Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #15 - The New Chapel

Nuestra Nueva Capilla! 
(Our New Chapel)

So when we first got to our area on the first of April, we noticed that we have our chapel fairly close to our house. The thing was that it has been under construction for 5 months I believe. So we have been going to the stake center every Sunday, which we need to take a cambe and walk for 10 minutes to get there.  This makes it quite difficult to invite investigators to church.. Because not a lot of them want to pay for the cambe and walk in the heat. But, as of Tuesday, the construction of the capilla finished! So we had a little tour of it... And oh my. It is so beautiful. It had that new house smell I love so much.. Sure the churches in Utah are bigger, but this capilla beats the chapel of my home ward!  With la nueva capilla, it is a awesome motivation for us to invite investigators and less active members. Although this Sunday we did not have any investigators attend, we did have 20 less actives members attend! And that is a lot! So we are pretty proud of that.

These pictures were sent earlier and are on previous posts, 
but I thought I'd repeat them here as they are discussed in the letter ... 
and I didn't have any NEW pictures to post! 

Cambe ... a common mode of transportation 

The new chapel ...

Overall, this week was pretty good. A lot of rain.. again. 
But the work will push forward, no matter what.
Eso es todo por este semana!
Thank you all for all your support and love.

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, May 25 - 25590
Tuesday, May 26 - 13691
Wednesday, May 27 - 15096
Thursday, May 28 - 11533
Friday, May 29 - 15451
Saturday, May 30 - 8580
Sunday, May 31 - 7534

Not a very active week. Which is kinda good. 
Because it means that we are
sitting and teaching lessons!

Colton had continued to lead here at home, but on Friday he got sick with the stomach flu :(  So Friday's steps were impacted, and he hardly got any on Saturday, just resting most of the day. But I believe he's back! Grayson has also been under the weather with a bad cold. Keaton ... not sure what he has been doing, he needs to step it up! Grandpa and Aunt Wendy and cousin Tenille are all ahead of him!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, well... one of the duckies died! Joe. Callahan was just checking on the ducks, and he came up and said "one of the ducks died!" So all of us bursted downstairs and yet to see a dead ducky! Cooper built a grave, and mom buried him. There is this person in Ogden that could give us one but I don't know if we will take it. Saturday and Friday I was sick. Saturday I was only have a a headache for he entire day but on Friday I barfed 6 times! In the playoffs right now, the finals will start in 5 days! Warriors vs Cavaliers. Warriors won Rockets 4-1. Rockets won game 4 because, Stephen Curry got injured for part of the game. In game 5, Keaton said the Rockets were "hacking" because, They gave Klay Thompson a concussion and gave Andre Iguadola a dislocated shoulder! Andre Iguadola got right back into the game. Warriors still won that game. Cavaliers swept Hawks. We only got 5 more days of school left! I can't wait! Tomorrow night, I have my first basketball practice and on Saturday I have my first game! There has been some teasers for Five Nights At Freddy's 4! There has been 4 teasers. It has been showing all the main animatronics and in every picture, in the background you could see something that says NIGHTMARE so I think the characters are now "Nightmares"! It also said the game is coming  out on Halloween. Plus, when it showed nightmare Freddy it said, "Was it me?" And on nightmare Foxy it said, "Or me?" So I think it's talking about the bite of 87. Now Keaton got braces. When Callahan saw them he was like KEATON GOT BRACES, KEATON GOT BRACES!!!! That's it for the week. You gonna be an awesome missionary! Love, Colton

