Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week #32 - Meetings and Moisture

Una semana fresca, húmeda, y ocupada. 
(A cool, wet, and busy week.)

Well we got rain EVERYDAY this week. Some days harder than others, but it still continued to rain on us. And with constant rain, our house tends to get very humid.. So I will grab my fresh white shirt for the day, and when I put it on, it seems wet! Yuck... and it will never dry with the constant humidity. Oh well. 

This week was a bit busy, because we had a meeting of some sort almost everyday of the week!
Tuesday - (Not a meeting) We went to the mission offices
Wednesday - District meeting
Thursday - NO MEETINGS!
Friday - Meeting of the district leaders with Pres. Nelson
Saturday - Meeting of the district leaders with the zone leaders

What was good for Wednesday, it was my first district meeting as district leader!  I was pretty nervous, but I feel that it went well. It is just a little hard with such a small district. But it still went well! Also after the district meeting, I had another baptismal interview! This time it was with an investigator from Hermanas Perez and Meek. Her name is Gaby and she is 12. It is really cool to do these interviews, because you get to ask them about their testimony and the effect of the Gospel in their lives. It really is a privilege.

Then on Friday, once every other change, Pres. Nelson will do a little training for district leaders of the entire mission. In this meeting, we focused a lot on the importance of two of the biggest responsibilities of a district leader, which are interchanges and the district meeting. Basically they taught us the best way to do these two important responsibilities as a district leader. It was really good for me, because I only had the slightest idea of how to do them.. 

Saturday we then had a little meeting with our zone leaders and as all the district leaders of the zone. There, we talked about another one of the important responsibilities as a district leader, which is the baptismal interview. So we practiced different situations... To improve our skills of how to interview someone, a make it a spiritual experience for us and the investigator. 

Finally, Sunday was pretty special. There is a family in the ward, who we are really close with, who are preparing to send off a missionary. And it was Sunday where he was aparted as a full-time missionary. That is also when I discovered that the aparting is a lot different here in Puebla. At 7 o'clock PM, we returned to the chapel. But it was a bit different because there was A LOT of people. For my aparting, it was just me, my family, grandparents, and one of my best friends. But here, basically it was fireside for the two future elders. Some of their family members would bear testimonies, then the two future elders themselves. Then they were aparted by the stake president. Then afterward was a lot of picture taking. 

Me with Elder Leon, who leaves tomorrow.

After we returned home, and then my compañero and I started talking about how weird it was to experience all that again, when it happened to ourselves not long ago. Time is going by super fast!

So, you can see that it was a good, cool, wet, and busy week.

Thanks for all the support and love! 
Les amo!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, September 14 - 15205
Tuesday, September 15 - 11147
Wednesday, September 16 - 3080
Thursday, September 17 - 12600
Friday, September 18 - 8716
Saturday, September 19 - 9618
Sunday, September 20 - 5388
Monday, September 21 - 11206
Tuesday, September 22 - 10228
Wednesday, September 23 - 12258
Thursday, September 24 - 12472
Friday, September 25 - 3597
Saturday, September 26 - 8669
Sunday, September 27 - 8897

Skipped the step stats last week, so it's double duty this week. Cooper wanted to make SURE they were included, because he's really been working and being active and upping his step count, and is there in 2nd place! Landon ... barely made the top 10! There were a lot of meetings, a lot of rain, and he was sick on the 16th, so his steps are lower than they usual are.

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, well Cooper and I have brought out the "sand" (from Brookstone) and now we play with it from time to time. On MW3 Keaton and I have prestiged again. Now I am using the UMP45. Keaton is using your favorite gun, the SCAR. We just barely went bowling. I did no bumpers and I beat my record. My prior record was 65 now it's 68. You're probably wondering why I used the word "prior" well my school teacher wants us to use our vocabulary word in sentences, so yeah. Crazy basketball. In my first game of the season, we won around 60-0! I didn't do so good but I tried. I got 6 points and I think 8 assists. At school I went to this thing called "Fun Friday" we have to turn in all of our assignments for the whole week to go to it. We made some pinwheels. My broke at the last second. That is all I can recall for this week. Recall, also one of my vocab words. Little more than a quarter there. Love ya. Love your little brother, Colt.

