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Weeks #72 & #73 - La Cucuracha!

Where to start. This week it has been quite nuts! I guess I need to talk about last week as well, as I didn't get a letter out then. It was the last week of the change, but I was 90% sure that I wouldn't have changes. That was, until Saturday at 8:40ish pm when I got a call from the assistants. I was pretty bummed. The next few weeks in this area were going to be so great! With four baptisms and the wedding of Omar and Marisel. My last Sunday consisted of goodbyes and goodies with everyone.

 The district in Teotlaitzingo

As for my new companion and new area. I am with Elder Diaz from the Dominican Republic, and I am in the "LaLibertad" stake again. In fact, I'm in the sister ward of where I started my mission (Forjadores). It is called Manantiales. So while I was sad to be leaving Teotlaltzingo, I quickly got excited about seeing familiar faces and being in a familiar area.

Familiar Faces!

The challenge here is we are opening the area. I haven't have much experience with this, just one time in my first area when I was new and didn't know how to do anything! Elder Dias thankfully has some experience.

Our mission president was very straight with us, telling us the elders before us weren't very obedient and that is why the area had been closed down. So we are starting from scratch. At least there is one ray of hope, one 18-year old fellow named Miguel Angel. He has a baptismal date of the 23rd.

Here in the new area, we don't even have a house yet! On Monday, when we got there, we opened it up and it was horrifying. Lots and lots (and LOTS) of cucarachas (cockroaches in English!) Surprisingly, to this point I have never had cockroach problems ... but we do now! We've been struggling with the problem all week. We got the house fumigated, and then we had to clean up all the dead bodies. And there are STILL a lot. We actually had to have it fumigated a second time, and we can't even enter the house again for a couple of days. Now I know you can't get rid of all cockroaches, but we'd like to at least get it under control!

We've been staying with our district leader, which has honestly been rather fun ... but it is time for our own house so we can unpack and plan and study better.

So to sum up ... the first week here in Manatiagles hasn't been super great, but when my comp and I talk about the situation, we laugh, knowing these will be quite the memories later on. But ... I will take a minute to testify to the importance of cleanliness. The Spirit will have a tough time visiting if you are in a pigsty. Please take time to clean your room, your bathroom, your car, where ever you are so that Spirit can be with you.

 Enjoying some donuts!

Picture proof of the package mommy sent ...
One of the mission secretaries said international rates just skyrocketed!
A 2kg package did cost $180 (pesos) and now would be $700!

With the craziness of the cockroaches and transfer/travel, Landon wasn't able to write personally to his brothers these past couple weeks, but here are their letters to him ...

*** Between Brothers ***

07032016 #72
Dear Landon, yesterday I watched Ip Man again. I forgot how good the movie was. It's probably one of my favorite movies. I watched Ip Man 2 just barely and it's also really good. Now I just need to watch Ip Man 3. I've been driving a few more times, but I still need some practice lqtm. I had to rearrange my room to get an AC unit in my room because in the morning, my room gets up to about 90 degrees! It's kind of like the white one we put in the living room, but it's better. I actually like my room better now the way I arranged it. OCD comes in handy :P The NBA is kinda crazy right now. My favorite team is still the Celtics and there's a slight possibility that Kevin Durant could go there! They also got Al Horford (he's a center and probably wouldn't remember him after a year and a half lqtm). I really wish that the Celtics had picked Buddy Hield for there pick. He was probably the best shooting guard in the NCAA last year. Now Boston just needs a good power forward. We went to Rodizio's today. It's up there on my list of favorite restaurants shortly behind Tepanyaki and Windy Ridge. I had a dream that I woke up and you came into my room and said, "I'm taking your room." I was completely unaware of the fact that you weren't in Mexico lqtm. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, we are still going to the church often, and still working on the drills, but there isn't much to update about it. But in the NBA, there is a big update in free agency. The contracts teams are signing to players are crazy. They're basically spending $20,000,000 on bench players every year. There has been plenty of signings, but I'll go to the more important re-signings first. Whiteside re-signs with MIA, DeRozan re-signs with TOR, Drummond stays with DET, Conley stays with MEM, Batum stays with Hornets, LeBron stays with CLE. And most of the guys I just listed above are making between $20-$30 million a year. And there have been other people going to other places. Horford to BOS, Rondo to CHI, Dwight Howard to ATL, Parsons to MEM, Evan Turner to POR, Joe Johnson to the Jazz (OH MY GOSH, THAT'S AWESOME), Deng to LAL, Jeff Green to ORL, and Biyombio to ORL as well. KD, Wade, Gasol, Nowitzki, and others are still available. And KD says he is making his decision TOMORROW. Whether he is re-signing or goes elsewhere, I'll be flipping out tomorrow! You know how I got your Charge after you left for your mission? That broke a while ago. And I got a replacement for that... but it broke earlier this week. So now I got a Charge HR to wear. Earlier today, we went to Rodizio Grill for dad's Father's Day present. If you don't remember, it's a place where the waiters walk around tables with a sword with some kind of meat on it, and they'll slice some for you if you want it. Anyway, it was amazing like last time tasting the different varieties of meat. And we smoked some ribs again, and they just fell off the bone with every bite, and that is what makes them so good. We got to visit the kittens again, and they have began to walk, or should I say hop? Whenever they see mama, they just hop right to her. It's funny to see, but I still can't get over of how cute they are.     Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Kevin Durant is going to make his decision tomorrow to decide where he is going to go. I want him to stay with the Thunder but he has a good chance of going to the Warriors. We went to go see the kittens again. When they run, well they don't run, they hop. It's so funny to look at. We thought that one of them was lost because we didn't see it in a while. Princess grabbed one of the kittens by the neck and took her under Maga's bed. Mom followed them and looked under the bed. When she looked under, she saw the missing kitten! Today for dad's Father's Day present, we went to Rodizio and all I can say is that is sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo good. I mostly like the trytip, and the bacon wrapped chicken. I was so full at the end though. Dad has been smoking a lot of stuff on the grill. My favorite was the ribs. They just fall off the bone when you touch them. So that is about it, anyway, love ya man!           ColtBolt

