Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week #5 ...The End and the Beginning

¡Última Semana en el CCM!

Starting off from last Friday, we had the joy of being evacuated from class because of an apparent earthquake, which was actually centered in Puebla! I was just about to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom in our building was being cleaned, so we were walking to the another building when... The most obnoxious and annoying siren started blaring. When the siren sounds, we need to go to these "safezones" outside, which are big painted green circles on the ground, and wait for further instruction. We all do as such, wondering if it was a drill or not. No one was hurt or even felt a thing. Since the CCM is in some what of a bowl. Meaning, surrounded by mountains, they said that we are less likely to feel the earthquakes. But the earthquake was a 5.6 and less than 100 miles away! An interesting experience nonetheless.

Concerning our investigators, we were all stressing over what to teach them for our last lessons.. With all of them, the basic message was why we need to be obedient and to endure to the end. Our teachers also threw in a little twist for a couple lessons. We had to switch companions. So I had to teach with Elder Dansie,and I was the "transfer" so we had to teach where he left off with the investigators. I would have to say that it was pretty interesting. You definitely notice the difference in chemistry of the companionship and how much you play off each other. 

And to update you on the weather, spring has come and is letting us know it! Everyday of this week, approximately around 2:30 in the afternoon, you will start to notice it getting darker outside.. Then the wind will pick up quite a bit, and the lovely rain will fall! I LOVE IT! Although there hasn't been a rainfall of the magnitude of the rainstorm two weeks ago... But I still love the daily moisture!

But as I mentioned in the subject of the email, this is/was the last week in the CCM! It has felt ridiculously fast.. To have already been out for five weeks! There is much to be excited for, and quite a bit to be nervous about. But the excitement out weighs the nervousness. And that is all that matters. I know that if I am doing my best and what I am supposed to do, I will have the strength and guidance of the Lord while in the field. I remember the night before the district in our zone that was just ahead of us was going to leave, one of the elders said "So I'm like so happy to finally leave the CCM, but it is real world Mexico out there! At least here, you know where your food is coming from, and you're totally safe! Out there is totally unpredictable!" It is very true. But I can honestly say that I'm not really scared. I just know that if I'm doing the best that I can do, and what I should be doing, then I will be cared for by the Lord! Our maestros (teachers) have taught us that fact over and over and over again. It does take a lot of faith. Some more than others, but I surely believe that to be the truth.

I bear my testimony to you all that what I know that I am being sent to Puebla for a reason. There are people there prepared to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is my mission to make sure those who are prepared, will receive the gospel into their lives.

Again, thank you all for the great support you have in me. I will surely give 'em heaven!

... here are my steps (for Mother)

19 - 21721
20 - 12416
21 - 14391
22 - 11682
23 - 12394
24 - 11987
25 - 10786

I don't know if we really have just been getting lazier. It appears that way, but it doesn't feel that way. Strange..

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, it is awesome that you are going to Puebla in just one week from here. How are you feeling of going to Puebla, are you scared or happy? Anyway, I haven’t thrown up or puked yet this week and hopefully I won’t throw up for the remainder of this day. And FNAF 3 came on to the Ipod finally (when I told you the game was out it wasn’t out for IOS yet.) It is much scarier when you are playing the game, and I am on the fourth night right now, but I cannot get past that night. We are also watching a different show other then Friends, (but we’re still actually watching it) we are now watching House M.D again. Also, a few days ago, I finished the last book of “Hatchet!” All of those books were great, especially the last one, it was the most intense of them all. And Oreo has been doing good right now, no sorts of trouble in any kind. He still loves cuddling with me and sleeping in our drawers. We have also been letting him go outside a little bit and I think he loves being in the outside world. Yesterday some stuff happened. First of all, it was Callahan’s prom, and for his prom dinner, he went to Olive Garden. And the other thing was that all of us went to dinner too. We went to Tepanyaki, and I forgot how much I love the food there and the cool stuff the cookers do. This is all that happened this week, and I wish you’ll be an awesome missionary. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, so you’re getting ready to go to Puebla, that is just to awesome. We grabbed even MORE ice cream with Amare and Aidan! This time we went to Artic Circle. I had my first basketball game! I wrecked the other team, 16-9. Oreo has been going predator mode mostly in the night now. When we went to get ice cream, mom was at zumba class. Mom did not know that dad took Cooper and I out for ice cream. So when she came back she wasn’t really happy that Cooper and I were gone for ice cream. It was pretty funny… That Cooper and I got fnaf 3 we have been having a lot of fun with it. I’m on the 3rd night and Cooper is on the 4th night. Oreo’s new sleeping spot is in our drawers. Cooper, Keaton, and Callahan got back into the tv show House! I’ve been seeing Kaidan a lot more often now and I don’t know why? Callahan went to prom at Olive Garden and the rest of us went to Tepanyaki.I forgot ALL about how they cook right in front of us. It was an awesome week though. I KNOW I don’t think you’re going to be an awesome missionary, I KNOW you’re going to be an awesome missionary. Love, your best little brother, Colton

