Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week #40 ... Pictures and an Update

Wow. A lot happening these last two weeks.. I didn't get the chance to write a general email the last week, so I'll talk a little bit about last week too.

I think the best experience we've had in a while was the opportunity to have one of the assistants of the mission accompany us for the day. It was pretty awesome! We asked us what we had planned for the day, and told him ... not much. He honestly got really excited! He said "Sweet! That means that we're going searching for new investigators the whole day!" So what we did that was successful was sing hymns to random people. We would sing a quick verse of a hymn, and then asked them if they would then give us 10 minutes of their time, so that we could quickly teach them of the Restoration. It was awesome. We practically walked the whole day, but it was worth it.

Another awesome moment that we had last week was goal that we set as a district. The (past) past week, I had interchanges with one of the zone leaders, and one of the things he told me that I could improve was my district meeting. He has attended a few of my meetings before, but the one we had that day, could've been better. He said, "I remember your first meeting. And it was amazing. Felt a strong Spirit, we practiced, and made goals. But what I liked most, was when we made those goals, I felt very committed. It wasn't just 'okay, yeah, we will do it' I felt committed to the goal the whole week!" So that was what I missed in my latest meeting. After that, I felt determined to do better.

So, what I wanted to focus on for this next meeting was how we can get more investigators. We had very few that past week, and we could do a lot better. We practiced, and then made the goals. We had 9 new investigators the past week, and the new goal was for 17. After the meeting, everyone had their game faces on, and were committed to find those new investigators! Then comes Sunday, when I call everyone for their numbers.. And WE DID IT. 20 new investigators for the week! I was so proud of my district, they are pretty darn awesome!

Fast forward to this week, when we had our zone meeting. This was also awesome, because we set goals, but for baptisms, for the whole zone! Again, everyone had their game faces on, and ready to roll!

Well, I am running out of time. So I will end it there.
Thank you all so much for all the support. Hope everyone is well.

Les amo!

Pictures ... Zone Conference

... and a little p-day fun

*** From The Brothers ***

Dear Landon, this has been a lazy week for me. Really lazy.My friends, Lucas and Aidan cam over. We headed outside and played basketball for like an hour and a half. Also, Aidan and I played some Nuketown zombies. (We did play buried too, but once we got into the witches house, my ray gun ran out of ammo so yeah...) Then we played some "Sorry" and Aidan got the card sorry like 10 times! Guess what? Golden State is STILL undefeated!! They went against Toronto and L.A.C Chicago and won against all three of them of them! (14-0) We went to this restaurant called, "Windy Ridge Cafe" this weekend. We went there when we were in Park City on our mini-vacation in August. The Mac and Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries are just, Yuuuuum! I'm going to wrap it up right here. Anyway, nine months of the way there. Love you Landon,       Colt

Dear Landon, this week of school was not that fun. My teacher was only there for two days of the week, so the other three days, we had a substitute. The first day without her was fine, we didn't really have a sub, just one of the other teachers watching us. We also watched movies for about 1/4 of the day, so not anything bad. But the other two days, we had substitutes. I just like my regular teacher there more than a sub, so it makes the day longer and harder. The Jazz did a lot better this week than last week, with 2 wins and 1 loss. They won two close ones against Toronto and Atlanta, and lost by a little bit to Dallas. Golden State... still undefeated at 14-0. They went against the Clippers, and were losing by 23 in the first half. Somehow, they came back and won by six, and I was pretty upset. They also won against Chicago and Toronto this week. 15-0 is the best NBA start in history set by the Houston Rockets in 1993, so they can tie that record today against Denver. I've kind of gotten back into 2K14 and just played it today. And I have been watching some 2K16 videos, and it is so much better than our game, so I hope that I can get it for Christmas. I have been shooting BB-Guns this week because mom was cleaning out the pantry downstairs, and she found a lot of old soda cans, so I shot 'em all. This week was also dad's birthday, but he had a derby the same day, so we didn't really celebrate it. But over the weekend went all the way back to Park City to get Windy Ridge Cafe. Last time we went to Park City, we got that for dinner once, and the shrimp and sweet potato fries were the best! So we went back, and it tasted way better than I thought it was gonna be.    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, we went to Windy Ridge Cafe all the way in Park City again and it was a lot better than I remembered (not that it wasn't great the first time). Their LEGENDARY pop-corn shrimp, LEGENDARY mac and cheese, and of course LEGENDARY sweet potato fries! I was so full. We went to cousin Mckenna's wedding reception yesterday. It was pretty fun and they had cheesecake. The West Hills team is kind of in a weird place right now because someone that made the team got bad grades and his parents won't let him play. All of his friends say that they're really strict. Because of that, our coach was subbing for a teacher on Thursday and he asked me and my friend, Tyler, to go find a guard that he recently cut and bring invite him to talk to Coach to play with us. We got to feel like coaches for a few hours because we were talking about who was the better guard. It was kind of fun. Also, the biggest guy on our team said that he might quit because he doesn't like to run. All of us made "that one face" and were like "for real??" And if you haven't pieced it together yet, I made the West Hills team. So yeah... Wuv, Keaton

  • Dear Colton: A lazy week huh? but you still have school, right? Can't have too much of a lazy week with school.. Dang Golden State.. Doing pretty freaking awesome! But all flights come to an end at some point.. Ugh.. You are making me hungry.. No.. I AM HANGRY! ... Just kidding. We had an activity with the whole zone today, and ate a lot of hamburgers.. Cheap hamburgers, but hamburgers none the less. Never have had sweet potato fries here in Mexico... How depressing.. Oh well.
  • Dear Cooper: I know how you feel. But with other teachers, it was like "YEAH!!!! SUB!!" then we regret it a second later, because they would give us a lot of homework.. Haha. Good work Jazz! So it is Golden State that can beat the record right? Haha I have never really been a fan of sport video games.. I just think, "should I play basketball on the Xbox, or actually go play basketball..? I'm going to go play some real basketball!" Ugh.. I miss basketball. Everyone just plays freaking fĂștbol here.. And I am not getting any better either. Haha oh well. Sounds like a fun time for Dad's birthday, wish I could be there!
  • Dear Keaton: Man, I am going to have to try this restaurant when I get back.. Because I love all those things, and miss them more! Haha. Wow. McKenna getting married.. that makes the first grandchild to get married! Haha that makes everyone feel old.. Hmm... does sound like an interesting situation for the team.. but sounds pretty cool that you had the chance to basically draft someone onto the team! Haha well.. You know that big guys don't like to run.. Well good luck with the team. Have a good season!
Landon didn't get around to sending his step stats this week, but Cooper wanted it recorded that again, HE was in first place. Callahan had me beat too! They are some busy boys. Keaton and Colton were pretty close to the top too. Landon mentioned doing a lot of walking, I'm sure he would have stacked up in steps with us!

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