07102016 #72
Dear Landon, Pokemon has made its comeback once again. Cal and Coop got the new iPhone app, Pokemon Go. It uses your surroundings and tells you if there are Pokemon near. I might get it later, but idk. Cooper is using YOUR old phone (now the family phone) as it requires GPS. I started playing Pokemon Battle Revolution again. Nobody else really likes it. Colton plays FireRed. Yesterday, we finally went wave running. I totally forgot how fun it was. I still think tubing can be a little funner though. Clay's family, Ana's family, and Maga met us at Pineview. It was really fun, except I got sunburned. A few days ago we purchased a Wii U with Smash Bros. It should come this week. Mom, Coop, Colt, and I split the cost of it and the games. We had the Westra waffles here today and Mom and Dad took the initiative and changed the whole environment. There's weird things in the back yard (shading the patio), the door is so clean (Dad painted it), and the bacon was so good. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, so two major free agents made their decisions this week. And they were KD and Dwyane Wade. And they both chose to leave their teams. KD went to... Golden State. And Wade went to... the Bulls. First of all: why did Durant decide to leave his team to go to a team that prevented him from going to the Finals? This just makes me hate him instead of love him, because he was one of my favorite players. I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I actually understand why Wade left, but what KD did was cowardly. He wanted money that the Heat weren't offering, but Bulls were. And they are his hometown so... We have been getting into Pokemon again because of these funny videos we have been watching, and they were tempting me to play again. So now I am. I am playing two games right now: Platinum and Pokemon GO. GO is a new game that uses GPS on your phone and gives you a huge map of where you actually are. Since my Ipod does not have a GPS, I am using yours. You actually have to walk around to encounter Pokemon. Callahan plays it too, and he told me there are crazy places to find legendaries. Like if you wanted to catch Deoxys, you have to go into outer space and catch him. And this is actually real.  The NBA Summer League has started, and dad took Colton and I to a Jazz-76er's game. We got to see #1 overall pick in the 2016 Draft, Ben Simmons, play. He is a 6'10'' power forward, but he chooses to play at point guard. And he is really good at it! He does all these flashy passes, and he doesn't shoot a lot. I guess he's kind of like Giannis Antetokounmpo (you don't know who he really is, huh), he is a point forward. We finally took Suzie and Roxy out yesterday, and it was way fun. I was one of the people to take the wave-runners out, because Callahan was not there. We also did the Westra Waffles today, and we were the ones hosting it. And to sum that all up, Aniston and Layla terrorized the kitties the whole time they were here.       Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I can't believe that KD went to the Warriors! It makes me so mad! He left his team and Westbrook to win a championship with the team who denied him his first ring. Dad, Cooper, and I went to a summerleague basketball game, it was the 76er's against the Jazz. We saw Ben Simmons, the number one pick in the draft, he is really good. We FINALLY took out Suzie and Roxy yesterday. Dad and I hit some unbelievably big waves. Maga, Clay, Courtney, and Anna came with all the kids. It was really fun. I started playing Pokemon Fire Red again, Cooper and Callahan play this game called Pokemon GO. I would get it if there were a GPS on my Ipod. Keaton is playing Pokemon Battle Revolution. Today, we had the Westra Waffles here and it was really fun. Annie and Leila Really liked Oreo and Joy. Anyway, That is about all I got for this week. So, love ya man!            ColtBolt

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