Dear Landon, yesterday we went to Tepanyaki for dinner. We were thinking of calling Clay to see if he wanted to go to dinner at Olive Garden yesterday to say hi to Callahan when he was at prom dinner, but we didn’t for Callahan’s benefit. It would have been so funny though. Colton signed up for rec basketball, and I go to his games to video. We’ve been playing outside, me and him, games like 21 or HORSE. This week has been pretty boring overall. I’m pretty sure I got a 4.0 this quarter. The term ends this Thursday, so we don’t have school Friday. Grades are what I care most about in school. That’s why I have perfect attendance mostly. The last time I had a tardy was first quarter. Citizenship on the other hand… In math, having the teacher move you desks in the middle of the quarter doesn’t exactly say Honor on skyward. I still have an A in that class though along with all my other classes. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, The parking ticket was $40 which is stupid. But prom was yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I didn’t have a day date because Amanda had Dance Company had practice from 6 am – 3 pm, and I had UBC practice in the morning too. But we still had fun. We went to dinner at Olive Garden and had 20 people for our reservation. It was crazy, but I forgot how much I love their bread sticks. Oh and March Madness has started and it’s crazy. Utah is in the Sweet 16 against the winner of San Diego St and Duke. Duke will win that and I bet they will win Utah too. Wichita is still in it baby! But they play Kansas today and I’m scared, but I think they will win. 4th quarter of school is starting next week which is weird cause sophomore year went by way fast its nuts. It’s been fun though. Hope everything is going well in Mexico and you’re enjoying learning and teaching the gospel. Love you bro Love Callahan

  • Dear Cooper, How am I feeling about it? Pretty excited! I really want to teach actual people, just not my teacher. And being here in the CCM, it starts to feel a lot like school.. Because it is. Even though I'm not even close to being ready, language-wise, I feel that I am ready for a new challenge. It will be one heck of a challenge! But I know that since I am on the Lord's side, of course I can do it! Haha at first the game is always scary, but I'm sure that you will get use to it eventually. Keeping on reading! It is definitely good to get into the habit of reading now. It will be very good for you come high school. That's good that Oreo doesn't go crazy outside, haha I miss that little kitty. Oh boy... Tepanyaki? That is some really good food.. In the CCM it's exactly like school food, which I don't care for. But we get to eat as much as we want! I'm a little worried what I'm going to eat in the field.. Because we will have to go out and buy it ourselves. Or be fed by the people in Puebla, because Latinos are very generous people. Anyway, keep doing awesome, and have a great week! Love you. Love, Elder Blackham
  • Dear Colton, Man, you guys just can't get enough ice cream with those boys! That's really good though, they sure do love their cousins. Nice win! I was actually watching one of your videos from your last season of basketball. The other elders thought you were awesome! FNAF 3.. oh jeez.. It was pretty fun, I'm not sure if you saw the picture, but one of the elders in our casa dressed up as Slenderman to scare some elders in the casa next to ours.. It was SO funny! Haha my companion and I have been talking about The Office quite a bit.. Ah I love that show. Tepanyaki is so awesome! I am really tired of the comida (food) here in the CCM.. It is exactly like school food. Except it is for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Ah well. Thanks my brother for saying that, it means a lot. I'll make you proud. Love you.Love, Elder Blackham
  • Dear Keaton, HA! That would have been soo priceless! But Callahan probably would have been shamed for life.. Here in the CCM, probably my most favorite thing to do is play beach volleyball. Being out in the sun, in the sand.. ah it is so great. I've already got my "framer, not farmer" tan again. I don't think I will be able to play any beach volleyball once I am out in el campo (the field). Which makes me really sad. But I'm sure there will be plenty of other great things to do! It is great that you take your grades seriously! I really should've done better in school.. Not that I did bad. Just not good, you know? Haha but don't worry too much about citizenship, because those don't exist in high school.. Keep doing awesome, it is the best thing you can do right now! Love you.Love, Elder Blackham
  • Dear Callahan, Haha oh boy.. Better than $90! Haha I guess you not having a day date was best for you because you're still broke, right? hahah.. 20?! That's such a big group! I bet the staff at Olive Garden LOVED you guys! Just yesterday actually, someone printed out a bracket for March Maddness, which they're not supposed to do.. But when I saw it, I actually got pretty excited. I had no idea that Utah was a fifth seed! But yes, it is unlikely they will make it past Duke.. But do let me know what happens! Oh no.. against Kanas.. That will be a tough one.. Seriously? 4th quarter is already starting? That is nuts! My time in the CCM has flown by! Feels like that I got here yesterday.. And now I will be in Puebla on Monday.. Kinda nervous, but mostly excited! Do your best in school. Love you. Love, Elder Blackham

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