Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week #30 - Adiós Almecatla

Adiós, y cerrando al área ... (Farewell, and closing the area)

Well, it being the last week of the change, that is when we learn if we have changes for the new change. But for me and my companion, we were expecting anything. We thought that we would both stay in Almecatla 1. If anything, maybe my compañero would have changes. But then we got a call from one of the president's assistants on Wednesday... a call on a Wednesday from one of the assistants means one of two things; One of us would be training a new missionary, or we would be closing the area. And as you can see from the subject, we got the call to close the area. 

This would be the first time I closed an area (my compañero too). It wasn't that I was nervous, just unexcited, as there is A LOT of work to do to close an area. And my compañero and I are new to it! One of the hardest things we had to do was make a map of the area.

When we finished this map, it was about 2 feet by 5 feet. And it took about 4 hours to make.Why would it take so long? Good question. To make the map, we had to print it page-by-page. Big enough to see the names of the streets. Then we had to tape all these pages together too.. So... That is why it took so long to make a simple map.

Sincerely... I am very worried for who is going to come here to Almecatla 1. Because right now, there are two companionships of elders here, but the other is also closing! And closing for good. Meaning, that there will be only one companionship. That is why we are working so hard to close this area as best as we can. Because this area is HUGE, and it is pretty hard to navigate. I just hope they who come, won't be entirely lost.

Then we finally took a break Saturday night, because Sunday was the re-dedication of the temple in Mexico City! It was pretty cool, we went to the church to watch this little play that was broadcast from Mexico City. I actually enjoyed it (probably because Mexican plays are cooler than American plays.. Sorry Mom)!

Then was the actual dedication. President Eyring and Elder Holland came to the re-dedication. They gave little talks. And the part I thought was funny, is the fact that they aren't in Utah. So when President Eyring was presiding the session, there were some names that were a bit difficult for him to say.. And Elder Holland actually gave his testimony in Spanish! So it was good to remember that even Apostles have their struggles with Spanish.

Another thing worth mentioning, we had interchanges with our district leader again. This time, my compañero went with Elder Zuñiga, and I was with Elder Musselman. I was my first interchange with an American elder since my first change! So it was pretty fun. He also goes home this change, so we talked a lot about his missionary experiences.
Then we tried out my new tazer that I bought.

That will be all for this week!

*** Step Stats ***
Tuesday, September 8 - 17698
Wednesday, September 9 - 22536
Thursday, September 10 - 9737
Friday, September 11 - 12835
Saturday, September 12 - 17819
Sunday, September 13 - 8965
Monday, September 14 - 15205

Callahan has zoomed to first place on Elder Blackham's Fitbit Friend list! Between a conditioning class in school (where they often run several miles or do other activities) and a basketball clinic ... and on his feet working at KFC, he is getting the steps in! Busy boy! Landon just barely beat the little boys, and Keaton is on the list this week too!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Maddie, Mia, Jamie and Kolby visited the Utah state for a wedding yesterday. They came to our house and we showed them the kitties. We let Joy and Oreo fight for a minute and our cousins found out they were just playing and having fun. Now we let the kitties wander around all day but not night. In fact right now Oreo and Joy are sleeping together right by the chair. It's so cute. We went on a hike and yesterday we went to Hidden Falls and Donut Falls. Hidden Falls I liked but Donut falls my shoes and socks got soaked! Our trampoline is as good as new! We got a new net, new mat and a few new springs. On MW3 we are about ready to prestige. Also, I am using the ACR right now and is so close by getting it gold. Next prestige I'm going to use the PP90M1 and the M4A1. I'm going to use the M4A1 because I picked it up in a game and went on a 12 killstreak! I'm on new basketball team. Not much to say about it. We got a GoPed. I rode on it a few times. It goes pretty fast. We also went to Clay's house and he made some delicious pumpkin donuts! That is it for the rest of this week. Had tons of fun this week. And forgot to tell last week we got a new car. Love, Colton

