Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #19 - New Companion

So the changes came, and at the end of your training, they usually separate the trainer from the trainee. So my compañero, Elder Gutiérrez left to Tlaxcala, which is pretty far.. And my nuevo compañero is Elder Urías. He has 8 months as a missionary. So right now, we are adapting to our new companionship. But he is a really good guy. Really positive all the time. 

So things are still rolling in Forjadores. Not a lot of work with investigators here, but is a ton of work with less actives. I know we all have difficult times during the misión, and in life in general, but they are there to make us stronger. The Lord loves us all, and is there, ready to help us. What we need to do is ask.
Love you all, and thank you so much for all your support!

 Photos from the "Change"

 Photos from "home"

Landon has been sending some snapshots of journal entries to give us more of an idea of his day by day activities ...he writes about a lot of rain (makes it into several journal entries) and that he received the Leatherman tool we mailed him a few weeks ago ... and managed to cut himself with it already too!

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, June 22 - 10000
Tuesday, June 23 - 7932
Wednesday, June 24 - 18235
Thursday, June 25 - 8425
Friday, June 26 - 13902
Saturday, June 27 - 16019
Sunday, June 29 - 13937

Well, Mommy slipped in steps this week! Still beat Mr. Missionary though. Callahan is up there, he played a lot of basketball this week. Keaton didn't take his Fitbit (his is a wrist one he can't wear during games, so he just left it home) which explains his absence. Colton is down on the list ... a little unlike him! Grayson didn't quite make the Top 10. He was number 11. 

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, the weather is too hot! When I go outside to play, 5 minutes later I come back in because the how hot it is! The good thing is that dad made a new thing to fill up water balloons. Yesterday, Kadan and Trigger came and we all played with the water balloons. Sometimes we would throw the balloons in the air, and Trigger would pop them. It was a lot of fun. Mom, Cooper and I went bowling like three times. Each time, I did no bumpers, in the first time I got 36 points. In the second time I got 65 points. In the third time I got 54 points and my goal was 50 points so I passed it. And I did do one game with bumpers, and got 101 points. Last night Cooper and I stayed up to like 1:00 playing card games and board games. We mostly played Rat-a-tat-cat. Callahan told me right before one of his games in Dixie, somebody got a mid-court buzzer beater for the win! I won't have another game until July 11. Callahan won't have another game until November! Plus, last night we also went to DQ. (Dairy Queen) I got a hot dog, oreo shake, fries and a "frazil." It wasn't exactly a frazil, it was something called and "Artic Rush", even though it was still so good. Good week. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, this week was a really cool and awesome week. One of the reasons why it was so cool was that Jacob, Keaton, Colton, and I have been playing a lot more board games and stuff that we have not been playing for a long time. Some of the games that we have been playing are Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Clue, all Uno games, and Scatigories. Yeah, while it is summer, it is a lot more fun to play board games than video games. And you know how I told you that dad had changed the net on the hoop for the tramp last week? Well, the same exact thing happened Thursday, but with the big trampoline net. There is this really wide hole in the tramp net, so mom decided to order a new net, and throw the old one away. But when dad was going to change the net, it was only a 12 feet net, and it was supposed to be a 14 foot net. So the people who play on the tramp (Me, Colton, Keaton, Jacob) will have to go without a net for a few days. And it was awesome for Keaton and Callahan to go to Dixie for this week for two reasons. 1, those two will have a lot of fun there. 2, it was a LOT quieter inside the house. There was not any sarcastic jokes or anything, no loudness, such a good week. And the last thing for this week was that we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play games. It really seemed like Grandpa was doing okay while we were playing all of those games, so it was a really great week this week. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Dixie was way fun! We stayed in a really nice hotel; The Lexington. My team went eight and one for the games that week. Our team was also the only CH team that won the two-minute tournament. Every game was two minutes! I was really happy to win the semi-finals because we won the team that beat us in the season by an ally-oop buzzer beater! And I was the one that made the pass! The team was really nice though, even though they lost. I talked to two of their players Thursday and Friday and we rooted for each others teams. We lost the tournament, though. Both the Varsity teams won (Callahan's team and Copper Hills' Varsity 1 team)! Us freshmen were the only players to get a conjoined room in the hotel, though. That's what everyone was jealous about. I was the main point guard on the team and I started every game. It was too short of a week. Dad made a new water balloon filler! It has eight fillers and the hose goes through the bottom! That's going to last a while. Kaden and Trigger came to play with us to make water balloons yesterday. It was really fun. Kaden threw a water balloon at Nikki... in her clothes! And I held a balloon as high as I can while Trigger came running at full speed, jumped, and bit the balloon out of my hand without getting my hand, but splashing water all over me. Really fun week. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, So Dixie was a freakin blast. It was a super fast week though. I roomed with Ben Mason and Sam. Ben and Mason are always super loud and annoying. Especially at night when I want to sleep. I had to beat them up a million times. I was on the same team, pretty much next year's JV team and we were in a Varsity division and we were still killing teams. We won most teams by at least 20. In the semi final game right before the championship game which we were already in because we won our semi final game. It was Bingham against Panguitch. It was all tied up and Panguitch hit a half court shot at the buzzer to win it!! It was crazy. Then we played them and win the the whole thing. We git an extra T-Shirt and it made the bus ride home a lot more fun. The bus was so hot though. I woke up from my nap sweating all over. It was disgusting. But then I worked the Real game on Saturday. And I have 2 more Real games this week I have to work. And I have to work a 4 hour shift at KFC today (Sunday). I also got my first check from KFC. On my money earning way to Orlando... It's gonna take a while. Not quite 2 years, but close enough ;)  To answer your questions. At Real games, I am a "runner" I listen to orders that the people are telling to the cashiers and hurry and go get it for them. Such as make BBQ Pork Sandwiches, popcorn, nachos, BBQ Nachos, pretzels and stuff like that. Then I clean up afterwords and do whatever is needed. At KFC, I package orders and clean lobby and clean the kitchen. I didn't know people still came to KFC, it is a lot busier than I thought. But I need the money so, I'll just do it. Miss you bro, love you.

