Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #18 - Changes and Staying The Same


The changes are already here, and it is the end of my training.. With the end of your training, the trainer and the trainee will separate. We found out Saturday. Usually you would receive a call at night from your zone leaders, but nope... We were at lunch with a family of the ward, and they called.

Now we predicted that I was going to leave the area, because mi compaƱero only has one change (6 weeks) as district leader, and usually you are a district leader for longer than that. But we were wrong... I'm staying in Forjadores and mi compaƱero is going! We were pretty surprised. And he doesn't really want to leave the area either. 

For me, a part of me wanted to leave, that I could experience another area. But the other part of me loves the members of this area. They are awesome! So I don't need to say goodbye to them.. Yet. 

So all is well. Forgive me for not writing for the last two weeks. Just not a whole lot happened.. Anyway, eso es todo por este semana.

Les amo mucho!

Us with E. Jenks and E. Echo Hawk with the familia Bautista.

All of us with the familia Casiano.

The Book of Mormon en espanol.. en braille.

 *** Step Stats ***

Monday, June 15 - 14635
Tuesday, June 16 - 22159
Wednesday, June 17 - 17862
Thursday, June 18 - 9739
Friday, June 19 - 15503
Saturday, June 20 - 17687
Sunday, June 21 - 12620

Time again to see where Mr. Missionary's steps stand compared to those friends and family at home. As usual, Mommy is #1 ;)  Terrilynne (#2) and Curt (#9) are neighbors, and have been here in the top 10 for the past several weeks. For the first time, we see Uncle Chris and Uncle Clayton make the top 10! Keaton was just below the threshold ... he has forgotten to wear his flex from time to time, and he won't be up next week, as he didn't even take it with him to his week long basketball camp.  Also missing ... Grandpa Westra. He had a heart attack on Tuesday. That does seriously affect step count. But he made it through. We may be a little hesitant to let him go hiking and such, and tennis may be off the table for a while. He is back to wearing his Fitbit already though!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Summer is hot and awesome. It has been 90 or more degrees this past week! Golden State closed out the Cavs in game 6. I was so glad it didn't go into game 7. While we were watching the final game, Grandpa had a heart attack! Mom and Dad were visiting him a lot. But he's ok, they're letting him out today. Yesterday, was the Neighborhood Carnival. Keaton, Jacob and I got dunked. Cooper didn't get dunked. We all Dunked someone from I think it was 40 feet! And Keaton dunked someone from the major league baseball pitch! At the Carnival, the food was delicious. There were mini cupcakes and hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches. On the trampoline where we have the basketball hoop above it, we changed the net. Now if you swish it. it makes a snapping sound because the net has beads on it! For Father's Day, I gave Dad a tool box that I made myself and I'm going to have to borrow it in three days. And we went to a movie called, "Inside Out." Well that's it right there. Love, Colton

Dear Landon, the second week of summer went by slowly, and it was an okay week with good and bad things happening, Good thing, the Golden State Warriors ended up winning the Cavs in Game 6, so they finally got a title in forty years! I was really happy that they won, so the Cavs and Lebron did not win. Bad thing, Grandpa had a heart attack while me and Colton were watching the final game of the Finals. He has been in the hospital for five days, but he did get released from the hospital today, so he will be coming to the Father's Day Party today! We all went to the park again, but it was the park near Castle Park. The park with those spinny chairs, and that rocking boat. Anyways it was just a lot of fun. And after we were done playing in the park, we played some basketball on the court across from the park. And the Neighborhood Carnival was yesterday, and me, Keaton, Colton, and Jacob had a really fun time. We dunked some people in the dunk tank, and just had some food. And the hot dog and pulled pork sandwiches were amazing! And dad finally changed the net on the basketball hoop in the backyard. It is so much better than the net on it before, because the other net was on the hoop for like 10 years. The new net also glows in the dark, and snaps when you swish through the net, too. And for Father's Day, we went to go see "Inside Out." It's a movie, if you do not know, about all these emotions inside of someone. And it was a really funny movie just because of this one character, Sadness. She made the movie funnier and funnier within every minute. And that is our week at the Blackham's house for this week! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Cal and I are going to be gone this whole week to Dixie State University in St. George! Everyone takes the same bus, so that means that us Freshmeat are gonna get bullied by Callahan's friends and all of the varsity players, too. Two to three games every day for five days! We do have to leave at 6:00 am tomorrow, though. Still, it'll be worth it. Our coach told us that the hotel we're staying in is really nice. It's called the Lexington. Dad, Colton, Cooper, and I went to see a movie called "Inside Out". It was really funny because of Debbie-Downer Sadness. I realized that the voice of Sadness was familiar and I told dad, and he thought it was familiar, too. Then, I heard her crying and I said to dad, "It's Phyllis from The Office!". Phyllis was the perfect character for this character. Then, I heard another familiar voice. Her name was Disgust, and I said, "Dad, her voice is familiar, too.". He didn't think so... I said, "No way! Dad, that's Kelly from The Office!".  He was like, "Hmm...". This kind of reminded me of a certain Phineas and Ferb episode with three "Zach and Cody" characters. It was a good movie. We went to Uncle Scott's house today for the Father's day get-together. It was way fun because Jared and I played frisbee, we juggled (his rings and my juggling balls), and we did flips with Colton, too. We were surprised to see that Grandpa made it to Scott's house. He was in the hospital all week because last week, he had a heart attack while playing tennis! There was a doctor in the neighborhood that gave him CPR and, fortunately, broke his ribs (which meant he did it right). He got to the hospital and got shocked TWICE to get his heart back and going. He had some short-term memory loss. So... yeah. Kind of a normal week. Wuv, Keaton
P.S. It took me forever to type this because of the new keyboard we're using. The Apple keyboard wasn't working, so we're using the weird, curvy, and demented keyboard that dad uses at his work.

Dear Landon, so it's Dixie this week and I couldn't be more excited. Keaton is coming this year which might be awful cause I might kill him. He's already been annoying me enough so now I can hurt him without mom being there. I worked two Real games this week and made around $90 doing that. Then I had two shifts at Kfc earlier this week. So I made enough money this week, now it's time for the fun. I've also been to a lot of homecoming things for Amanda's brother. Hope everything is going well in Mexico. Love you bro

  • Dear Colton: Holy calory.. That's what I like to say when it is really hot.. It is a bit of "Spanglish". haha. Why don't you want a game 7? Those are the best! So you guys saw him have the heart attack.. whoa. Scary. But goodt thing that he is alright. Nice, made a tool box? But what are you giong to use it for? I want to see that movie! Disney Pixar movies are the best! Well that's it right there.
  • Dear Cooper: Wo! Go Golden State! That makes me happy that LeBron didn't win! Grandpa had a heart attack!? No way... That is pretty scaring stuff.. Good thing he is okay. Ah those neighborhood carnivals sure are fun. "Inside Out" I want to see that movie so bad! It actually is a little about psychology! Pretty cool huh? Well, have another great, hot week of summer!
  • Dear Keaton: Oh man, Dixie time.. Haha "Freshmeat" yes you is.. "Inside Out" is a Disney Pixar movie right? And those are always the best! Grandpa is tough.. There's a member in our ward that reminds me a lot of him. Be sure to help him out any way that you can, alright? Well, be safe in Dixie!
  • Dear Callahan: Take it easy on Keaton. He is there for the same reason you are, to play basketball! What do you do "to work Real games"? Do you drive there yourself? Que divertido.. I remember going to one with Rachel.. And after, it was a nightmare to drive home. And what do you do at KFC? Well, stay busy, and have fun while you can!

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