Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #12 - First Time for Facetime

Well as you all know, Mother's Day (yesterday) is a pretty big deal for missionaries.. We get the awesome opportunity time see/ talk with our families!  And it being my first time, I will just say "yes" before any of you ask the question. I DID CRY. 

Looking at my email today, I saw  a couple emails from my parents, wondering how we were going to make contact. Well, we were very grateful to be helped out by one of the families in the ward. They invited us to eat at their house after church, and then after eating, we went upstairs, and the hermano just gave us his iPad Minis, saying "go for it".. So without any contact before hand, I just decided to try Facetiming my family. Lucky, my brothers were on the computer when I Facetimed them. And we went from there.

But the truth for this week is that it wasn't our best, especially for me..

Started off the week with a pretty good sun burn from our zone activity last P-Day. Then on Thursday, I was actually sick, threw up, and went to the hospital. (My parents were excited to hear about that haha.) My hospital visits (yes plural) were nothing to worry about.. The first time for my bloody nose was just a waste of time. My compañero forced me to go. And this last time, when I was actually sick, I just got a bit of medicine, which I don't know if it has really helped at all.  But healthcare in general is pretty good. One of the hermana missionary in our area actually got her wisdom teeth taken out here. Just two weeks ago. And she is well, carrying on the work. Then Friday, I needed to recover, because I was just completely exhausted from the day before. And Saturday was difficult for us because we had high hopes for 4 lessions that day. One was a first visit, and the other three were with new investigators, but.... All fell through. So that was a bit tough..

But we ended the week on a good note. Being able to talk with our families. 
Well that is about it for this week.
Gracias por toda su ayuda, apoyo, y amor.
Con amor,

No letters from the brothers this week? Haha those boggers.. Not writing me.. Callahan's hair ridiculously long! Holy cow! That's all I can really say about him. haha. Well, not having to take the time to write them, I can send all the pictures I have! With descriptions!

This is me, getting fancy for breakfast. 

Me in front of a Catholic chapel nearby nuestra casa

 Me with Hno. Ricardo, a member of the ward. 
We visited the grave of his mother.

This is the Calle (street) Puebla. 
The dividing line between our area, and the area of the hermanas.

Beautiful Avalanche Truck. 
Been wanting to get a picture for a while, 
but it was never then when I had my camera. Until today! 

This is the church closest to our house. 
But we haven't gone there for church yet, because it has been under construction, 
but it is close to being finished! 

Oh.. the precious panadearía..  

And us eating at Super Tacos Polo. 
My companion's favorite. 

 This is the Calle Allede, facing west of our casa.

 And facing east of our casa, Calle Allede.

*** No Between Brothers ***
Because the boys just talked to their brother on Sunday, 
they didn't write this week.

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, May 4- 20374
Tuesday, May 5 - 18560
Wednesday, May 6 - 17323
Thursday, May 7 - 13158
Friday, May 8 - 14318
Saturday, May 9 - 16942
Sunday, May 10 - 8836

With Landon not feeling as well, you can see the drop in his steps, and the resulting drop in his Fitbit ranking. Who are the top two this week (as you can't see them here?) Mom and Colton of course. But look at Cooper! Daddy was actually in the #10 spot under Grandpa (not as active as last weekend!)

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