Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week #4 ... Working on Writing

It is really hard to believe that I've already been here for five weeks (technically four weeks, but they count five). So that means this next week will be the last full week, and then I'll be heading down to Puebla. I felt I've only been here a week! I do realize that my time here, with all the people will be short. I just hope to be able to get to know them and help them enough. Even though right now it's only the missionaries in my zone and casa and my teachers that I know well enough to call mis amigos. 

I think of everything I'm going to miss back home, sure it makes me somewhat sad, but I know why I am here. I know my work here will be short.

When we all get together to email, everyone wants to do it for hours.. When I reply to those who emailed me, it would take maybe an hour. But I have to get up and move every few minutes because I get bored looking at a computer screen for so long. But last time I actually logged on to the family Google Drive account to look at some pictures. I ended up looking at maybe over a thousand. It was pretty fun to be able to look so far back. 

I can definitely improve on writing and journal keeping. It is just really hard with our schedule. We don't get home until 9:30, and it is supposed to be lights out at 10:15, when all you want to do is mess around to unwind from the long day. But I am still doing good with my pedometer! Sometimes I'll forget it when I change into my gym clothes for gym, but that is the only time I would forget it! This week wasn't too impressive..

12/3 - 15823
13 - 16704
14 - 10937
15 - 9907
16 - 11347
17 - 9652
18 - 11765

I just weighed myself yesterday, but the scale is in kilos. I weighed in at 81.2 kg, which is around 179 lbs. Which is about what I weighed before I left. The milk here is simply so fantastic! They keep it in this container thing that keeps it super duper cold.. Which you know I love! It is so creamy, and wonderful, and amazing in every single way. I have it every morning for breakfast and for dinner. I even stole some during lunch because we had these awesome cookies and of course needed milk... That would hold up in court.. Right? ahahaha..

 Hazelgren and I

 An awesome selfie/group

Finally got together for a district picture. 
Elders from left to right; Grasinger, Blackham, Hazelgren, Ferguson, Dansie, and Jenks. 
The Hermanas are ; Jacobsen, Heguira, and Weaver (aka Momma Bear).



Notice the spoon in my comp's belt loop? This is called spooning. 
It is incredibly competitive and intense. 
Spoon everyone you can, but do not get spooned.

A little leg hair trim.

This is where my comp and I are kings

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon,Yeah I know Drew LaTouche as well. He doesn’t know me though. I remember him last year playing. Not too much though. But yeah, Mexican food isn’t really something I like that much. But I just got my license this week, and the first day I drove to school I got a parking ticket for not being “6 ft. away for a driveway.” Which I think, is the dumbest thing ever because my drivers ed teacher never taught us that. But oh well, and this Saturday is prom and I’m stressing because it’s so hard to plan, it’s driving me insane. Hope everything is going well in Mexico, sounds like some crazy rain up there, I wouldn’t like that so much, but I can tell you do! Love you brother Callahan

Dear Landon, we have been having a good time here how about you? This week we have been sort of boring and sort of fun. Like we went to the Jazz game and we went to Moab. At Moab we visited Joan (Dad’s grandma’s sister?) a few times, Amare and Aidan stayed at her house. She had TONS of pets such as horses, frogs, fish and ducks! We went to two cemeteries and had to find a few of our ancestors. Cooper, Keaton, Dad and I stayed at a hotel. Just about Callahan’s driving license on his first day he got a parking ticket!!! However now his favorite sentence is, DO YOU WANT TO GO DRIVING!? Back to the hotel thing Amare and the swimming pool. He was jumping in the pool where he can’t reach the bottom. Keaton had to hold him in the water. Keaton went into the hot tub and then Amare started jumping in the hot tub getting his face all the way down in it! The pool was shaped like a giant jelly bean! One time when we went to a restaurant called Zax and a guy came to us and said “ Do you want to see a magic trick”? So we said yeah. You should of seen it. It was crazy and I was like mind blown! I liked that he even set up a magic show all by himself! By the way, Cooper threw up at the restaurant to. Right before we left to Moab Kaidan was there and Oreo was outside. Kaidan ran at Oreo and Oreo zipped right back inside. That you have been gone Amare has LOVED Cooper. At Moab we looked at all the shops and stuff. My favorite was the rock shop. I got a necklace that had a shark tooth on it. (Not a real one though) Aidan has not stopped following me. All he does is follow me, and goes wherever I go nonstop. Just today we got back from Moab and it was really fun. There was one part that I didn’t like, it was the three hour trip in the car. Anyways I hope you be an AWESOME missionary. Love, your SUPER brother Colton

