Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week #38 - Tiny Tidbits

The new district.

Haha.. me attempting to be a preaching Tarzan... or something like that.

No general email this week, and not a lot in the family letter.
Here's some tidbits ...

(I had mentioned getting haircuts for some of the boys in our letter out) Haha, speaking of haircuts.. I think it was about 4 weeks ago now... I let a member cut my hair, and he is about the same age as me. And said that he simply taught himself..... Afterwards, I honestly didn't like it.. It wasn't an obviously bad haircut, he just missed a lot, and that drove me crazy. (Gray taught himself how to cut his own hair on his mission, and has done it ever since.)

(Both Gray and I mentioned in our letters about how Facebook had blown up this past weekend regarding the policy changes in the church). That is interesting, how there (Utah) is was super duper crazy, but here... Haven't heard a thing about it. 

(I wrote that his cousin Corin had received his mission call to El Salvador). Sweet! Haha I am always excited when I learn of someone else that I can talk in Spanish with now! Well... Obviously not RIGHT NOW, but after his mission! And the Guatemala MTC. My compañero is guatemalteco.

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, November 2 - 17229
Tuesday, November 3 - 12245
Wednesday, November 4 - 23277
Thursday, November 5 - 19319
Friday, November 6 - 20461
Saturday, November 7 - 12798
Sunday, November 8 - 7017

I have re-assumed my rightful place in the #1 spot on Landon's Fitbit friends list. After achieving first place last week, Cooper did scale back and relax a bit this week, but still a great showing in the #4 spot. All the brothers are there. Nice to see Grandpa Westra making the list again, and I think maybe this is Uncle Derek's first time in Landon's top 10?

How many steps did YOU take last week?
How do you stack up in steps with Mr. Missionary?

***Between Brothers***

Dear Landon, I'm sorry I haven' been able to write very much, I just don't have the time on Sunday's. But it's not like very much is going on in my life besides school and work really. Basketball tryouts are on Monday so that's exciting. I'm nervous again. I miss you a lot though. But what can we say man, we are just natural born leaders. I did get another raise. But I think she did give everyone a raise that is staying because we need all the help we can get. My hours are down to 25 with basketball season here, so that will make it easier, work wise. Probably not sleep wise. With basketball here I will probably be more tired because I will just become physically drained. But since I love basketball it is slightly different. I have around $2800 and the price of Orlando dropped to around $1300 so I will have plenty of money left over to save for a mission and college and things like that. If I stay at KFC for another year and a half, I will also get a minimum of $8000 in scholarship money. So I have been planning some things out money wise for school in the future. Keep working hard and doing the things that make you happy. I love you brother. - Callahan

Dear Landon, we saw Star Wards at Desert Star on Friday, and it was really funny. They sang "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" as "Yoda wants me for a Jedi". They went off-script a lot of times too. That's the better part of watching a play than watching a movie. I forgot to tell you last week, but I got a Triple Crown for the first quarter of school. That means I got a 4.0, perfect attendance, and all Honors for my citizenship grade. Tryouts for the high school are this week until Friday. I'm not planning on making the team, so I'm not really nervous or anything. Tryouts for West Hills are next week. There are two people from West Hills that I think have a chance at making the sophomore team. It would kind of suck to make the sophomore team, though because that team is going to get pounded this year and all they're going to do during practice is run. I want to play for West Hills because I think I'll get better practice and more playing time. Both of the coaches really like me too. My friend and I played with them last year, so they already know who we are and how good we are at certain skills. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton 

Dear Landon, the NBA season still is awesome, still watching every game that comes on. The Jazz are still up to a good start, 4-2. Last night, they had a blowout win against Memphis, and they also had a good win against Denver, but lost to Portland. There is only one undefeated team right now, and that is Golden State at 7-0. And I have finally signed up for a Jr Jazz team with all of my friends at school, and they have actually started playing basketball with me again at recess, so that'll be fun. I wasn't really at my most active week this week, because last week was the one I beat mom. This week of school will be parent-teacher conferences, and I think I have done good at most of the stuff that I did, and then Friday we'll have no school. And I don't know if I have told you this yet, but Keaton and I have been watching Season 9 of The Voice, and the Playoffs start tomorrow, so that will be cool to watch as well. Oh yeah, and my canker sore is finally gone (even though it has only been a week, I'm still relieved!)    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, the Jazz have 4 wins and 2 losses, last night they went against Memphis and won. Trey Burke last night made six three pointers! Golden State is still undefeated. I'm going to be on a super league team with my old coach and few of my old teammates. Oh, and my game this week, I won easily. I don't know exactly what the score was because they shut off the score board, but I do know I got 8 points. Also, one of the baskets was a fade away! I got around six or seven steals! Plus, I played against two of my friends, Logan and Tannic. Keaton and I played some zombies on Black ops two, we played on Nuketown and Burried. On Nuketown we got to level 22, but it took us over 100 trys on the box to get the Ray Gun Mark, two no kidding! On MW3, I almost have the PP90M1 gold. We also have four other guns that are level 30, G36C, MK14, UMP45, and TYPE95. Well, that is about it for this week. Love ya. Love your youngest brother, Colt

  • Dear Callahan: Don't you worry bro. I understand that you are a working man now, and that is awesome. Haha why would you be nervous for the tryouts? Aren't you already guarenteed a spot? Another raise?! Wow! Does make sense of why they would do that.. Sounds like KFC is having a tough time right now.. Try to take it easy, with so much on your shoulders.. Because it sounds like a lot for right now. But you're Callahan, so I don't worry much. Haha. Whoa! $8000 for scholarship money?! I will admit, can't get that with Nate.. Haha. Keep working hard. Super proud of you buddy.
  • Dear Keaton: Star Wards.. I am sure that was pretty awesome.. Haha the whole Star Wars rave isn't as big here in Mexico.. Definitely more of an American specialty. Dang. That is pretty awesome! Triple Crown-ing it! Hmm interesting.. Well enjoy playing for West Hills. Sure it will be another fun basketball season! Haha by the way.. Totally had a laugh out load moment when you said "certain skills" but it made me think of Napoleon Dynamite.. Ha!
  • Dear Cooper: No surprise, always watching whatever NBA game there is! Now you just need to move the treadmill or the bike upstairs, so that you can do one of the two while you're watching, not sitting on your bum! Awesome finally back on a team! That's is great to hear! I promise you it is always better to play with other people than by yourself all the time. Ugh.. I always hated those parent-teacher conferences.. They're the worst.. What?! Already Season 9? Dang.. I thought there was only 7.. Haha weird.
  • Dear Colton: The Jazz aren't doing too bad for now huh? That is pretty good. And Trey with 6 3's?! Dang.. Hot hand. Hahaha no surprised.. I thought it was about time that you joined a higher league for basketball! You'll do awesome! Oh man... I really miss Zombies.. Here in Mexico, they dont really care about CoD. But they love their Gears of War! Haha no joke! But I remember having some fun times on Gears of War too. Haha. Keep it up!

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