Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week #47 - Fallen Appointments

Fallen appointments.. Everywhere.. Last week, we had managed to find 15 new investigators, which is super duper awesome. We were psyched to go with all these new people that we have found, but... No one was home. We had a good bunch of appointments already planned for the week, but instead of falling into our hands, they were falling out..Kinda of bummed about it. Anyway that is the update for this week!  Also, it is the last week of the change... will Elder Acosta leave the area, or end up staying in Apizaco for 7 months? Or will Elder Blackham and Elder Acosta have the task of closing the area?  Find out next week!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, January 4  - 17807
Tuesday, January 5 - 24146
Wednesday, January 6 - 23566
Thursday, January 7 - 22882
Friday, January 8 - 23474
Saturday, January 9 - 16930
Sunday, January 10 - 19337

Mr. Missionary is getting in a lot of steps! I guess that goes hand in hand with a bigger area. Even though his average of 22k a day is impressive, he can't beat 12-year old Cooper! Coop get up every morning and gets in some treadmill and stationary bike before school. He's very active at recess, and then is always quite active at home too. Crazy kid!

I'm still really struggling to get my motivation ...
and my steps up.
Weight seems to stay up without any issue!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Battlefront is also for Xbox 1 and PC, but the bundle that we got was only for PS4. I like the PS4 a lot better than the Xbox though. Travis said that we wasted our money and should have got the Xbox 1 lqtm. Jacob also got the same bundle as well. I don't know if you'll "DOMINATE" because Cal and I are pretty rad at it. It is soooooooo much better than the Battlefront 2 on the PSP lqtm. There are only six heroes though. There's Luke (with his green lightsaber), Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (doesn't even have his lightsaber; he can just shock), and Boba Fett. They will come with, said to be, four DLC release and with each release will come with one hero and one villain. I hope they do either Episodes 1-3 or 7 because they have better heroes and villains than the original trilogy. Back to school was just as boring as I thought. The quarter ends next week on Thursday, so I hope I can keep up my A's till then. Dad put a new lock and doorknob on the front door because it was hard to open since it was all sticky and stuff. Now it's way easy to open, and we could put in a code to lock it from the outside and unlock it. Dad said we could also do it with our phone. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, this week of school pretty fun, besides all of the snow and tests and stuff. I am doing the science fair and I'm doing and underwater volcano, and I'm almost done. Jr. Jazz is also back, we got the win, and I had a good game with 4 points, 3 assists, 3 offensive rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block. Now the teams are based upon their records, and we are still undefeated so we will be facing other undefeated teams in the near future. They finally made me take off my bracelet in the game. We are not allowed to play with them on, but I had this one on for 4 month. 4 MONTHS! I'm getting a lot more active again and hitting the treadmill as much as I can, and I have been averaging nearly 28000 steps everyday. The Jazz are still in a Playoff position, and they lost 3 out of 4 games this week because of the most blind refs ever. Jeff Withey went inside for a dunk and missed to tie the game, but what the refs didn't see and everyone actually saw, he got hit by two people, totally clear to see, and missed the call. Derek and Danielle had their baby! Her name is Noelle and is 5 pounds and 6 ounces. We still haven't seen her yet, but we probably will sometime soon. The NFL Playoffs are going on right now, and yesterday there was an insane game of Bengals and Steelers, They are my 2nd and 3rd favorite team, and it looked like Steelers were going to take it home until the fourth quarter happened. It was 15-0, then Bengals were coming back. They ended up taking the lead at 15-16, and then the Steelers through an interception. I was really happy. But... Jeremy Hill ended up fumbling the ball giving Pittsburgh another chance to win the game. They weren't close enough for field goal range, then penalties, penalties, penalties. The penalties got them within field goal range, then they kicked and got the field goal to go. The final score was 18-16. There is another game on right now, so I should get back to watching it. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I had a basketball game this week, three to be exact. In the first one we won, but i forgot the score. I got two points and I think three assists. In the second, we lost 15-13 and I got two points and I don't remember how many assists. In the last one we won, 32-29. It was close. I made a three pointer but it only counted as two points because the refs seemed blind. But in the first minute of the game, I got 3 assists! Throughout the whole game, I got around five assists. A really good three point shooter on their team I think sprained his ankle. he had to get carried out. He got injured when there was only 11 seconds left so unlucky for that team. I have been playing Battlefront a lot lately, it is SO fun. However I still have a bit to tell you, I am looking forward to getting back to being lazy, so..... Love ya. Colt

  • Dear Keaton: It is true that the PlayStation service is better than Xbox Live, because it is free! Right? That is how I remember it.. Heroes mode.. I remember it being pretty fun, but I love the space battles more! They have got that too, right? I hope so.. Haha I was wondering how long it would take for him to buy one of those.. Soon, everything in the house will be remote controlled! Wait.. almost everything is already remote controlled!
  • Dear Cooper: Wow, quite impressive that you guys are undefeated! Good for you guys! Really you can't play with any kind of bands during a basketball game...other than sweatbands. But those are weird. So who is your favorite team? I really don't have a preference, unless someone asks me. I will say "Go Steelers" because Dad is from Pittsburgh, so I am not a ban wagon! Let me know who advances to the Super Bowl!
  • Dear Colton: Three basketball games?! That is more than Callahan at this point, isn't it? At least you are having fun, right? That is what is most important! Here in my area, we play almost every Monday, and we have played quite a bit of baskeyball! I am horrible now.. But I still enjoy it. Lucky duckies you guys to have that game!

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