Dear Landon, it has been a really rough week here at the house for many reasons. One of them is that Colton and dad have not been feeling really great for some days of the week. Another reason is that Keaton got braces, and really hates them. And worst of all, Joe the duckling died! The last day with him, he was barely even moving at all. I even put him on my lap, and he just rested there, it was very sad. I ended making a little cross for him, and a stone that says, "In Loving Memory of Joe the Duckling." About one day later, me, dad, Keaton, and Callahan went to the canal to see if there was any little ducklings. We saw these two that were on their own, so dad very surprisingly went into the water, but the ducklings were too fast, and they got away. Also, earlier today, dad got a text from someone in Ogden who barely hatched 9 ducklings, and he is thinking about getting some tomorrow for Andy. Now I have actually been playing 2K14 now, and it is a fun game. Playing with all those players, shooting fun shots to see if you can make it, and getting buzzers. We also went to Silver Lake and saw some cool stuff. I got really close to a gopher, and fed him some carrots and little apple slices. So now, there is only one week of school left, but it still feels so long. Luckily, the next time I write you, school will be out, and summer will be here! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, one of the duckies died! We noticed that he wasn't really active more than he was and he pooped some white, sticky goop, but we didn't know that he would die. It's so sad. Now the one duck is in there all alone. Dad wants to buy some newly hatched duckies just to keep him company. Dad also built a duck pen because we realized that our one duck can now jump out of the bucket we put him in to take him outside (it's a barf bucket). The pen is in the backyard. It's getting really hot now. I'm also going to Dixie with CH for a tournament the third week of June. Callahan is going for like his second or third time, and this is my first. I'm way excited! Everybody says that it's way fun. It's about time to get our waverunners back. I can't wait for that except that you're not going to be there. You liked them the most. I do really want to go tubing again with the Ators, too. This is the last week of school! Summer is pretty much here. Oh yeah, and I got braces. Bye! Wuv, Keaton

So big brother, I got the job at KFC. Whoops. Seems easier than working for Nate, and my friends work at KFC too. I start on Tuesday, which will start my journey to $1900 for Orlando. I'm excited, but then again I'm not. because I just wanna have fun this summer, but I also want to go to Orlando. Anyways, Keaton got braces which has made my life. Now I can finally get payback. He has been complaining about them so much it's hilarious. The little duckling died which was sad. But I try not to think about cause I wanted to cry but I'm too strong to cry. I've given up soda for a while and every where I go there is soda that I can get and I want to cry since I can't have it. Well I could but I shouldn't. School is almost over which I'm excited for. Amanda's brother came home on Friday for Thailand. I met him on Saturday at an open house for him. I'm pretty jealous of their family since he is home. I miss you a lot man. Especially this week. It may not seem like it to mom because I don't wanna write, but that's because I hate writing. Hope the next little while hurries up so you can be home. Even though I'll be a senior and have to leave on my mission just a little bit after. Anyways, hurry home, I miss you and love you. Love callahan .

  • Dear Colton: What?! One of the duckies died already?! Sad.. You don't sound too sad or disappointed about it.. haha. Dang... Sounds like a rough game! Crazy players.. FNAF. Spooky stuff.. Haha KEATON GOT BRACES! There, I said it too :p. Well sounds like mostly everything is good.. Have a good week! Te amo
  • Dear Cooper:  Yeah.. Not the best week at the Blackham house huh? I think that it would be good for Andy to have a friend! That is just my opinion. 2K14? I don't know why, but I never got into sport video games..Silver Lake? I remember going there once, it was for a hike! It was a long and hard hike too.. Well, stay strong for the last week of school! Te amo,
  • Dear Keaton: As I heard from Cooper and Colton.. Not the best week for the Blackham's huh? That might be a good idea for Andy to have at least one buddy! A duck pen? Nice! Dixie huh? Be careful.. Things can get pretty crazy in Dixie haha. Ahhhh... Susie and Roxie.. I do miss them dearly. But I am sure that you guys will still have fun! Te amo, Oh yeah, and you got braces! Haha
  • Dear Callahan: Ah man.. You are officially called Greasy Fingers. Haha just kidding. At least you are working this summer. It is good to get in the habit now. Haha don't give Keaton such a hard time.. You almost cried over the duck?.. Sad brother. Haha and I want to say, that's not fair that you gave me crap for crying on Mother's Day.. Because you guys only have one person to miss. I have you six, and tons more! I know you were kidding, haha I just wanted to say. Yeah, it is hard at times. When I hear a song I know, it always reminds me of the nights we would listen to music. Try not to cry while reading this, big guy.. ;) Stay busy, and it will go fast. Te amo.

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