Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weeks #27&28

Well I (Mommy) didn't get a blog post up last week ... Mr. Missionary didn't send out a general email, and just a little one to the family. I didn't get any photos or journal entries. He did send steps, but without the other stuff I didn't have the incentive to get them entered and updated. I did get some surprise pictures on Friday (photos and journal entries), but alas, no photos or journal entries again this week. No general email again either! At least Landon is still writing his brothers and responding to their weekly letters.  Those are below, along with the steps from the past two weeks. Included are the surprise pictures and some excerpts from the journal ...

Monday was P-day. We went to this mall center called Liverpool. It was HUGE. Much bigger than Fashion Place Mall. It had at least five floors, maybe more. It was pretty cool. We were hoping to go to the Outlet today.. But we didn't get around to it.. So I am still walking in my poor poor shoes.. Haha. Maybe next week.

Tuesday I celebrated my 6-month mark. Six meses already! It is going pretty fast. We met with this Hermano who had returned from his mission about a year ago. We were talking and it came up that our mission didn't have agendas. He told us that he had one, new and never used.  We all wanted it. We had a little trivia contest, then a drawing to see who would get it and guess what. I won! So I am one of the luckiest missionaries in the mission to have an agenda. We also had a conference with Pres Nelson. We were hurrying to go get the cambe that would take us to the conference (which was pretty far from where we were at). We were in the cambe for about 30 minutes, then we had to get off early as it was going in a different direction. We started walking, and then there was this HUGE hill of stairs. My compa said "Yup, we get to climb that" ... it was probably the most stairs I have seen in my life! We were really tired and sweaty when we finally arrived. The conference was good, all about health and how we can stay healthy. My favorite part was being able to talk with everyone after. E. Gutierrez (my trainer), E Jarman (my first district leader), E. Hammer (on of the past assistants) and many other elders from my generation. 

Wednesday we had a district meeting. One of the things we discussed was the needs of our investigators. It was pretty funny, because everyone talked about how their investigators aren't married, but live with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Apparently, in Mexico, it is too hard to have a legal marriage. A couple will just live together, have kids, and all that. #MexicoMissionProblems

Sunday it was stake conference. We had to go all the way to Totalac (about 40minutes driving) to attend. We got a ride with the Ramirez Family. It's always fun to ride in the back of the truck like a true Mexican!

For my family ...you guys also have something coming your way.. A family here had family visiting from Salt Lake, and they told me if I wanted to send something with them, they would be happy to do so! So I thought "Well.. I actually have two brothers that are going to have birthdays soon.." So I got some presents for Keaton and Cooper. Also, I found these cool bracelets that say "PUEBLA" for all the midgets. I I hope they like them. But they might be a pain for the older two that play basketball constantly... Haha oh well. 

Les amo, Elder Blackham

*** Step Stats ***

August 17, Monday ...15465
August 18, Tuesday ...15157
August 19, Wednesday ... 12058
August 20, Thursday ...16470
August 21, Friday ...25749
August 22, Saturday ...16469
August 23, Sunday ...15467
August 24, Monday ...25315
August 25, Tuesday ...4131
August 26, Wednesday ...17668
August 27, Thursday ...13297
August 28, Friday ... 17016
August 29, Saturday ...26552
August 30, Sunday ...16492

Got some highs and some lows! Too bad Landon's pedometer doesn't count "floors" (stairs) like some of the Fitbits do, for the day he had to hike up that huge flight of stairs!

*** Between Brothers ***
(two weeks worth)

Dear Landon,we went to Lagoon this weekend! I rode on the Cannibal! And a lot others. The Cannibal is so freaking fun. The wicked had like a thirty minute line but we still went on it. We went on the Colossus like 10 times! We got to Lagoon before the park opened so the cannibal would only have like a 30 minute long line. Most of the time it has about a 2 hour wait. Yesterday we had a family reunion. (Dad's part of the family) We had ice cream, home made root beer, chips, chicken and best of all, Clay's donuts! We had lots of fun. Me and Will rolled down a big hill many times. And played on this playground and we pretended we had "super climbing skills." I had my last basket ball game. I won by 26 points! 32-6. I got 6 points and I think 6 assists. Well that's it for this week. Love ya. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, all of us went to Lagoon as an early birthday present for me and Keaton. And Callahan also invited Amanda to come with us as well. This was basically my first time at Lagoon, because the last time I was there, I was four or five. I went on most of the big rides, except the Rocket, Samurai, Wicked, and Cannibal. My favorite ride was the Collossus. I really liked going fast, and I also like the part where you go upside down. And the ride just went by so fast, that it was just done in about 15 seconds. Yesterday, we had a big family reunion, and it was pretty fun. Playing on the playground, and catapulting the water balloons. We also got a bucket of chicken from KFC, and the homemade root beer was very good. And school is now starting this week. So I will be able to see my friends again, and yeah, I guess it'll be fun. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, we went to Lagoon again. Amanda came with us. She, Cal, Colt, and I all made it onto the Cannibal ride within the first 45 minutes of opening time at Lagoon! Lol. We went on the Colossus a lot of times, but we only went on Cannibal, Wicked, and The Spider once. We also went on The Rocket (dad's favorite ride). It was really fun, but Cooper and mom didn't go. We also had a Zundel family reunion yesterday at a park/pavilion thing. Clay made his famous doughnuts along with his new strawberry shortcake doughnut. We ate KFC and played on a little playground and water balloons. Nothing really happened this week besides those two things plus Gene Fullmer. I biked all the way over to West Hills on Friday because no one would take me. It's a lot farther than I thought! The distance, plus uphill, plus 90 degree weather adds up to a kinda sweaty me at my destination. I was there to see where all of my classes were and my locker. I went up with some of my friends, too. I got seminary for my seventh period! That's good so when it's time to go, I get to leave five minutes early, with my backpack without even being in the school. So yeah... skool and stuff. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon. So, if you already read the other brother's messages you know we had a family reunion and went to Lagoon. At the reunion, I mostly played with Sammy. He would go down the slide and his hair would stand get static-y and stick up. Will's hair was up anyway, he had gelled it into a mowhawk! We brought Amanda to Lagoon with us. She wanted to go on a water ride, so we went on Cliff Hanger and I got SOAKED. It took a while to dry. Well, signing off, as I have some Scarlet Letter homework ... HOMEWORK, and school hasn't even started yet. We have a quiz on day one, which is tomorrow. I have to set my alarm for 5:15! I'm going to miss my summer naps.

