preferred the new Alta, but has been liking some of the new feedback the ChargeHR provides too.

Personalized planners ... Landon wrote in his letter to me, that he is appalled that we haven't gotten "the girls" (the waverunners Suzy and Roxy) up to the lake yet this summer. He even selected a picture of him on Roxy for his current planner.

*** Between Brothers ***
Dear Landon, not much happened this week besides NBA stuff. In the draft, my favorite college player went to New Orleans, ugh. The first two picks were Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram. The third pick was surprising. It was Jaylen Brown, Cooper and I though it would be Khris Dunn or Jamal Murray would be the third pick. There has been a few trades but my favorite one was Victor Oladipo to the Thunder and two other players for Serge Ibaka. Kevin Durant is most likely going to go to Golden Staten or stay with Oklahoma however, he is meeting with a bunch of teams. That is all I got for this week because Summer is here and there is nothing to do. Love ya! ColtBolt

Dear Landon, now with The Finals taken care with, it's time for the draft and free agency. Free agency doesn't start for another week, so I'll keep you updated with the trades and draft picks right now. The draft had many surprising picks with people I've never heard of before. But Ben Simmons went at #1 (PHI), Ingram at #2 (LAL), Brown at #3 (BOS), Bender at #4 (PHX), Dunn at #5 (MIN), Hield at #6 (NOP), and Murray at #7 (DEN). I know you don't know them, but these were the main picks and I wanted to let you know. There has also been some big trades that have happened: Jeff Teague to IND/ George Hill to Utah/ the #12 to ATL. Derrick Rose to NYK  and two others/ Robin Lopez to CHI and two others. Thaddeous Young to IND. Serge Ibaka to ORL/ Victor Oladipo and two others to OKC. The most surprising one was definitely D-Rose being in a Knicks jersey, but it'll be cool. The one that effected me the most was Oladipo to OKC. If Durant stays, that'll make on heck of a big three. I was not feeling well this week, and I my legs were feeling kind of weak, so I didn't go to the church as much this week, but we still made some trips there. Colton and I like playing on the tramp, but it's summer so it is very hot. We put the sprinkler under it to cool us down, and when the tramp is wet, we jump like 2 times higher, so we play different games on it. Anyway, I'll update you next week on more of the free agency rumors and tell you where other people have been traded to.     Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Dixie was way awesome but it seemed a lot shorter than last year. Out of all the CH teams, Varsity was the only team to win something. They won the 2-minute tournament this year. I remember winning it last year. It was way fun. No one won the whole thing, but the coaches didn't really care because it doesn't mean anything. The ride back was really hot in the bus because we couldn't figure out the AC until we were about half way home. It was still awesome though and I was put on a good team and I roomed with my friends. Star Wars Battlefront has gone through a bunch of patches and updates. I haven't played it for like 2 weeks. When I played it today, there was a bunch of different things. Doesn't matter though, it makes the game better and I'm still amazing lqtm. The Bespin update is almost released. If you have the Season Pass then you can have access to it right now. When I played it today I saw people with it because they were using some star cards that were only available if you had the DLC. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

  • Dear Colton: Well, what do you WANT to do during the summer for fun? Make a list and make it happen! You need to do fun things so you can tell me all about them. Ha ha, New Orleans still gets first pick? Yikes, they haven't improved much.I don't know this Victor Oladipo, is he new? Kevin Durrant giong to Golden State? How would that work? Doesn't he play the same position as Curry?
  • Dear Cooper: Basketball season never truly ends, does it? You are correct ... I don't know ONE of the players you mentioned! I do remember Derek Rose. That is pretty crazy that he'll be leaving Chicago and going to New York. But it is pretty cool about George Hill heading to Utah ... that is if he is still good! Enjoy summer, be careful with it being so hot!
  • Dear Keaton: Time flies when you are having fun, so the saying goes! Yikes to be on a hot bus for a long time. Here, ALL the buses are HOT. It is a bit annoying with the constant updates, having to wait 30min for dowloads. Good you remembered it though. Be careful on the roads!

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