  • Dear Colton: I bet it is hot! It is almost July! Hotter there than here. But still hot here too. Another balloon filler?! Finally! I bet you guys are having fun with that! Oh bowling.. Some missionaries said that they have gone bowling somewhere here in Puebla.. Don't know where.. or how, but I am interested to see! Sounds like another great week of summer for you guys!
  • Dear Cooper: Yeah, that usually happens when summertime comes. The boardgames come out! Which is good. I miss playing all those games with you guys. Do you remember when we all stayed up until I think it was 1 in the morning, playing Apples to Apples? Good times. Hahaha I can imagine the house being a lot quieter without Keaton and Callahan.. Good that you guys are supporting Grandpa. Keep doing that.
  • Dear Keaton: Dang, sounds like a blast in Dixie! Sounds like you guys did pretty awesome too! That is good that you guys have good sportsmanship. That is what it is all about. Haha, we had a zone activity.. With wáter balloons the other week.. Yeah, wáter balloons are awesome. Sounds like Trigger has got some skills! Of course, because he is a German Shepherd! Keep doing awesome!
  • Dear Callahan: Wow, props to you guys! That is awesome, you guys got shirts.. Haha chiste! But really awesome for you guys!  I know the feeling of a hot bus.. How much are you making, and how much are you working? Colton told me that you aren't going to have a game until November..? Ouch.. How you going to deal with that? There are KFC's here in Puebla, but we haven't tried it. We don't even have time for fastfood! Well, keep working hard.

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  1. I like the journal snapshots -- Janika makes copies of her journal each week and mails them out to us. I really like it because then I can read all of the little day to day details that are not included in the general e-mail letter. It sounds like Elder Blackham is doing well!