  • Dear Colton: oh yes.. Lagoon. I remember someone telling me about the Cannibal, I think that it was Keaton. I bet it was super awesome! How did you guys get in early? That is pretty cool! Oh man. I do miss Clay's donuts.. They surely are the best! Dang! You guys killed them! That is awesome! Haha guess what... Have fun with school.. :p
  • Dear Cooper: Wow. Lagoon is a pretty cool birthday present! But guess what, I am actually sending you a little present! We have a family here that has family living in Salt Lake City, and they were visiting, so they told me if I had something to send you guys, they would be happy to take it! So I said "I actually have some birthday presents for two of my brothers.." They left Friday night, and said they would stop by the house Tuesday or Wednesday. Yours is this cool Boston hat. It is like a leather and is shiny.. I thought you would like it! Haha well have a good birthday this week, and enjoy school!
  • Dear Keaton: When was the last time that we went to Lagoon? That was the first time for you guys this summer right? Wow. A family reunion.. That is the first in a while! You are very lucky to enjoy all the goodies! Especially Clay's donuts! And hey, I told Cooper this, but I bought you something for your birthday. It is something called a "trompo" here in Mexico. They are these really popular toys, and you could do some crazy stuff with them! My compañero gave me one, and I thought "I think Keaton could figure it out, and enjoy it." Haha.. Really, I can't explain it to you how to do it.. Maybe, you could search on YouTube how to do it? Haha Good luck! And good luck with school! I guess I don't have to wish you happy birthday quite yet, not until next Monday!
  • Dear Callahan: Sounds like a very exciting last week of summer for the Blackham family.. :P Oh little Sammy is so adorable. And Will is rocking the mowhawk now? Much is changing.. ahaha. Quiz on day one.. Eso es genial.. Buena suerte! Jajaja a las 5:15 de la mañana tienes que levantarte? Eso es más temprano que nos levantamos! Haha sorry.. I like talking in Spanish.. You will miss your summer naps for sure.
Dear Landon, well school is back in session. though after the first week we went to Park city! We stayed at a condo and it was so much fun. On the first night we were there, we went to dinner at a place called Red Banjo Pizza. That place wasn't the best but we did have fun because we saw a mouse like 5 times wandering around the restaurant. On the second day, we went to breakfast at a place but I didn't quite catch the name of the place. Also on the second day, we went to Park City Resort! I went on the Alpine coaster twice and one time I went alone. I went on the Alpine slide twice to. Although I didn't like the ride because I didn't weigh much so I went slow. I went on the trampoline that pulls you up like 3 times. I almost did a double backflip! And at the condo we went swimming a few times. On the second day, me, Mom, Dad, Cooper and Keaton all went to the hot tub and pool really late at night. Keaton got a bloody nose by doing a cannonball into the water and the splash hit him in the face! Well that's it for this week. Love, ya. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, school just started this week, and it was pretty fun. I really liked playing with my friends again, and we did some stuff in class that was funny and fun. And the last day of the school week was my birthday! I got a new mat for the trampoline, three mini rubber balls, t-shirts and shorts, a mini basketball, the hat and bracelet you got me, and a trip to Park City. It is very weird that I'm 12... but the trip to PC was fun. The dinner we had on my birthday was really good, and the breakfast the day after was good too, but I spilled water on my pants. And going on the Alpine Coaster was really fun, I liked going fast, and there was a camera on the way down that took your picture. And swimming was really fun to go swimming and do lots of fun things in there. And the hot tub was relaxing and comfortable, that I would just lay down in there. Even though it was a lot of fun to have that birthday weekend, when we got home, we got to see our kitties again. Don't worry, every pet is alive... even the fishy! Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, we finally went to Park City! It was way fun, and the condo we stayed in was awesome. I really liked going on the Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster. I was a little afraid of falling off the slide, though. Even though everyone told me I didn't weigh enough to fall off. Last night, of us went to the hot tub at 9:00ish (except for Callahan). I went in the hot tub for like three minutes, then I cannonballed into the pool. It wasn't even that cold, though. I wanted it to be cold. The main reason I went into the pool is because I wanted to get chlorine in my eyes so it'd be easy to fall asleep. So I did, and it did. We also went to a restaurant for dinner last night called the Windy Ridge Cafe. Which by far: the best sweet potato fries, popcorn shrimp, and macaroni ever! Too bad it's local. It's probably my second favorite restaurant ever. Then, we left this morning. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school is weights at CH for the 9th graders. I don't know if Cal has told you, but I've been lifting downstairs pretty much ever since you left. The Coach told me that I can bench more than most of the sophomores and some JV. We're also doing clinics at CH til tryouts. Copper Hills redid their floor, and it looks way awesome. So yeah... bruh. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, so school has started and early morning seminary is not too fun. I get up at 5:15, without mom's help, (so far) and I can feel it in my other classes. I had to work everyday after school this week which didn't help the matter. Friday we left to Park City which was fun. We stayed in a condo which is more roomy and more like a home than a hotel. It was a fun new experience. We went to the place with the Alpine Slide and Coaster. Dad really likes the coaster and I think its fun but the slide is better. Ever since the people working said that there is a possibility that you could fall out, Keaton didn't want to go fast because he thought he might fly out. I didn't slow down though. I liked the feeling that you could possibly fall out. The danger gives you more of a thrill. It was nice to go have fun with the family instead of work and do homework. I got some sun which doesn't feel too good right now. Dad is thinking of getting a new family car and I would get the suburban, I don't think mom is on board though because all the cars dad wants to get are really new and expensive. I'm close to having all the money for Orlando which is good because that way I don't have to worry about that as much. Orlando will be a blast but not sure if it will be worth it. The bracelets you sent us are really cool and I love mine, thanks a lot bro! About a fourth of the way there. Love you, Callahan

