Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week #31 - Moved to Maravillas

Bienvenidos a Maravillas! (Welcome to Maravillas!)

Well, another changes meeting has come and gone. And I now find myself in a new area with and new compañero. 

But first to talk about a little about the changes meeting. To describe the changes meeting, the only thing joyous about it is that you get to see a lot of the other missionaries and companions that you've had and a lot that stuff. Apart from that, it is pretty icky. Especially when they are announcing the changes! Imagine a small sacrament room, packed with about 100 missionaries or so, with about the same number of additional members that came. With so many people inside, it gets hot. Not to mention outside it is 80 or so degrees.. Doesn't help. And to top it all off, when you have changes, you get pretty anxious and nervous to find out where you are going and who your new companion will be. Haha basically, the changes meeting is a sweaty mess.

 A picture shared on the mission Facebook page. 
Landon is there in the middle-ish...

... and some Landon photo-bombs! ;)

But at least this meeting was a little better. And a bit funny too. It was a lot cooler because we had a lot of cloud coverage. So there we were in the meeting, then we offered a prayer to start. During the prayer, the rain started, HARD. When the prayer ended, a bunch of missionaries bolted outside, because they put their luggage outside.. After a few minutes, a bunch of soaking elders returned to their seats.. It was pretty funny. 

As for my new area and new compañero.. I am now in La Zona Fuertes, area Maravillas! And my compañero is Elder Chacon. He is my first compañero that isn't Mexican. Elder Chacon is from Guatemala! He has about 10 months in the mission, and is a good guy!

Another big change that I got for this new change, is the fact I am a district leader! If you don't know what a district leader is, I will explain, in the mission, you have zones, and in the zones you have districts. Each district has at least 3 companionships, and one elder is the leader. It is the job of the district leader to prepare a weekly meeting to motivate the missionaries under his direction.

As for my district, we are small, just three companionships. Us in Maravillas, Elders Lopez and West of Fuertes, and Hermanas Perez and Meek (the sister training leaders = SUPER AWESOME) of Loreto. Haha it was quite the surprise to be district leader, but I am up to the challenge. 
I will update you on how it goes!
Thanks everyone!
Les amo!

(I didn't get step stats this week)

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, da kitties are sleeping right by the chair again. They cute. Cooper and I have been keeping them in our room for the whole night. They mostly both come up on my bed. At school I had to call Mom because my teacher makes us call home when we get 100% on a unit math test. We got donuts again but they weren't Krispie Kreme's. They were still good. On the basketball hoop outside, I can dunk it on about 7.5! We started watching a show called Cutthroat Kitchen. It's kinda like Cupcake Wars but it has auction and you cook the food that the person tells you to. There has been some pretty stormy weather. On MW3, I have gotten the M4A1 gold and have now started using the P90. You won't believe this, Just barely I played a game of Domination on Fallen, and my team on 200-0. Also, Keaton was just playing on Mission and he got I think 5 kills with on predator missile! Cooper and I have been playing some nazi zombies on World at War. This is it for this week. Love ya. Love, Colt

Dear Landon, kitties are sleeping with each other again, and it kind of looks like that Joy is dead. She isn't but it looks as if she is dead. Colton and I have been getting them both to sleep downstairs when it is time for us to go to bed, and so far, it is working. This week of school was really fun, besides those stupid storms, because of recess and the Olympics. My friends got me into playing football again, and the first game I played is considered to be my best game this year and last year. I got two touchdowns, and one of them was to win the game. And the day after that, was the Olympics. We got to make shirts and have a bunch of fun. I never knew that three laps could be SO tiring if you push your hardest, I felt like I was going to die after that. I got 2nd place in the race, and our team, Cobalt, ended up winning the whole Olympics, so that was very fun. Then it was basically a same old week besides all of those. Playing on the tramp, playing basketball, watching TV, and reading. I'm now on my fifth book, and I'm almost done with the book "Things Not Seen." Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, mom and dad showed me the video of you tazing yourself. Haha, that was funny! Every once in a while, Colton and I play with the lightning game. We've both withstood the level 4 on it. In Biology, we have to gather all of our assignments, notes, and tests to put them in a unit folder. My teacher liked mine the best and said she might give me extra credit. We also have a project due in one week to turn in either 20 different insects or 20 different leaves. I'm doing leaves and I'm almost done. iOS 9 came out on apple, but there weren't too many new features. It's just faster and better quality. I'm sure when you get home it'll be like iOS 11 or something. Not much that I can think of to report back on this week. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, seriously all I did this week was school and work. 35ish hours, but they are slimming down now because we are getting some of our old workers back, it'll be nice to slim back on hours. Looks like you're a little tired in the picture you sent last week (sleeping on the couch) hahaha, mission has got to be tiring right. Can't wait to get paid for this last week, I'll be rolling in the dough, at least $200, so not a ton, it is for me, but not for dad or anybody like that. iOS 9 came out and it isn't too different, nothing much. The only thing useful is "Low battery mode." And it doesn't do much. Anyways, I'm missing you like usual man. A quarter of the way down! Love you, and happy birthday! pretty much last week, but you know, you get the jist. - Callahan

  • Dear Colton: Dang 100% on the math test? That is awesome! More donuts! Haha Dang! Dunking already?! I can't remember when I first dunked on the hoop outside, but I think that you are younger than I was! Whoa! That is pretty cool. Nice. I find myself missing video games a bit right now... how nice it would be to play some Call of Duty!
  • Dear Cooper: Joy looks like she is dead? Precious! Haha sometimes when we pass dogs sleeping in the street, we have to check if they are alive or not. Nice, football! I miss playing that. Here it is all soccer, maybe a little basketball.. nothing more. Cobalt winning the Olympics! That is awesome! Nice job!
  • Dear Keaton: The tazer is a bit different than the lightning game ;) Elder Muñiz's tazer (the one we first shocked ourselves with) is 1500 volts. Mine was 10000 volts.... That scared us a bit.. Haha but we are still alive! Haha I hate that when you have to keep track of everything.. But hey, extra credit doesn't sound bad! Here in Mexico, I have found a lot of new bugs that I have never since before.. Nothing too crazy, but different. Apple upgrades ... sounds normal for Apple.. Yup, iOS 11 with iPhone 8S. Calling it now.
  • Dear Callahan: That is a lot of hours on top of school.. Good that they are slimming down the hours for you.. A student in high school shouldn't have so many. Especially when you are going to have basketball too! Yikes.. That would be just a blast.. Haha $200 is good money for a junior. That is pretty normal for Apple.. Te extraño tambien, mi hermano.

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