Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #6 - Departure del CCM

Last night was a night filled with fixed emotions.. Much excitement to enter the field, but also nervousness because we have very amateur Spanish speaking skills.. And also the fact that we have to leave all the friends we have made during our time here in the CCM. Our district is still mostly together, of the nine of us, six of us are still together. The other three had to go to Pachuca.

So we woke up around 4 in the morning, but no one really slept, because we wanted to say goodbye to others who left even earlier. We got on a bus, then they dropped us off at a public bus station, and from there we were picked up by the mission presidents and their assistants.

Now we are here in the mission presidents' home (which is so beautiful). And tomorrow we will have a little bit more orientation, then meet our new companions (which are guaranteed to be Latino), and head off to our new area! That is where I am at! Arrived safely in Puebla, and excited to do the work of the Lord!

Hope everything is well at home. Love you all!

*** From the Brothers ***

Dear Landon, man that is real quick that you’re already going to Puebla! Just today Maga, Addie, Will, and Sam came over. Addie and I played Time Soldiers and we didn’t get to the last level… But we got five of the warriors! I had another basketball game… This time we got our butts whooped. We were around 11 points and they where around 40 points. I don’t really know because they turned off the scoreboard. Cooper had maturation. HAHAHAHA!!! Keaton hid the book under Cooper’s blanket and put it to the gross page! Oreo has been REALLY liking the temptations. Whenever we look for Oreo, we get the temptations and walk around shaking it. We are having spring break this week! NO SCHOOL!! For some of the week… Oh yeah… Oreo was in the room while I was playing the computer. (The room with the computer that is not a mac.) And he knocked down a plant and scratched me hard. Anyways back to the basketball game. I played Mason Johnson’s little brother that is REALLY good. And another kid was 5 for 6 on his free throws! That has really been all for this week. I know you’re going to be the best missionary in history.  Love, your BEST little brother,Colton

Dear Landon, it is great that you are exited to go to Puebla for the rest of your mission, also, have you been trading any of your ties yet? It will be cool for you to teach people about the Gospel with your companion on your side to help you. And mom told you that it rains nearly everyday while you are in Mexico, so that would not be the place I would want to go on a mission nor vacation, but I would want to go there and see you definitely! We also got some new kitty litter for Oreo that I am not liking that much. It’s not flushable, so I would have to dump the clumps into the trash outside. And I want the other litter back, mom doesn’t know where you got the first litter for him, do you remember where you got it? Yeah, he does not try to run away from us when he is out there, but there was this one time when he was outside, and then Trigger came out and scared the life out of Oreo! Good thing I left the door open so he could get inside the house safely! Anyway, I had maturation at school, and it wasn’t pleasant… we talked about how the human body undergoes changes, and they showed pictures of “stuff,” and I was just looking away the whole time those pictures were up. But after everybody did get little bags filled with deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. This is all that I remember of what happened this weird and awesome weekend. And good luck at teaching the people of Puebla about our Heavenly Father. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, you guys play beach volleyball?! I’ve played regular before, but beach sounds a lot better. The only beach volleyball game I ever saw is the girls Olympics. Where do you even play it? Is there an actual beach that you play it at? That would be awesome. Mom got me a wiffleball bat to play baseball with. That’s what I do when I’m bored. I don’t know if you know this, but the McBrides moved into the Wooly’s home. Also, a new teacher moved into the ward! His name is Braden, and his family lives in the Gorringe’s old home. Derby season is pretty much here, and Callahan, Cooper, and I are all fighting to go to them. Dad taught me to put the tables away. He pays me an extra five dollars just for that, and Callahan is working concessions at Re├íl with Pahker. All is well. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, Update on March Madness, Final Four is Kentucky against Wisconsin and Duke against Michigan St. Kentucky is still undefeated and no has the longest undefeated record in NCAA history at 38-0. I’m pretty sure they will win it all. Wichita lost so that made me sad but oh well. Prom was fun but kinda glad it is over now. Parker offered me to take me to Real Salt Lake to work concessions for fundraising money for spring and summer basketball. It was pretty fun but it took quite a bit of time and energy. But it’ll be worth it once I can pay for most of my summer stuff. I can’t believe you are going out to Mexico to teach already. That’s crazy. Hasn’t seemed like that long. Best wishes to you starting tomorrow. Miss and love you bro. Love, the best brother ever, Callahan

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