Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #13 ... 3 Mesas!!!

Today marks the 3 month mark for me in Mexico! Wow.. Didn't know it could go so fast!

Well, for this week, we had a lot of meetings and a lot of rain.. So we definitely saw our numbers suffer for this week.. But, you should know the reason why we had a lot of meetings was because we got some interesting and unexpected news on Tuesday night. Tuesday was the end of the cambio (or "change" which is a month and a half, when new missionaries are shipped in, and others shipped out), and we just wanted to call our district leader to ask him something. We called him, and he said, "Elders, you can't call me. You guys are no longer in my district." Confused, we call one of the assistants, to figure out where we are. They tell us that we are no longer a part of the La Libertad Norte zona! We are now a part of the La Libertad Sur zona, and my compaƱero is a district leader! He was pretty shocked.. Because he has only 5 mesas.. But we are doing fine. I know that he will make a great district leader.

As I said earlier.. Another week of rain. More rain. It has been pretty consistent around 5 o'clock or so.. So when you all look at your clocks to see the time, (depending on where you are of course) if it says 5 o'clock in the afternoon, you would probably be correct to think "Oh, Elder Blackham is walking in the rain right now."

This week really has been great for me spiritually though. A lot, a lot of learning and studying of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon really has been the biggest focus this week. And honestly, before my mission, I can't really say that I had a strong desire to read the Book of Mormon. But now, I'm upset that I only get an hour of personal study to read from it!  I know that the Book of Mormon is true. That it is another testament, another witness, another evidence, and another proof of the miracles and teachings of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I encourage you all to read it, to obtain your own testimony of this amazing book. 

Sorry for no photos this week.. We are in a rush ¡Les amo!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, May 11 ... 17302
Tuesday, May 12 ... 12547
Wednesday, May 13 ...21758
Thursday, May 14 ...15413
Friday, May 15 ...14658
Saturday, May 16 ... 14290
Sunday, May 17 ... 8861

We've been busy stepping at home, pushing Elder Landon into 6th place in steps! About the same as last week for him ...

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, more playoffs! This time I'm going to leave you on a cliff hanger. The Rockets vs Clippers series is in game 7. In a matter of fact, game 7 is going on right now! The score is 56-46 Houston winning. (I'm sorry for not telling you about most of the series.) So Golden State is now going against Memphis Grizzlies. Oh wait... I forgot Golden state already won 4 games against Memphis! In the 4th game Stephen Curry hit 8 THREES! One of those threes was a FULL COURT for the buzzer of the 3rd quarter! Well now we have my 2 games. 1 of them I won, the other I lost. I had 4 wins and 4 losses. (My season is over.) In the first won I scored 6 points and won 22-18. In the second game... I scored 2 points and lost 9-11. WE WENT TO GO SEE AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON!!! It was so awesome! And SO funny! We went to Chickfila after. And I was the only one to get an ice cream cone. Plus, it was a large! Oreo has been loving to sleep on Cooper's bed. By the way now the score of the game is, 63-74 Houston winning... that's not cool. Well I'm sorry I think that's about it. Love, Colton.

