Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week #17 - Hawks & Mosquitoes

Today was fun. We had a litte choir practice to start off the day (yeah, I am in a choir!) which is always fun. Then we bought all the stuff we needed for this week. I had to buy some bug repellent because the mosquitoes have been eating me alive lately because of all the rain. 

An elder named Elder Echo Hawk (the trainer of my trainer) and his compaƱero, Elder Jenks (one of the missionaries from my district in the CCM) came to our area because Elder Echo Hawk is leaving at the end of this change. So he wanted to bid farewell to everyone he knew in his first area. Yup, me and my "grandpa" both started in Forjadores.

Kinda made me sad, because technically I am bidding them farewell also.. Because it is like 99% chance that I am going to exit the area. I have certainly grow to love the members in this area. Although not a whole lot of work with investigators during our time here (we only have one investigator that is progressing) but I am happy with the work we have had with less actives of the ward. There are 4 or 5 families of the ward that we helped reactivate, and I feel good about that.

Well, I think that we will take a bit of time tomorrow to write some more (his notes to his brothers came the next day). But this is it for now. ¡Les amo mucho!

 (No caption included with the picture ... I'll update if I get info)

*** Step Stats ***
Monday, June 8 - 15945
Tuesday, June 9 - 20037
Wednesday, June 10 - 10901
Thursday, June 11 - 19025
Friday, June 12 - 9800
Saturday, June 13 - 10584
Sunday, June 14 - 7645

Sunday is always MY slowest day, looks like it generally is for Elder Blackham as well!

I've changed the format I show the stacked steps, instead of just the rank, this display shows the step average, and the weekly total. It is a little more information to compare week to week. Colton is competitive again (and changed his profile picture from the "bolt" which I thought was more distinctive!) Grayson and Callahan are up there this week too!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Summer is too hot! When I go outside to look at the ducks, by the time I'm at their cage, I'm sweating. Like when I go to play on the trampoline, I sweat so much. We have been playing on the trampoline a lot! We  have these mini balls to dunk/shoot on the hoop. I like to do 360's and when I put to the lowest height, I could even do through the legs and behind the back dunks! Jacob has been coming over a bit now. He hasn't been coming over because he was focused and studying on his school work. Yesterday, we went to Maga's house to celebrate Aidan's and Amare's birthdays. We played in some water and there was this kid named, Kobe who wouldn't stop spraying us with the crayon thing. After the party, dad brought the ducklings and I didn't feel so good because the kids were all over the ducks. There was this kid named, Landon and he was just trying to hold all the ducks. And it turns out Maga's cat Venelope went missing... The NBA finals is hard to predict. The series is tied 2-2. There is a game tonight at 6. I'm trying to guess how the finals are going to end, I think Golden State is going to win the game tonight (**they did)  but I think Cavs are going to win the next game, and I think in game 7, Golden State is going to win and I'm rooting for Warriors. Go Warriors! With Jacob we went to Castle Park. It was fun but it was way too hot! Last Sunday after I wrote you, we went hiking. We didn't see any animals, but when we got to the top, it was a great view! That's the whole story for this week. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, the first week of summer went by pretty fast, but it was a fun week. Since it is summer, we have been doing some things we have done before, but not in a while. Like Jacob is coming over again, because school is out. The main reason why he has not been coming over in a long time is because school had him occupied, but he is coming over again. We have also been playing on the tramp while playing games too. I never realized that playing on the tramp was really fun. We could play "Lavaball" and play basketball on it. And when I play basketball on it, it is so fun to do fun trick shots and cool dunks. We are also playing Lego's again! And Colton is playing along as well! We built more houses, supplies, and a lot more stuff as well. And it was also fun going to West Jordan Park a couple days ago, or what we call it, "Castle Park." I just remember the memories of being there with the DiFrancesco's, and for lunch on a field trip, going there for recess. And after we were done playing at Castle Park, we went to Macey's to get a refreshing ice cream cone. Now let's talk about where the NBA Finals are going. So far it has been kind of the way I want it to be. Golden State won the last game by 21 points to even up the series at 2-2. So you can tell that it will be a neck and neck series. Speaking of the Finals, Game 5 will be on tonight, so keep your fingers crossed that they will win the Cavs today. Yesterday was also Aiden and Amare's birthday party. So we put the slide up and a mini pool and just got wet. THEN, dad brought the ducks over. I definitely did not want him to bring the ducks over with all those kids there! And there was this kid named Landon (his name sounds a lot like your name (:), and he was just trying to pick all of them up, even though we said to NOT pick them up. Anyway, that is the first week of summer here. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, it was kind of a long week. Youth Conference was cool, but we didn't get to go tubing on Wednesday because brother Flitton and kidney stones... again! On Monday, when we got there, we did a two mile hike to a waterfall which felt really good because after a hike in 80 degree weather, you get a little hot. We had to come back down the hike when we were done, though. So it was four miles! After that we just went back to the cabin and did stuff. Tuesday morning we went to the Vernal temple (it took longer to get there from Jensen's cabin then it took from our church TO Jensen's cabin). It was a much older and smaller temple than most others. We did baptisms for the dead and then we went to Wendy's after. We were pretty far off schedule due to the unexpected ride to the temple, so we went to the dinosaur museum. I wasn't too fascinated with it, however Chris and Travis were psyched about it, for the new Jurassic World movie came out this week (I watched Jurassic Park one when we got back). Then, we went to sleep and played The Great Dalmuti til midnight like we did the night before (Travis, Cody, Ammon, Ethan, and I). We slept in Wednesday morning. We did do a lot of volleyball, spikeball, and we drove on Jensen's Jeep a lot, though. Then, we went home. Yesterday we celebrated Aiden, Amare, and Sam's birthdays at Maga's house. Sad for me because that big bounce house with the slide and everything... broke. Ana threw it away! I really wanted to play on that thing. Dad brought the duckies over, which they've gotten really big, by the way. Some of their neighbors were over playing with them, and it was kind of scary because these little kids are trying to pick up our ducks, and like, squeeze them to death. I don't know how dad wasn't frightened. He's really good at handling with little kids, like you do. I've been doing a lot better at juggling. Still just three balls, but more tricks. The set that mom got me only came with three, and now for four and five-ball juggling she needs to get the same kind of balls or else it's gonna drive me crazy! I have learned however, that spies have been reading these conversations between us. I have yet to figure them out, but I know that their initials are M-A-G-A and M-O-M? I must gather more clues. I'll get back to you next week... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, So the Utah basketball tournament was this week and it was so much fun I loved it. We went 3-1 in pool play then it was tournament single elimination play on Saturday. We played Wendover first and beat them by like 30. Then a Bingham team and beat them by 5ish. Then Brighton, and beat them by 2. Then another Bingham team and beat them by a buzzer layup. Then lost in the championship in double OT. It was dumb though because they made it so it was sudden death in double OT and we lost the tip so they won. It was still a lot of fun. It is Sam, Amare and Aiden's birthdays this week. So we went over there on Sunday and had dinner and some fun. Amare said today, "where's Landon?" And he said he misses you. So it's obvious a couple people miss you down here, so do some good in Mexico, love you bro.