Dear Landon, I've been reading quite a lot these past few days. There is something called the 40 book requirement, and I have to read forty books in a year, it is going to be really hard. Anyway, you have to read specific genres to pass it, and I am going to finish my fourth book this year. Have you ever had some kind of Olympics in Elementary school? Because the 6th grade is doing Olympics this year, and it is confusing. We have to make a country and other things for the country. We're in charge of making a flag, t-shirt, song and motto, map, and a history of the country. Kitties are now kind of getting along. Kolby and the girls came over to the house just to see the kitties, and Kolby said that they are just playing, ever since that, we've been letting them by each other more. Right now, they are by the chair sleeping by each other, it's cute:). I can touch the rim on 8 foot now, and I'm looking forward to dunking on it. The tramp is basically a new tramp again, because now we have gotten some new springs for the tramp. Not all of the springs got replaced, but it does bounce a little higher, and it seems stronger. We also went on a two hikes this week. The first hike was on your birthday, and it was just our family and Amanda. This hike is my least favorite one by far, because there was a creek or something we had to get over on rocks to see the waterfall better. And since there was water, our shoes got soaked, everyone's shoes got water in them. The other hike was yesterday, but it was with the whole family. There was a lake at the top, and there were ducks in them. Besides the lake, there was no water involved, so that was good. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, the Washington Blackhams are visiting in Utah for a wedding that was yesterday. They came to our house two nights ago and we stayed up til 1:30. When Kolby came over he was just excited to see the kitties "fight". So we let them fight, but all of them said that they were just playing. It turned out that they were right! We've let them both out and eventually they'd stopped and lay down. They're actually sleeping in this room right now. Both of them! Together! Kitties are fun. Dad got a GoPed. All it is is just a motor-powered scooter that is also gas-powered. It's way fun. Dad said that it can go up to 35 mph! Dad also got a new net, new mat, and some new springs for the trampoline. It's not quite "good as new", but it's a lot bouncier and better. We went on a hike yesterday with all the Blackhams except for Cal, Livi, Courtney, and Addie. After that, we went to Clay's house and we made donuts. My most definitely favorite is the pumpkin pumpkin donut. It's cool that you got Krispy Kreme down in Mexico. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so I haven't really done anything this week besides school and work. I had 34 hours last week at KFC, and this week I have 36. Still not falling behind in school... yet. I feel like its coming. Soon enough I'll be getting F's hahaha. I took Language Arts Honors and we have a test like everyday in that class it sucks. It makes me want to cry. I make sure to get at least 5 hours of sleep every night. But recently the managers at KFC have been teaching me how to do things managers do, so that if they need help I can help them, and then I can become a Shift Supervisor and close the store while I'm the one in charge. I was actually put in charge on Sunday while our manager had to go cook chicken because we didn't have a cook, so I was in charge of prep and to make sure everyone was doing something. Anyways that's pretty much all that happened this week. Love you bro, Callahan

"Landon" and his lemon jello birthday cake!

A Tale of Two Kitties ...

  • Dear Colton: It is good that the Washington Blackhams came! They are more experienced with cats, glad they let you know that the two cats aren't going to kill each other. Haha don't you like hiking with wet shoes? Haha oh gosh... The freaking ACR. EVERYONE already uses it! That is one of the things I do not like about MW3. M4A1 is a good gun, SCAR, AK47, the ACR isn't the only one! Haha freaking peoples.. A GoPed? I don't know what that is... Ah.. The pumpkin donuts ones are the best!
  • Dear Cooper, Whoa, 40 books in the school year? That is a lot of reading! I like to read, but if it is a book that is assigned to me to read, then I hate reading.. I have to read what I WANT to read! So that is pretty good for you! Hmm.. I don't remember Olympics in elementary school.. Nor in any part of my schooling. Sounds like quite the work going into it! Should be fun! Well that is good that the kitties are not trying to kill each other. Dang! You are growing! Hitting the rim?! Isn't awesome? But you don't enjoy walking in water? We have to do that a lot... When there is a lot of rain, the streets turn into rivers! Honestly, I don't enjoy too much either.
  • Dear Keaton, Ah how cool. The crazies Maddie and Mia huh? Haha! (Don't tell them that I said that.) Haha it is almost a late night with the Washington Blackhams. That is really good to hear that the kitties are getting along. Kitties are super fun. A family here has a cat that is white and black, just like Oreo, so I like to play and cuddle with it. A GoPed? Seriously?  I figured you would like an upgraded tramp! Wow, you hiking Blackhams! Good thing there are a lot of trails in Utah! Ah.. man.. Now I am hungry... Krispy Kreme donuts are good, but not as good as Clay's donuts. Luckies!
  • Dear Callahan, Haha...  living the life, huh? Not that I really ever worked and school at the same time, but I sure can believe it is hard! Haha I hope that you don't F's.. Mom won't be okay with that.. haha. Haha only 5 hours? Yikes. I am struggling with the 8 we get as missionaries. That is really good to have "managing experience" keep that up!

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