Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week #3 ... The Storm

March 12, 2015 (Week #3)

The weather has been pretty wonderful since I got here. But the past few days it has chilled down quite a bit. Tuesday night was awesome. We were just in our classroom studying, and the rain came pouring down! Thunder and lightning soon joined, and then the rain changed to hail. We didn't even bother studying. We were all just mesmerized by the storm. Then the thought occurred "Wait.. We have to walk home in that!" and our casa is almost a quarter mile away from our classroom. And only two people were prepared with umbrellas and raincoats and such. I was not such a person. But the storm started to lighten up, so we asked our branch pres. if we could leave early before it started coming down again. It was still raining a bit, but that wasn't my concern. My concern was my shoes. It was a minefield of puddles, ranging from small and shallow, to huge and deep. So there we go running, trying to stay dry, but you can't avoid them all. Then, about 200 feet from our building is a street, which has now turned into a river. Which we have to cross.. Fortunately, we cross it with minimal damage. At this point, my companion and I are just booking it home.. There's is quite a bit of splash damage done, but it can be recovered. We are finally halted by another river, right in front of our house. This one was tougher.. It wasn't small enough to jump over completely. But we ventured down the street and little bit, and my companion found a shallow spot that we could step in, then jump the rest of the way. It was a perilous journey, but at the same time, one of the funnest things I have done. (Going back over that, I think I could write a book about it.)

In answer to your question Mom, I did read Hatchet. But only Hatchet, I didn't care to carry on.

Here are pictures ... with captions!

Ferguson and I during haircuts

Grasinger and I after haircuts

Doodling on the whiteboard during study time

Views from on top of the Thomas S. Monson building

The district in our TALL lab

The storm from inside our classroom

Ferguson, Vifanua, Grasinger, LaTouche, and me, 
laying down in the water

Panel that flew into our tree right outside our classroom.

And here are my step counts for the week (March)
5 - 23306 (new record!)
6 - 13765
7 - 15048
8 - 12088
9 - 10778
10 - 14521
11 - 18226

Glad to hear everything is going well at home!
I love you
Love, your elder,
Elder Blackham

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, it is great that you’ve been doing awesome in Mexico. Also, how do you like the Mexican food, too? I hope you have liked the food such as tacos and quesadillas and bunch of other options to choose from. And something else happened last Sunday. We went to go to Grandma’s house and then I hate a cookie (I don’t know if I was allergic to it) and then a few minutes later, I threw up about four to five times, and I was drooling a ton, too. There has also been a lot of new cool games coming out, especially these two games. Battle Field Hardline and FNAF 3. Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 is definitely the scariest out of the other games. There’s a lot of hallucination jump scares that won’t even kill you, only that one animatronic named Spring Trap apparently. I still have not seen any gameplay of Battle Field Hardline, but I have seen and ad about it, so I know the official game is out. It has been great having Oreo snuggle with me at night. And every night I try to fall asleep, Oreo will come on to my bed to snuggle with me and start purring! And he has not been getting into any trouble lately, he has not been scratching the chair or pooping in the tub, he’s just been a great kitty. Except this one time where he attempted to scratch the couch. So just go and keep up being the best missionary in Mexico! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, So yes, I do know McKay Huber. He is way good, and I remember when he got cut I was way surprised. He is friends with the Sophomore Assistant coach, so one time we scrimmaged a lot of them. He also has a sister my age, so yeah that’s interesting! But dang, the MTC sounds like a lot of fun. It would be way fun to play volleyball and be learning a new language and the gospel. I hate Spanish class but hey, that’s cause I’m at school and I got a lot of homework. Amanda made me go to this Mexican restaurant the other day, and after I got like heartburn an hour later, it hurt so bad! And I have no idea why. So I hope that doesn’t happen to you. Hope you’re learning and doing well, which I know you will! Love, your most favorite brother Callahan