  • Dear Colton: It sounded like a pretty good trip to Park City this weekend! That is pretty cool! What?! You guys saw a mouse in the restaurant and still ate there?! Haha I shouldn't be the one to talk.. Here in Mexico, the preparation of food is a lot different than the states. Haha I would be careful being you, being smaller on the Alpine Slide. But when you get older, you can call it "bravery" or "stupidity" that will make you go super fast! It is fun.  Everyone but Callahan went to the night late hot tub party? Ah how sad. Haha, I remembered when I got a bloody nose too, from doing a face/ body flop in a pool. It hurt. Haha but don't worry. I am okay.
  • Dear Cooper: That is really good that you are enjoying school! As long as you work hard and enjoy school, it will be super easy. I promise. And what a bonus to have your birthday on a Friday! Sounds like you got some cool stuff! And I am sure that the trip to Park City was a blast! What did you guys eat for dinner and breakfast for your birhtday? I like going fast to.. And once you learn to drive.. You will discover the same excitement of going fast.. Hahahah  I miss swimming too.. That is something that we can't do as a missionary.. But whatever. Good! But I don't really care about fishy.. Hahaha I just realized that the fish still doesn't have a name! That is pretty funny. Well, I am glad that you like the hat and bracelet!
  • Dear Keaton: I am guessing that you enjoyed Park City? Haha it isn't really chlorine in the eyes that makes you sleepy.. Swimming is a lot of excerise, so naturally, you are pretty tired after swimming, Haha! Especially at 9 o'clock! Oh man.. I am really hungry right now.. And sweet potato fries sounds amazing.. Dang you. Haha wow. That is pretty impressive that you could bench more than the older guys.. I try to excerise.. But... my bed is so comfy in the morning.  Haha and guess what. I bought a Rubik's Cube because my compa knows how to do it, so he is teaching me. Have you tried out the little trompa? Or have you found a video online of how to do it? If not.. Do it! They are pretty awesome!
  • Dear Callahan: Hahahahaha. The life of early morning seminary.. Ain't it a blast? In the mission, we have to get up at 6:30 everyday (but lately, we have been struggling.. haha). It is funny how easy it would always be for me to get up early, but now.. It is a bit harder.. That, I never experienced.. Early morning seminary, school, then work.. I am sure that is pretty difficult! Hang in there. Maybe it is a good thing, it is a good thing to be busy.. To an extent, of course. Ah Park City, I bet that was fun! Staying in a condo, which I bet is better than our house here.. Haha. The slide is when you are in a little cart, controling the speed, right? If so, I totally agree with you. I remember going so fast, that when I reached the drop part, I almost died. Which for me, was pretty fun.  Oh man.. New car?! That would be pretty cool! He should go for a . . . Dodge Durango.. The new models are pretty sick, and still could hold 7 people. I guess the question is, would you rather drive the Burb, or some cheap junker? How much was it for Orland again? Honestly, that is pretty awesome, that you are saving up the money yourself to go. Respect. Haha you guys got them? I am glad that you like them! 6 months down.. It is pretty fast..

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