Dear Landon, what have you been doing there down in Mexico City, have you started teaching some people about the gospel yet? Also, there has been a lot happening here in Utah. The two best things that had happened this weekend was the Jazz game, and when we went to Moab. First tings first, the Jazz game was really awesome! We were up against the Rockets. At first, we were not doing well, but then in the second half, the Jazz did great and won the game by 16 points! The MVP for the game was Rudy Gobert with 19 points, 22 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Second of all is going to Moab and having an awesome time. We did lots of stuff with Maga, Amare, Aiden, and Anna. We stayed at a hotel called Super 8, but it was kind of a really sucky hotel. The room was tiny, especially the bathroom, and the beds did not have a lot of room to sleep on. And we went to our great grandma’s sister's house, Joan, to see what was up there. Anyway, she lived somewhere in the middle of the woods with no other houses in sight. But the animals we saw there such as horses, lamb, frogs, and rabbits basically made up for it. And there was three restaurants we went to on the trip: Denny’s; Pancake Haus; and Zax. But the trip to Zax was the best and worst. The best thing about it was when we were waiting to go in, a magician came up to us and was showing us a couple of cool tricks. All the tricks were very confusing but cool (he was the best ever at card tricks). And the worst thing about it was that I threw up again. I was just in the middle of eating pizza and then I felt like throwing up, so dad and I went outside looking for a trash can and I threw up. And we also went to the pool at the hotel and Aiden and Amare loved swimming there. Amare was just jumping in the pool everywhere and he also was even jumping in the hot tub too. So this is basically all that has happened this whole weekend. I hope you have been having fun too in Mexico, and just be the best missionary.
Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I wouldn’t paint my room any other color that it is now, as long as we get rid of the “stuff” on the wall. Dad, Cooper, Colton, Ana, Maga, Aiden, Amare, and I all went to Moab. Maga, Ana and the boys stayed at Aunt Joan’s house while we stayed at a hotel call Super 8. By far, the worst hotel ever! In the bathroom, there was two inches of room to shower and take a dump and the sink wasn’t even in the bathroom! The beds were the cheapest and smallest queen-size bed that you can buy. We left at about 7:00 at night on Friday and got there at almost 11:00! The first morning for breakfast we had Denny’s across the street. It was fine. There’s no place that serves a bad breakfast. For most of the day we went to Hole n’ the Rock. We all got to ride a camel and feed some zoo animals. I’m not going to work at a zoo when I grow up because a camel, an alpaca, and an African Watusi (bull) all spit in my face! There was also an awesome license plate car made from a bunch of rusted tools, screws, and license plates (most of them were Colorado or Utah, but there were a lot of other ones too). We went to the sort-of-italian restaurant, Zax, for dinner and this magician came up to us to show us a bunch of cool tricks. I don’t’ even know how he did any of the things that he did, but he did a whole show after we went to Zax. Dad let us watch it, and Colton and Aiden got to go up on the stage to help him to a trick. Sure, there were only like 15 kids there, but still. He is one of the coolest magicians that I’ve ever seen! After dropping off Aiden at Aunt Joan’s, we went to Moab Diner for desert. I got a strawberry cheesecake shake. It was the best shake that I’ve ever had. We also went swimming on Saturday. That was just normal. Today for breakfast, we went to the Pancake Haus. It was better than Denny’s, but doesn’t beat Virge’s. After that, we went swimming again, but this time we brought Amare with us. He didn’t have any life jacket or floaties, so guess who was in charge of him (since dad and Ana didn’t get in)? One of the weird things about Amare, is that not only does he like to jump in the pool, but when I got in the hot tub, he jumped in there too! Crazy kid! Then we checked out and went to the rock shop where dad let me buy a fossilized fish. Then, we went to Dead Horse point. That was definitely the scariest part of the trip. It was like looking at the Grand Canyon (which after going to Moab and seeing Dead Horse point, I’m never going to go)! Overall, amazing trip. Since Callahan didn’t go, me and Amare came up with a nickname for him. Lazy bum! Wuv, Keaton

  • Dear Callahan, Haha I love LaTouche. He is actually in my zone, so I get to see a lot more of him than Huber (who actually just left Monday). It was pretty funny, he came by our classroom and then I blew him a kiss. I thought it was pretty hilarious! Haha I know how you feel about prom. At least you got a lot of guys to help plan it. Both times I went, I was just a double date. Just make sure to include the girls in the planning. If they know what is planned, they will be a lot happier and have a better time! At least your first violation wasn't with your girlfriend in the car. That's what happened to me! How much is the fine? Oh yes, the rain is wonderful! We are supposed to get some more today, but I was let down the past couple times they said it was going to rain..  Love Elder Blackham
  • Dear Colton, Haha well a Jazz game and a trip to Moab sound pretty awesome! I bet the seeing the animals were pretty cool! Be careful if you're going to go driving with Callahan.. Just joking.. You'll be fine! You should see the drivers here in Mexico City.. They're nuts! Haha I noticed that Cooper was getting a lot of Amare's attention just before I left.. But it's good that he has someone else to play with, but he really has all you guys to play with! And also guess what.. I've only got one more full week in the CCM, then I will have to take a bus to Puebla! It's probably going to be like a three hour drive as well! I am very excited to go!Love Elder Blackham
  • Dear Cooper, So while I am in the CCM, I won't teach any real investigators, but we practice with our teachers everyday. But I only have one more full week here, and then I will leave to Puebla! It's crazy that it has already been five weeks (technically four but they count five), it feels like I got here a week ago! Haha sounds like a good time at the Jazz game and Moab! Haha although I think that you'd have more fun if you didn't barf.. That's what I want to hear from you next week, that you didn't barf! Haha! Love Elder Blackham
  • Dear Keaton, Ah I see. But I have to say that I think some of that stuff may have been there since I was in there.. Ha! Got you scared now.. Haha not like Moab is the most luxurious place in Utah, so what can you expect? Good that you were keeping an eye out from Amare.. He can be quite the crazy child. Doesn't hardly know what he is getting himself into.. There is actually a missionary here that can do some really cool magic tricks! But I think he left this week.. Callahan the lazy bum. During the off season of basketball.. YES. Haha, Love Elder Blackham

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