Dear Landon, Yesterday was the last day of winter season, and we lost in the semi-finals. I almost made a buzzer beater for the win, but it was like a 30 footer. I figure that spring is going to be a boring season because I’m not doing anything. I was hoping to get on a super league team to play spring fling. I guess I’ll just be outside a lot this spring. I wanted to play baseball for spring, but mom said that it was too late for sign ups. Callahan was mooning all day today. It was horrific and disgusting. It really was as white as the moon. I’m kind of confused with the alarm clock because at times, it would randomly turn on and play music. I’ve decided to have my phone as my alarm clock. The first day was weird because I woke up to a vibrating pillow. I was half asleep, so I thought that I had pins and needles on the right side of my face. Then I remembered that it was my phone. We still haven’t painted my room. It’s gross for me because there are still parts of Cooper and Colton in that room. Love, Keaton

Dear Landon, how’s the weather there in Mexico City? I finally got Instagram on my Ipod. Mom posted a video on Instagram, Oreo jumped and got your handmade necklace. Remember the bad computer? It’s not so bad anymore because we turned it into an apple computer instead of windows. Every night when Cooper and I start to go to bed, we wait until we hear a “meow” because Oreo always cries in the night because the door is closed. Today we had to go to Church one hour early because something. (Daylight Saving). Callahan is about to get his driver’s license! HELP ME!!!! Have you heard, Five Nights At Freddy’s is out! So is Battlefield Hardline… FNAF 3 is so much scarier than the other games. It has things that will jump scare you but not kill you! Plus I think it most likely will be the last one because on the 5th night there’s a mini game that you kill the purple man. There are all these mini games (Easter eggs) to unlock the good ending, there’s a bad ending and a good ending. Markiplier plays FNAF 3!!! Last week it was Chick-fil-a we went to, not Arctic Circle! You will be the best missionary in history. Love, your best little kid ever,Colton

  • Dear Cooper,Well right now, in the CCM, it isn't only Mexican food. But we will have enchiladas, tacos, mole, and tamales quite a bit. But we also get hamburgers, cereal, and even pizza on Tuesdays! I actually had an allergic reaction this last Sunday.. It was lunch and there were brownies. I took a bite into it, and saw that it had nuts, but thought "whatever.." and ate the rest of it. My neck started to get scratchy, and my companion was freaking out. I just told him to relax.. I just had to go get some Benedryll from the house and I would be fine. We ended up taking a nap because the Benedryll made me really drowsy.. Which was awesome! Make sure to play all the awesome games for me! Haha I miss Oreo snuggling with me at night, you're a lucky boy.Love you Coop. 
  • Dear Callahan, Haha he's pretty awesome. He'll be leaving this next week to the same mission as Spencer Lyman, Torreon. Also I met another Copper Hills basketball player, who is actually in my zone, Drew LaTouche? He played basketball and lacrosse for Copper Hills. Really fun dude. Haha I can't say I have had the full experience of Mexican food yet. Right now it's basically cafeteria food.. But the milk is fantastic. Myself and another elder obsess over it. No broken bones while on my mission I hope! Keep it up in school, and drive safe brother. Love you Cal 
  • Dear Keaton, Ah nuts.. So close. At least you have fun. When we play sports here at the CCM, we're "not allowed to keep score" because if we do, then it gets competitive, and when it gets competitive, "the Spirit is not present".. Kinda funny, I thought. We'll usually play volleyball outside, and we'll always say, "FUN serving FUN" when we are all keeping score in our heads.. Baseball? Hmm interesting.. haha I would never play baseball.. But hey, if you want to, do it! Haha if you wanted your room to be painted, you guys probably should've done it when all the stuff was moved out! What color would you want it painted anyway? Keep doing well in school! Love you Keat 
  • Dear Colton, The weather has been pretty great since I got here. But the last few days it has been a bit chillier.. With lots of rain at night.. So much rain, the little circle where our casa (house) is was about knee deep with water! It was so much fun to play in (even though we aren't really supposed to..)! We would run around, play rugby, lay down all in the cold cold water.. That's winter in Mexico City! Haha little Oreo.. needs to be loved.. I'm sure that you will be okay to drive with Callahan, but not in the Tundra! Yikes! Play all the awesome games for me while I'm gone! I've learned some fun new games from my district, as well as taught them Superfrog! Do you remember what that game was? Love you Colt 

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