  • Dear Colton: I know how you feel.. Usually by 4 o clock here, we have plenty of clouds and rain. But Monday to Thursday there was nothing! It was so hot.. But I do think that it is hotter in Utah. I would have been worried about the duckies too.. Crazy kids sometimes.. They are unpredictable.. Game 7s are the coolest! Well, I had a good week, you had a good week, so that is good. te amo
  • Dear Cooper: With summer here you find other stuff to do besides video games huh? Good stuff. I remember going to that park a few times. I remember when it was brand new! Haha yesterday with all the other missionaries, they were talking about the Finals.. Haha kinda funny, I heard that Golden State pulled ahead Sunday night? Darn Landons.. Always causing trouble.. ;) Remember to enjoy summer while you can!
  • Dear Keaton: Ah youth conference.. Always a blast. But in Vernal? That is a ways away.  I am sure that it was still fun. It has been forever since I last played The Great Dalmuti! Que feo.. But todo bien. Sounds like a good week of summer! Keep enjoying it!
  • Dear Callahan: Dang... So close.. Sudden death? That is bogus.. Ah well. I am sure that you're still having fun. How is summer with a girlfriend and a job? Not easy I would think.. How often are you working? Oh man... That hurt when I read that "where's Landon?" Ouchie... I almost cried. But didn't really. Just keep busy. Think, a mission is 104 weeks, and it has already been 17! I think it is easier to count the weeks.. The first 6 months are the longest is what everyone tells me. Then the rest just flies by. I'll be home before you know it Cal. But you do realize everything will be different by then. You will be graduating.. and ya. It is a time of many changes for our family. Just embrace them and enjoy them.

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