Dear Landon, I almost got 20 thousand steps every day this week, except for Sunday. My alarm is set at 6:00, then I stay in bed for another twenty minutes. Then I get up and read my book for forty minutes (I have started Fablehaven, just if you wanna know). And last of all, I play outside for about an hour, and all of that will get me 3000 to 4000 steps. I'm still doing well in school, and last week of the month is going to be fun because of "ketchup" and "relish." It's kind of going to be like Fun Friday in 5th grade, where if you finished all of your work, you get to "relish" the moment and have fun. But if you do not have all your work done, you need to "ketchup" on all of your missing work. I finally got rid of my Utes backpack, and got an Under Armor one from the basement. The only thing wrong with it is that it has a wide hole on the top, but I don't put my stuff in that pocket. Also, dad, Colton, and I went to Target and got me a new soccer ball. It is pretty fun to play with it outside, and go against Colton and Keaton. We just went bowling with all of us (except Cal), and had some of the pizza. It was really fun because I did good, and we still had $15 on the All-Star Lanes card, so I got to play a few games. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I forgot to tell you that Cal helped me buy a new pair of running shoes. They're called the Roshe One. He paid 20 dollars for my birthday and I paid for the rest. They're super comfortable. I finished my big project for Biology yesterday. What we had to do was collect 20 different kinds of leaves, press them down to paper-thin, and put them in a binder with their common name, order name, family name, date collected, county collected, and collector's name (me). It was a lot of work. For the past month I've had all of the leaves being pressed down with books on my desk. It was so messy, but now they're gone and it's back to clean again. Mom helped me with, pretty much, all of it. It was still a lot of work, though. Mom got us tickets to see "Star Wards", an LDS production in October. I started watching White Collar again. I just watched the first episode of season six. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

Callahan was SO busy this week, he didn't get a note off ;(  

  • Dear Colton: Sand is sooo cool. I miss playing with it. The feeling of it is so cool! Prestiged again? So what prestige is that for you guys? Hahahaha oh baby, the SCAR... That is a freaking good gun. 68? That isn't bad! Especially without bumpers! Good job! Haha nice use of vocab words.. I try to do the same thing, but with the new words I learn in Spanish. Best way to learn! Like "Parangaricutirimecuaro"... Haha just kidding. that isn't really a word, but it is a name of a volcano in Mexico (but I don't know if I spelled it exactly right..)! Dang.. No mercy from your team.. I wouldn't want to play you guys.. Haha a pinwheel? ... Que feo that yours broke at the last second.
  • Dear Cooper: 20 thousand steps everyday?! Shoot! Thanks to the rain, we have been trying to walk as little as possible. That is why our steps are so low for this week. Haha wow. That is a pretty good schedule. the only problem is that it is getting cooler now. Soon their will be snow outside. I don't know about you, but I would NEVER play outside in the snow in the morning for an hour. I remember doing something like that for the last year of middle school. I don't remember what we called it though. Eh, doesn't matter. Wow, you had that Utes backpack for a while now, huh? Under Armor backpacks are some of the best backpacks ever. I am still using my sling bag from Under Armor that Mom bought for me in 8th grade! Isn't that crazy?! I LOVE it! Being able to play soccer is a valuable skill to have. I discovered that here in Mexico...because everyone plays soccer. It is actually fun sometimes.
  • Dear Keaton: So are you actually doing running right now? Dang, good job! Your biology project sounds like a lot of work. What I discovered here in Mexico, is that there are a lot more fruits than just apples, oranges, and bananas in the world. You have no idea how many new fruits I have tried here.. And just to tell you, ask Mom to buy mangos! I can't believe I never tried a mango before I came here to Mexico. Also with the mango, since you like spicy stuff, you need to try it with this powdered chile called Tajin. IT IS MAGICIAL. Once you try it, you will put it on everything! Even.. Ice cream. Give it a try. I am sure that you can find Tajin some place in Utah. Hahaha "Star Wards" ... Sounds awesome! I can't wait to see another Desert Star play when I return.

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