Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week #46 - Good New Year

Well New Year's here, we went with a family for a little bit of dinner, but we had to be back home at 9 (we still got home a little late..). But the following day, there was nothing.. It was a ghost town! We really had nothing the whole day.. But since this week continued the school break, we found a lot of new investigators and had a lot of lessons! This week we found 15 new investigators, and the total for the other 3 weeks of the change is 6! So yeah.. Pretty good week for us! We are pretty excited for that, all the success that we have had! Pretty good week for us. And good to hear that you guys had a good new year as well! I will send you photos of journal entries later.. For there is no time. I have included the steps at least! Te amo!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, December 28 - 12809
Tuesday, December 29 - 22577
Wednesday, December 30 - 16813
Thursday, December 31 - 16773
Friday, January 1 - 16518
Saturday, January 2 - 20798
Sunday, January 3 - 9929

Cooper definitely got back to stepping this week, averaging almost 25k a day! Landon's steps are pretty impressive, and that put him in 2nd place. The brothers made the Top10, and I moved up a bit, although still "lazy" compared to where I was a few months ago. 

Landon said he might not have time to answer the brothers every week, but he did this week ...

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I cannot believe that winter break is about over! Now I will have to head back to school. My basketball season is starting again though! Speaking of basketball, I got our new jerseys. For my Salt Lake wolves super league team. They're so cool. We got Jerseys and shorts. So Cooper figured out that Alec Burks is going to be out for a month or two. We got a PS4 because Keaton and Callahan wanted to get this game called "Star Wars Battlefront" which is very awesome. It's so fun. Cooper and I play a gamemode called Heros vs Villains. The gamemode is kind of hard to explain so I not going to. We went to Gene Fullmer a lot of times over the break. It was really fun. Anyway, That is all I can recall for this fast going week. So, Love ya,      Little guy Colt. 

Dear Landon, I had a good last week of 2015, and the last week of not having school. It has almost been a year now that we have had Oreo! I remember when we got him when dad was away, and he was a bit surprised to see a kitty in the house. And I also have this wristband from the school carnival which was a long time ago. Do you know those wristbands you have to wear at Jump'n'Bounce or at Gene Fullmer? Yeah, I have one of those from the second or third week of September, I still have it on from all of that time. The Jazz are still hanging on to their Playoff spot at the seventh seed in the Western Conference. They have been plagued with injuries these past few months, with Alec Burks with a broken fibula, Derrick Favors with back spasms, Rudy Gobert with a grade II ankle sprain, and Dante Exum with aa torn ACL. Callahan was talking about getting a PS4 because he was playing the game Star Wars Battlefront at his friends house, and he thought it was really fun. At first I thought he was kidding, but then we actually got our own PS4. We are keeping the Xbox, but we have something to switch in between the two. We only have Battlefront right now, but we will get NBA2K16 sooner or later. We have all gotten our Gene Fullmer Passes to use these two weeks. We were just in the mood for basketball so we didn't go swimming, in spite of getting some goggles on christmas. I've been watching NFL games a lot more often, and Sunday is my day to relax, and that is the day most of the games are on, so if you excuse me, I am going to get back to the game I'm watching. Sorry, hope you have a great 2016!    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, Cal and I bought a PS4 just to play Star Wars Battlefront III. And it was SO worth it!! It is the best game that I've played in forevers. It was Callahan's idea to get it because he played it at Tanner's house and loved it. I showed Cooper and Colton some gameplay, and both of them were like, "eh." But then, I was like, "WHAAAT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Then they was like, "cool." When we got the PS4, I had to set it up and enter all the gamertag information. I did make us MrBlackhamster though, and our information is all Landon Blackham because I just thought it would be weird if it was Keaton or Callahan Blackham because all of our cool stuff is Landon Blackham. I had to set it up because Cal doesn't know squat about doing that kind of stuff, so I'm the new "Landon of the house." :P When we started to play it though, Cooper and Colton came in and watched us and were like, "huh, that's kinda cool." and I was like, "I know, huh." and they were like, "Can I try?" and I was like, "Suuuure maaaan." then I was like, "I told you so it's awesome." and they were like, "... yeah." We didn't unplug the Xbox, it's just on a different channel. Cooper and Colton got so into Star Wars that they wanted to watch the movies again. Star Wars is LYFE! Kitten got on top of the Christmas tree and she was about to fall down, so I tried to catch her, but she scratched my left pinky finger kind of bad. Funny to see you using the oreo cookie-dipper. We got some of those too. Christmas vacation is over. So yeah... BATTLEFRONT!! Wuv, Keaton

  • Dear Colton: I bet that you guys enjoyed your time without school! Wow, super league huh? Pretty snazy stuff! Haha Keaton said that you guys were quite sketical with the game.. But it is pretty awesome isn't?! I haven't even played it, but from the game for PSP, I LOVED that, so on a big screen, with a ton better graphics? AWESOME without a doubt! Haha well enjoy it for me while I am gone!
  • Dear Cooper: Huh, wow that is right! Almost a year with Oreo! Judging from the pictures, he definitely looks quite big! I guess by now his is full size. Wow, a Playoff spot for the Jazz?! That is pretty awesome! Hopefully they can hold on to it with so many players sitting out.. A PS4..... NO MANCHES! (ARE YOU KIDDING?!) Now I want to come home.. Haha just kidding. I can wait another 13.5 months. Can you believe that? Almost a year since I left home! Crazy right!
  • Dear Keaton, Hahahahahahaha... I was wondering how long you would last until buying it! Is it only for PS4, or did you and Callahan just want to spend money? ;) A little surprised that Callahan wanted it that bad too, because usually he is all basketball! Well sounds like a pretty awesome late Christmas present for the family! Play it lots before I get back, becase I will then DOMINATE! maybe...

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