Dear Landon, lots of really cool stuff to tell you about this big week. And of course, let's start by talking about the Playoffs. :(, I'm not very happy what is going on with the second round now that it is over. Only one of the teams I wanted to make to the third round made it, which was Golden State. They won the series 4-2. And I'll just tell you the standings of the other games: ATL wins WSH 4-2, CLE wins CHI 4-2, and HOU wins LAC 4-3. So I am getting ready to see the third round of the Playoffs, one round away from the Finals. And one week away from those ducklings to hatch, it'll be so cool to see them when they hatch! Unfortunately, I'm not sure if anybody has told you yet, but 4 (I think) did not really develop, so we won't have seven little duckies. More movies are out, and we got to see one that came out two weeks ago. Avengers, Age of Ultron. It was a really funny, sad, and great movie. And when we were watching the movie, there were more superheroes for the Avengers to fight along with. Also, the third movie has been announced, even though it is coming out May 2018. Avengers, Infinity War. And we also decided to stop at Chick Fila for some chicken and shakes. There has been some more teaser images for FNAF 4 (still no trailer). Chica and Bonnie are now going to be in the game, still coming out on Halloween. Well I think that will be it for this awesome week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, the amount of days estimated to the ducks' birth date is supposed to be this Friday! Mom doesn't seem to care, but everyone else can't wait. We candled the eggs last week to show Maga, Ana, and her new boyfriend inside of the egg. It wasn't nearly as good as the one other time we did it. The other time we saw four of the ducks move. This time, it was pretty much a black egg. You couldn't even see through it or the duck. Dad said that that's a good thing, though. That means they're almost ready. He said we'd probably candle them one more time because at one point at the end of the process in the egg, dad said you can see the beak of the duck trying to get through! I don't think you know that I've been a home teacher since October. I guess I forgot to tell you. The other home teacher is Brother Adams (which makes it pretty fun), and we get to go to the Prestwitches and Littlewoods. It's pretty fun. Nothing else really happened this week, but gotta go! Cuz dad turned on the IT Crowd when I started writing. It's been a while. Ha! Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so, Amanda's brother is coming home this Friday which isn't fair man. Because you just left and its gonna be awhile till you come home. And my spring basketball season just ended which isn't fair. But Aunt Livi came home which was really fun. Today she talked to us about this experience she had with this black gang. They chased them in a car and kept cutting them off which seems pretty scary but nothing bad really happened. We have about 3 weeks of school left which is good. I'm so done with school. And also I might be getting a job at KFC because I need to save up some money to go to Orlando in December with the basketball team for a tournament. I'm excited, but then again, I'm pretty nervous because I'm not really a working type of guy. But it'll be nice to have some money on hand and have a summer job. I just wanna play some basketball and have some late nights watching stupid shows with you cause I miss that. Be prepared for that when you come home. Love you brother, Callahan

  • Dear Colton: Wow.. Nice, sounds like the Playoffs sound sure intense! You saw Avengers!? Lucky! I bet it was awesome! I've been collecting these little Avengers cards from bags of Lay's Chips (they're actually Sobritos here). This week I actually have seen a few super tiny kittens.. So adorable.. Te amo.
  • Dear Cooper: Ah shucks.. That is a bummer about the Playoffs.. Didn't you say that you wanted Cleveland to win? Ah! So lucky that you got to see Avengers! Did any of the main characters die? It will be a while until I get to see it.. Chick Fila.. I don't believe I have seen any Chick Filas here in Mexico.. Bummer. Well have another awesome week! Te amo.
  • Dear Keaton: Man, I sure wish I could see them baby duckies! It would be so cool if missionaries could have pets.. Because it would be so easy. We find stray kittens and puppies quite often. And next to our apartment complex is a store, that has a pair of German Shepards also guard dogs. And the other day we discovered that they had puppies! There are at least three that we have seen.. SO ADORABLE. I have major puppy love. That's cool, being a home teacher. You get a little taste of what I do, all day, everyday! Haha keep it up big dog. Te amo.
  • Dear Callahan: Oh man, that isn't fair.. Where did he serve? No mas basquetbol? Ay que feo.. Good luck! Only 3 weeks of school left?! That is nuts! I bet that went by fast.. huh? Pish posh.. Don't work at KFC.. Unless you want to have greasy hands all day long.. Seriously, I think you should work with Nate Ator. It is good, hard work, framing. Some days you will hate it, others you will really enjoy it. That's my suggestion if you want a summer job. Also, I've been meaning to ask. Have you gotten your patrichal blessing yet? (doubt I spelled it right, but you know what I mean.) If not, I think you should as soon as possible. I didn't get mine until March of last year, I wish I had gotten it earlier. It is awesome. I have made a habit to read it every Sunday morning during personal study. Another suggestion I have for you. Well, have an awesome week! Te amo.

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